Antique Dough Bowl Turned Succulent Planter

[okay], guys. I’m going to show you another succulent planter today. It’s actually kind of funny because Aaron and I were talking about how [mini] planter videos we’ve been doing lately specifically with succulents, and we thought we should lay off of them for a little while But people keep bringing me the coolest stuff to plant up and so I cannot resist showing you all of these things so forgive the barrage of succulent planters and Can you hear the crickets in the background that you’re going nuts right now? It’s only like four o’clock so check out this wood Bowl a Customer actually brought this in to me, it’s a antique [hand] [carved] dough Bowl So they used to mix dough in it, and it is so cool And she wanted it lined and then planted up with some succulents and also with some color so I’m going to use some moss roses In this arrangement too so it can have some really fun bright summer color So I’m just going to line it with a piece of plastic and use cactus oil fill it up And then fill it up with succulents pretty easy These are always really interesting videos for me to do because I never really know how they’re going to take shape And I don’t know how many seconds. I brought home They’re down here behind me fingers like 30 to 40 down there because I want a lot to choose from when I’m doing this And I also before I put stuff in I like to really groom them up really well before they go into the planter So they look really sharp These are fun ones. This is portulaca. It’s an annual in my area But they provide really bright color all through the summer So I’m really excited to use this because I don’t normally use this in any of my succulent arrangements, but just check out that color awesome Well, I think we’re going to take a little bit of a break because it is starting [to] rain So we’ll be back in just a [little] bit Well, it’s stopped raining, but there’s another big black cloud coming our way and there’s been thunder going on and the winds starting to pick [up] so we are packing it in for the night and Hopefully, we’ll be [able] to finish the project tomorrow Okay, I think I got [everything] I need to get [started] so last night. I got a sago palm planted That’s this one here on Edge of area contempo a turquoise tail blue sedum some portulaca Moss Rose [and] then a little grouping [of] cactus and those weren’t labeled, and I’m not exactly sure what kind of cactus They are probably could do some research, but the guy I’m doing this for she wanted lots and lots of color in this arrangement So I am going to use and I got wind on the moss, and I got some large rocks And I’m going to use some of those in the arrangement so it’s not so busy with plants that It detracts really from the arrangement so anyway. I’m just going to start in this is one of my favorite variants, and you probably noticed if we’ve seen any of my Succulent arrangements lately I’ve been using a lot of these it’s a violet [queen] and they are beautiful love the texture Well, I really don’t have a method that [I] start with with these kind of planters except for I’ve you start with my taller stuff First and kind [of] work my way around But I kind of just play with it and until it looks good. So they see I left a big section right there It’s because I’m going to probably work on this a little bit and bring up the height of it And I might even just fill [that] in with rocks and have it be [just] kind of a blank space Which sometimes you need in something that’s big with this many plants Sometimes it takes me forever to do one of these because I have to sit and think about What I want to do next [I’ve] got two spaces left this one right back here, and then this one [right] here so I think I’m going to fill this one up with something got some choices down here and This one. I don’t know So I think I decided to just leave this space Alone and not put any plants in and just put a little bit of rock in They get a look really pretty and it’ll give it just some breathing Space I Don’t think I like the rocks up here, and I don’t have any sand at home, so I’m going to run to work the train Train is not very far from here I’m going to run to [work], and I’m going to grab some sand so the light changes a little bit That’s because it’s later so see you in a minute, [okay] [I] just got back from getting the sand I usually have it a little bit more together than I do tonight, [so] But I didn’t know what direction I was going to go at All with this planter So I’m going to just go ahead and tamp this soil down Really firm and when you’re unloading sand as a top dressing you can’t have a bunch of loose soil because it’s really hard to cover So I’m going to come around the front a little bit okay, and then I’m going to use natural colored sand and this [one’s] [got] kind of a more of a white look and then I’m Going to use one that’s got some kind of a golden tone to it over the top All right, it is almost done so the last thing I’m going to do before I actually finish all the edges and everything is cut the plastic and I’m going to Actually leave quite a good [size] lip because I do not want any moisture to be touching this bowl I don’t want the bowl to be wrecked at all in fact when I go along the edges [to] Do my Finishing touches, I’m going to use a lot of rocks instead of moss because moss wicks moisture, and I don’t want any moss That’s wicking moisture that might be touching the wood to put water on the wood so anyway. I’m just going to cut the plastic and now I’m just going to go along the edges and just kind of tuck the plastic in just a little [bit] and [just] put Rocks around the Edge. Oh pretty easy The Rocks are done And if you really take a good close look there are some spots where you can see a little bit of plastic liner like right in the front where the sand is there’s a tiny bit [of] a liner, but I didn’t did not want to risk the The Bowl I didn’t want any moisture to hit this bowl at any point So I really like how it turned out [took] two days to get it done And this is what happens when you work a full-time job during the day And then you try to do these things on your off time, [so] it just kind of stretches out a little bit so anyway We wanted to show you a little bit more of the process behind one of the videos Sometimes they don’t happen [superfast] sometimes they do But they’re fun either way, so thanks for sticking with [us], and we will see you guys in the next video you

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  1. How much time this kind of arrangements live …because I imagen the plant grow?…what happened then?? Reporter?

  2. First time watching this and I love it, I am not fond of flowers but the way you do this platter of succulent its like I want to make one also. searching for more of the video, and while watching these I order seeds and cannot wait to arrive and do like yours. Thank you, I subs, like and share .

  3. Looks like a tiny jungle with a sea beach 🙂 I would peak inside the leaves to look for glowing monster eyes! 😀

  4. Beautiful succulent bowl but sago palm is poisonous to pets. I would choose something else to plant instead.

  5. You should also break up the roots a bit more to encourage better growth .Just saying from experience .

  6. You can also add a little clay animal, or a wooden animal, say a squirrel or rabbit to the display

  7. watching some of those tutorials on making terrarium got me here and I've just had a crush on you 😅

    I really like these project of yours and how you don't remove the parts of working through your plants one way or another.

    Anti Depressant <3

  8. Not so sure about the combination of plants: the palm, the cacti, the succulents. Their requirements are all different.

  9. But there’s no drainage whole? In your other video you said it was important or else the plant will rot

  10. I made a succulent arrangement after following your instructions for my husband on fathers day and he loved it 😀🙏🏽

  11. Your planter turned out beautifully. I understand that you want to preserve the wood, but it could still get wet. While still utilizing the plastic film, is there a product that could be rubbed into the wood to protect it without compromising the bowl or the health of the plants?

  12. Watching in 2019, this is my all time favorite Garden Answer video. This is the video that got me hooked on your channel. I often come back and rewatch the video again. I've found a bowl, smaller but similar, and I'm almost ready to recreate this look. Love your channel.

  13. Don't try this at home. Plants need drainage. Succulents need water, cactus don't, roots will rot. Video just for showing out.

  14. It's so beautiful) I growing plants too, and I like watching how plants growing. I have 30 kinds of succulents

  15. you are the only one out of everybody I'm subscribed to that cleans up the plant and that breaks up the roots before putting in planter Idk why I pay attention to that

  16. Good day. I've been watching and loving your videos for a long time. I live in a very small tow in Ontario Canada, I can not find succulents anywhere. But, I'd love to add some into my home. 1)Is there someplace I can order online? 2) I'd also like to add a few small wall mounted succulents planters for our RV. Any suggestions on what type would be best? Thanks in advance.

  17. I am a turf Guy and new to succulents; Wow this was like my approach to caring for 150 acre plot on a miniature scale and I really enjoyed the process, raw/frankness and of course the result was spectacular; so many good choices and the kicker for me were the cacti and sand. Bravo!

  18. I have a glass fish bowel type terrain I'm planning to plant it up with succulents and just wondering should I put activated charcol in it?

  19. Excelente👍👍👍saluditos desde Perú😁😁nuevo sub.Espero tu suscripción.Muchas Bendiciones✨✨✨✨✨

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  21. no wonder she got more than 3 million views. it is so beautiful!!!!!! I just ordered some more succulents and i will be using stones on top in little bowls. I cannot wait. I am just learning about these beautiful plants that are magnificent and wonderful creation of God!

  22. I'm interested to see if those lived very long. In all "arranging" videos and articles for succulents I've seen, it's REALLY important to create loose, rocky soil and layer with rocks and false bottoms to let water flow out of the soil where the roots are, especially when the water in your container has no where to go and just sits in the dirt. It's also important to make sure the soil the succulents were originally in is loosened up so that it doesn't compact later. You look like you may as well have been potting daisies.

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