Apollo Moon Soil Radiation Experiment


15 thoughts on “Apollo Moon Soil Radiation Experiment

  1. 매우 작은 부속품 하나에도 결코 문제 발생 없는, 안전한 활동과 항행 등 귀 nasa의 복된 활동을 마음 깊이 응원하고 기도 드립니다!

  2. I like these little slices of what is probably a fairly unknown lab and their work. Please keep make more of these, and show all the wonderful people and the questions that they are asking. I would love deeper dives.

  3. Pois é preciso precaver as radiações…cada tipo de radiação interage de forma diferente com a matéria consoante a sua composição e a energia transportada…Quando uma radiação atinge uma molécula de ADN certamente poderá modificar e provocar doenças nos astronautas…não é?? É preciso ir ao mais ínfimo pormenor!!

  4. the lest amount jointed the better ,there is some evidence that suggest the em atomic constructor has memory which may modify out put

  5. And? Where can I go to read the results of the testing? Stop being a tease on the Internet. It isn’t rocket science to know a viewer will want some results. Oh. Wait…

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