Anthropology Garden

I love planting gardens. I Cannot help it wherever I go. I throw seeds in the ground and try grow vegetables and here I had this lovely little spot that had been an ugly mess of Nandina bushes and vines and tree tree sprouts and all sorts of ugly ripped it all out started it over had flowers in here and This spring I decided to throw some vegetable seeds in just just for to fill it in make it do something more than just flowers and I Decided to do crops of Georgia through history. So I had the three sisters on one end commercial crops like peanuts and cotton and field Peas on the other and okra in the middle and just kind of let it do its thing and it produced an amazing amount of interest heirloom seeds are Seeds that have been passed down through over the generations by people It’s the oldest method of having seeds I’m doing it partly because I like to teach and I like to teach and off offshoot ways and If I can get people interested in Growing things growing vegetables That’s great. And Because food is so much a part of culture it ties right in with Anthropology. I love how people are interested in it and they look at the plants and they feel them and they the okra makes a yellow flower about this big around it’s beautiful and This variety is called bowling red. It comes from Bowling Green, Kentucky and It’s a very beautiful variety. So not only is it useful. It’s also very ornamental So we have the incredible edible garden And I love it, yep

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