Awesome Thailand Vegetable Garden Backyard (ORGANIC THAI HERB, THAI VEGETABLE)

There’s nothing like walking outside, grabbing fresh herbs and vegetables I’m going to show you my Thai father in-law’s organic vegetable garden backyard. Papaya, Thai papaya Thai eggplant Eat young, yummy Eat with fish sauce stir fry yeah and can eat raw green coconut curries yummy coconut He’s got some oregano here Give this a quick smell Umm smells good Thai banana tree This is marum so what it is, is a long bean that you can use in cooking cooking soup with fish soup with fish all kinds of stuff he talk this medicine yep this is like Thai’s consider this like medicine they actually make capsules out of this supposed to be anti-cancer really good lots of antioxidants, phytonutrients this Thai chili oh this is Thai chili plant? yeah Thai chili Kra pao (kaprao) basil yeah kra pao (kaprao) basil Holy basil as they call it nothing fresher than just going right to your herb garden grabbing fresh ingredients has a very distinct, some people say it’s like a clovey taste oh it smells so good very, very popular in a lot of dishes this is manao this is the Thai lime there’s a couple you can see here this is the this is the Thai pumpkin you see this vine what is the name in Thai? Fuktong Huh? Fuktong oh ok. Hahaha this is a Thai mango tree there’s no fruits or flowers on it right now but very delicious I’ve had this mango many times Thai ginger root (ka) they call ka ka, make the soup make the tom yum oh tom yum soup yeah tom yum soup very famous, yeah dish tom yum what is this? they eat with the egg oh yeah egg ant this egg ant oh ant egg salad ant really? what is that called? and papaya salad what is that called? pak cik they eat with the papaya salad and fish sauce they eat it raw or they cook it? they eat raw oh pak cik dip with fish sauce dip with fish sauce, see on top eat umm and you dip those vegetables eat it with the fish sauce Thai style Thai style umm this is a tobacco plant interesting, first time I ever seen one I have to cook the organic vegetable boiling and eat with fish sauce tonight for dinner what is the name of that vegetable? khae khae khae just like care oh, care (sorry, spelled khae) ah ok but Thailand call khae khae how do you eat it? steam you steam it? ah not steam, boiling sorry oh you boil it and eat it with a fish sauce yeah like a dipping sauce yes, yummy I hope you enjoyed this organic Thai garden tour. give us a thumbs up if you liked this video Don’t forget to subscribe We’ll see you guys in the next video

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