Are pesticides used in organic farming different from those used in conventional farming?

We grow both conventional and organic verified
blueberries and, to some extent, the operations are very similar.
We use fungicides, fertilizers and insecticides in both operations.
The big difference is the source of the chemical and when it’s certified as organic it has
to be a naturally occurring organic compound. And in our conventional operation it’s interesting
because a lot of the different chemicals that we will use in conventional are really just
synthetic versions of the organic compounds we use in our organic operations.
Well, we grow organic vegetables as well as conventional vegetables.
I think what people need to understand is that we do use pesticides on organic vegetables
as well. They’re just – we’re allowed to use certain pesticides on them that are derived
naturally. Also, the rate at which we then use those
on the organic crops is at an actually much higher volume and often times more applications
than we actually do on the conventional side. We just wouldn’t be able to produce enough
crops to feed everybody if we were organically growing and not using any pesticides.
Oh, I don’t know – that’s an interesting question. Is conventional better than organic or is
organic better than conventional? You know I guess my response to that is, they’re
different. And to some extent I think it’s the consumer
that ultimately just makes the choice. “Do I want to buy only organic or am I OK with
conventional?” I think it just comes down to a personal choice.
“Do I want to drive a Chevy, do I want to drive a Ford?” “Do I want to eat meat, do
I want to be a vegetarian?” Life is full of choices and organic or conventional
is just one more choice. I personally don’t think that there’s any
health reason to choose organic over conventional, but I think that there may be personal reasons
that people make that decision.

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  1. What a crappy video. A place in Kerala is completely affected by the pesticides used and have lot of biological problems there. The fertilizers turn our soil synthetic and impotent. The produce with pesticides sprayed on them induces even cancer. On the other hand pesticides used on organic are Neem, Cowdung, Garlic etc that are bio and that doesn't kill human beings.

  2. Great video! Love that it showcases farmers that grow both organic and conventional crops! Nice to see transparency admitting that organic farmers DO use pesticides and often have to apply more, more often.

  3. Do you have any research discussing organic and conventional farming in Canada rather than in the US? I've been led to understand that the criteria for being an organic farmer in Canada is much more strict.

  4. Independent scientific researched based studies are needed to verify the benefits of organic vs. conventional farming, not opinion and financial gain. Common sense is that any pesticides and fungicides (which are in essence toxins) that are used in food production will likely end up also harming the consumer and the environment. Toxins can accumulate over time in the body overwhelming the immune system, and research shows a strong connection to various types of diseases (cancer for example) and those immune system deficiencies.

  5. This farmer is wrong! Micro organisms, humic and fulvic acids depleted in conventional soils making the crops unable to absorb nutrients properly. Micro organisms, HA and FA in organic are present for nutrient absorbtion availability for the plant meaning more nutruent dense produce and better nutritional value for you.

  6. Research the source of information. Who is "Alliance for Food and Farming":

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