Milk Strawberry So pretty 😀 I love this kind of sound. Fresh and sweet Can you hear the seeds of the strawberry?🍓🍓 Chocolat Macaron Soft crunchy and chewy texture Raspberry Macaron Coque are really crispy, too. Fresh lemon Macaron Each brand has a wide difference in taste and texture of macaron, And I like this brand of macarons because they are delicious and nice texture. Flower Bavarois-Mango The bottom is mango mousse and the top is jelly. It’s really soft. Aren’t the flowers so pretty? 🙂 Overall, the texture is similar to pudding. Chocolat Scone So goodㅠㅠb It’s full of chocolate chips. Actually, I wanted to eat it with Nutella. But it was empty alreadyT-T Of course, I’m the culprit😏 hehe Egg Tart What a perfect combo of crispy dough and moist cream~♡ Milk Flower Bavarois-Strawberry The texture of the flowers are good. Thank you so much for watching !

66 thoughts on “ASMR FLOWER JELLY MOUSSE CAKE+ICE CREAM+TART+MACARON eating sounds MUKBANG디저트먹방咀嚼音 花のババロア+アイス+マカロン等々

  1. アニョハセヨー☺️

  2. 待ってました!バラ型のアイスの音しゃりしゃりでとってもいいですね!めらうにさんって何色が好きですか?私は紫です!

  3. Wow! That flower shaped looks like ice cream bar to me. I really love tarts but i love cheese tarts too. Taste sweet and crunchy macarons. Great snack. Enjoy your snack and see u next time.

  4. 投稿頻度高過ぎて私としてはとても嬉しいんですがあまり無理しないで下さいね🥺メラウニさんの音凄く好きなのでこれからも応援してます💖

  5. 우왕~~ 다 너무 먹기 넘!넘!넘 이쁘 💝 맛이 너무 궁금하네요!! 🙂 항상 맛있게 드시고 먹는 소리는 항상 좋아요!!

  6. 밀크 스토로베리 0:14
    마카롱 쇼콜라- 1:52
    산딸기- 2:25
    레몬- 3:00
    플라워 바바로아 망고 3:46
    딸기 8:24
    쇼콜라 스콘 5:04
    에그 타르트 7:03
    우유 8:12

  7. I enjoy it this video…Flower Jelly mousse cake is very unique…others are very amazing. Your eating/drinking sounds are terrific. Great Video Mellawnie!!!

  8. 今日のスイーツ可愛い😆

  9. Hello again! Im sorry i never have time to waych ur other videos😓. I have a lot of school work, and i haven't been on YouTube alot because im either hanging with my sisters, or hanging out with friends. I know thats really not a good excuse, but i do hope u understand. Anyways the asmr was amazing, and speaking of amazing… I hope u have an AMAZING day!👋

  10. 어제오늘 소화불량때문에 토하고 소화제먹고 골골대고 흰죽먹고 있는데여…. 마카롱이 넘 먹고싶어서 쥬글것같아요….. 바바로아?? 이건 뭐져 진짜 넘 이쁘고 맛있게 생겼다…… 흑흑….엉엉ㅇ……

  11. 오늘 디저트들 다 예술장인이 만드신 것처럼 너무너무 예쁘고 놀랍네요👍😱💕
    플라워바바로아 딸기맛은 꼭 한번 먹어보고 싶네요😍🙆

  12. 初めてババロアの咀嚼音を聞きました!

  13. この方のASMRが音が綺麗に聴こえてすごく好き…!韓国の方なのに、日本語が上手なのはなぜ!?どうやって勉強したのでしょうか…?

  14. 0:14 Milk Strawberry🍓
    1:51 Chocolat Macaron
    2:25 Raspberry Macaron
    3:01 Fresh Lemon Macaron🍋
    3:45 Flower Bavarois – Mango (jelly)
    5:03 Chocolat Scone🍪
    7:03 Egg Tart
    8:12 Milk
    8:25 Flower Bavarois – Strawberry (jelly)
    9:57 Chocolat Scone🍪 (again)

  15. ほんとに食べてみたい、、、、(凝視)

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