Are worms good for Aquaponics?

Hi this is Jonathan from Melbourne Aquaponics
In this video I would like to respond to a question that I receive quite often. The question of the worms. Do you have worms in your aquaponics setup? Is it good to have worms in your aquaponics
setup? So let me respond to those 2 questions:
First yes I do have worms in my aquaponics setup. And secondly, yes I think it’s a good thing
for the aquaponics setup. So as you know I am always saying that it’s
good to have the maximum biodiversity possible in your aquaponics setup. Obviously there are some animals that are
more beneficial than others in an aquaponics setup and you know that in nature, in general
worms have a very very important part into the ecosystem, into the nitrogen cycle. You know that in nature, the worms are basically…
in a field there are tons of worms. I think that’s one of the animals where the
biomass is the heaviest on earth. And those worms just basically eat the roots
of the vegetables and mainly the dead roots. So they don’t have a negative impact on the
vegetables and they basically eat the dead roots and they poo some organic matter that
is going to be way finer than the roots by themselves. so they help to modify the dead organic matters
that you have into your growbed (the dead roots). They are going to help to use those dead roots
and to break them down into some very small particles that are going to be more available
for the bacteria and also for other animals that you can have into your aquaponics setup. So they play a very important role. In agriculture, in a classic field, they also
aerate the field. They aerate the structure of the soil. It’s very important in classic agriculture,
that’s actually… if you got worms in a field in good conditions (in permaculture for example)
we use the worms to aerate the earth and basically that is the aim of the worms, they mix the
ingredients… the nutrients into the column of soil and they breakdown all the organic
matter and they release it, available for the other parts of the ecosystem. And for the fungus and the bacteria to break
it down in even smaller particles and into nitrogen available for the plants. So yes, worms are very beneficial in aquaponics
and I really recommend to have some into your setup. You may have some worms coming naturally into
your aquaponics setup. It really often happens, especially with the
small ones. But you can also add physically some worms
that either you buy from the shop or you get in your normal garden, that’s what I recommend,
if you can have some from your garden, you put a handful of worms into your aquaponics
setup and they are going to develop and reproduce in the aquaponics setup because they are going
to find a beneficial environment for them. They are going to find some food, they are
going to find an area. Not on the very bottom of the growbed but,
you know, because we have a bell siphon, the water level is going up and down so they can
always breathe, they can leave in this environment without any problem. They don’t have any real problem being in
contact with a moist environment and therefore in the aquaponics setup it’s perfect for them. In my Aquaponics setup I got 2 kinds of worms. I got the classic ones that some people call
compost worms, they are long and dark. You can use them to feed your fish. And I got the other ones as well, some whitish
worms that are extremely active. Each time I got a dead leave, they are here
and they basically start to degrade the dead particles or the dead organic matters that
are into the aquaponics setup. So that’s really the… Those 2 kind of worms are very efficient. I reckon they act at different levels. So the largest biodiversity you have and the
better it is. So it’s really good to have those 2 kinds
of worms in your aquaponics setup. I am also thinking using those worms to feed
my fish. That’s what I already do, but I am trying
to always find new ways to attract and trap them and being able to put them into the fish
tank. As you know, the fish are always eating the
same kind of fish food pellet, and if you always feed your fish with the same kind of
things, after a while the fish may get bored so it’s always good if you can add some living
food into the fish tank. I work with Silverperch, so Silverperch is
an omnivorous fish and they can be vegetarian once they get bigger so I can feed them with
leaves… The leaves of the vegetables that I grow. Sometimes I can give them the old leaves or
the leaves that I don’t want to eat. But you can also feed them with the worms. So if you give them some worms, the worms
are full of good things for the silverperch and for any fish basically, they are full
of vitamins and very interesting nutrients, they are live food. Basically they are one of the best thing you
can give to your fish. Obviously it’s going to be extremely hard
to produce a large quantity of worms, enough to feed your fish or to only rely on this
source of food for your fish but what you can do is to basically try to trap a few sometimes
when you dig into your growbed and you find some worms, you can just physically take them
and put them into your growbed and it’s going to be a fantastic gift for your fish. So if you have a look at your aquaponics setup
during the night you are going to find a lot of very interesting creatures. All the nocturnal insects are going to be
out but also all the worms. You see those 2 were mating, they were in
reproduction and as soon as I put the light on them, they try to hide. All the worms try to come on the surface to
find all the dead leaves that you can have on your media or even the algae. Anything that is a dead organic matter, they
are trying to find them and to eat them during the night. So if you have an aquaponics setup and you
want to see them, just have a look at your aquaponics setup during the night and you
may be able to find some. Here it was a dead root that was in my aquaponics
setup that I just pulled out and you see that after shaking it into the fish tank for a
little while, you see all the little worms that are going out. You see those little white worms that are
moving, they were eating the dead roots, and now they are basically free food for my fish. so I am just going to leave this dead root
in the fish tank, I will shake it for a little while so lots of worms just fall off and then
I leave it into the fish tank and the fish will be able to eat the worms whenever they
want them. So that’s a fantastic food for your fish. Especially if you breed fish, if you have
small fish, you want to feed them with this kind of extra quality food. If you are watching this video on YouTube,
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a fantastic success with aquaponics. Have a good crop!

6 thoughts on “Are worms good for Aquaponics?

  1. Jonathan, I really enjoy your videos and I have purchased some of your products that are working well at home. A question I have is can your vegetables get overerwatered with in an aquaponics set up? I have a set up that has two grow beds, 250ltr fish tank and a flood and drain system that operates 15mins on 45mins off per hour – but there hasn't been a huge amount of growth. I know that overwatering plants in other forms of gardening can stunt plant growth, just wondering if it's also possible in aquaponics. Thanks

  2. do u have scientific data that worms only eat the dead roots ?
    I want to put it in my grow bed but still doing some research of this

  3. There are many components to about this . One plan I found that succeeds in merging these is the Fast track grower (google it if you're interested) definately the best resource i've seen. look at the great information .

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