BABY ELI 1st BIRTHDAY PARTY + KHMER GARDEN UPDATE ខួបកំណើតទី ១ របស់អូនអុីឡាយ ហើយអាប់ដេតដំណាំ

Hello all friends and welcome to my channel. Thank you for tuning in. Today is Eli’s birthday. September 2nd so Eli is now 1 year old! We did not even plan on doing anything since he is still little but we just decided yesterday with my siblings and do a little something gathering at eat at home. This morning we went to Lion Supermarket to buy the ingredients like the vegetables as well as the meat. The dish today is some cow cheeks, and stomach with Tuk Prohok. We are now back home these are the vegetables that we got like these Thai eggplant. I planted these in the garden too but this year the leaves looks better than the eggplant. There were only a few and not enough for use. We had to buy instead. There’s also assorted herbs as well as banana blossom for pairing. Radish (American diakon). I was thinking of grilling these mushrooms to eat with the tuk prohok. Cucumbers. I also planted these in the garden However it’s not enough and some variety taste bitter. Lesson learned, next year I’m not growing them. As for these, they are chilies and green tomatoes from my garden. I get to harvest and use them. But it’s not enough so I’m also added this variety. I have a lot but I want to use different variety for taste. These are the ingredients to make the Tuk Prohok. As for the proteins, I will show in a bit. Earlier I came to pick chilies and green tomatoes but I totally forgot about the lemongrass Check out my lemongrass I didn’t get to trimmed them and look now. They are all bushy. I’m going to cut some lemongrass for use. I got this much that’s plenty. I went a little overboard. Now I am going to also add the banana leaves. I am using it to wrap the fish paste and cook it on pan for a bit. Since I already have a banana tree and I not hoping for the fruit so I might as make use of their leaves. I’ve used it before to wrap my rice for when we go crab fishing. After we eat the rice, we just toss it. This is how big my banana tree is. These are the proteins that we are going to be cooking. This is the stomach lining part. This is also the stomach book tripe. These are cow cheeks Right now it does not look appetizing wait until it’s cook, I’ll show you again. Then you will know what is what and how good it taste. Adding some salt and rubbing it clean. Helps reduce the the smell and taste. The husband is washing like doing laundry. It’s not just salt that we are using but also adding vinegar to make sure that it’s clean. This is what they call as cow cheeks. It’s not tongue. We are just blanching this in boiling water then discard the water. Then use this Instant Pot to cook it. This pressure cooker cook in less time and it get tender quickly. If we cook it on the regular stove, it takes too long. These are the cow cheeks. It looks similar to the cow tongue. But the husband said this taste better. I did not get to try it the last time they made it. Will see if it’s like what he said. This is like the stomach area the stomach lining? I don’t know what it is called in Khmer. Eli stand up. Stand up Baby. This is garlic with some spices to be toss with these shirmps like garlic butter? Boil the shrimp and toss with the sauce. If we corn, potatoes and sausages we can also add them. Just like at the restaurants. Here’s the Tuk Prohok already made and it’s been sitting for awhile releasing it’s natural juices. I did not add any water to this. Some like it more saucy so they add hot water to it. We are now waiting for some dishes and for everyone to arrive. so we are snacking on some June plums. Birthday Eli and Oun Naly blow with Eli. It’s Eli birthday, look. How do you do your happy sign? Like that. He likes the Fat Fat song. He likes it. When feeding just play that a few times he will finish eating. When he hear you sing, he smile. It’s the kids party and check out the adults. The son birthday, look at his Dad. Check out his special shirt today. Full of spits. Eat it Naly, which one do you want? Who birthday is it Naly? It’s Eli birthday. Outfit for crab fishing. Naly, why do you eat so fast? Is it good? Because it’s good, I eat it all. Hello all friends, it’s now a new day. We did Eli’s birthday as you just saw I also upload the question and answer vlog Nary Nita asked that I do a garden update Today the weather looks nice outside so I wanted to vlog and share with you. Especially, I want to show you this Pea Eggplant. If you followed my vlog you will see that I planted when it was very small. It was knee high. Now it’s surpass the fence height. There’s no pea eggplant yet. There we blooms but then it dry and wilted. The plant grew so big. We trimmed some of them off too. The dried leaves from the trimmed. It branched out so much into the walk way and almost block the kaffir tree. This spot here I used to put the dragon fruit and mango tree but the husband cleaned up this spot. It used to have the dove and chicken coop. He cleaned it up a bit. The dove came back. He fly back and forth. We also moved the mango tree and the plumeria tree to this spot for now. This is the cucumber plant. There are 3 varieties. The 1st and 2nd variety is not that good. We are thinking of taking it out because the cucumber taste a bit bitter. Sometime bitter, sometime not so I don’t know why. We allow them to ripe on the vine because we no longer use them. They are nice and big. A lot has ripen. We stop taking care of them and will pull them out. However the 3rd variety the one here, it’s good. That’s the Japanese cucumbers. Now let’s take a look at my passion fruit trellis. This much has grown. I still have yet to make the entrance sign. They grow really fast, I planted them in May. It grew and climbed almost half way thru the trellis. As for the Thai eggplant, the stem and leaves looks so healthy. but there’s not much eggplant this year. The growth went to the stems and leaves. Only a few eggplant and small size too. Not enough for usage. We had to buy when we wanted to make Tuk Prohok. As for my guava tree there’s lot of new branches now and new leaves. The blooming season is probably over now. and only 1 fruit hung on. Check out my chili bed. This year there’s lots of chilies and ripen so fast due to the hot summer. Couldn’t harvest in time. This branch has fallen down. When it’s too hot, I don’t have time to pick them I did pick some, but sometimes I am busy with the kids so I tend to forget. Now look at it, red all over. We can eat it into next year. The chili plants in the back those are the cobra chili, and it’s super spicy. Spicier than the ones below. But it’s been hot so some got burned. Look at it. I did not harvest them in time. But there’s still some that are good. This chili plant is easy to care. In the winter time, the leaves drop. just some not all. When spring time comes around they grow back. So no need to replant them. The elephant ears are plentiful too. I’ve used them several times now. I used a lot of it every time I cook. This is my dragon fruit container it has grown this much and it’s not even a year yet. I’ve shared with you in my vlog when I first got it from a friend on Facebook. There’s the yellow kind, white and red flesh. As of right now I can’t tell which is which. The sender didn’t write on them. To see that it’s growing, we now have hope. There’s a lot of new stems growing. Here on the bottom are some herbs and vegetables such as Thai Basil some assorted chilies as well as tomatoes. We use tomatoes so very often that’s why there’s not much fruit on the plant we use the green ones real quick. We use it for dipping sauces and to eat with Tuk Prohok. Let me take you to go see the rice paddy herb. Here’s my rice paddy container. The stems are longer now I’ve cut and used them often. Almost time to trim them down because it’s growing pass the container and my container depth is not as deep. As for my holy basil plant it looks like I can’t get away from buying this year. A whole growing season and yet only this much. Last year during this time there was plenty. I’ve harvest and freeze them to use in the wintertime. Now there’s only a little bit. It’s because we moved them around too much. Planting them here and there. Looks like I have to buy and prepare to freeze them for winter use. Otherwise when I make lemongrass soup or sour soup I don’t have any for use. They won’t have fresh or frozen one for sale I have to make them myself. As for this, it’s my water spinach container. I’ve planted, cut and used them in cooking so many times. Now it’s loaded again. I also started another small container but I am making a video and sharing you from the start to finish. Showing how to spread the seeds, how to plant and how to trim them so I’m waiting until it matures then I will release that video. Just like how I shared how to grow the rice paddy herb. For all friends that wants to grow water spinach you can see how it grows from start to finish. Please wait to watch that video when it is release OK? Here’s the view of the flower as well as trees on this side on the yard. Look at these, they were planted the same time on the same day but this side is not growing as well. Check out the ones in the front. The flower are reaching above the fence line. I don’t know why maybe the soil here is not good. They are the same variety and planted the same time. Speaking of Eli’s birthday vlog every time I am hosting the event at my house I don’t get to vlog in details because as the host I have to be available to serve the guest and do this and that. Therefore I don’t get to vlog in details to share with you all. But my sister was making the butter garlic shrimp and those that ate it, really enjoyed it. In the future I will have her share her ingredients and show you in details how to make it. That way we can all learn and eat good together. Just like at the restaurant. This is my cherimoya tree it doesn’t look different from last time or is it because I see it every day? What do you all think? It still looking nice and green. Still a long way until it ripen and ready. Here it’s like in Jan or Feb until we can pick them. We are now just entering September. As for this, it’s our bamboo tree we have 2 containers. This one here and the container over there. It’s been moved around every corner now. Since it’s grown in container with wheels it’s easy when moving them around and no fear of the roots getting into the ground or the cement. This here is an arrowroot plant grown for the leaves and never harvest their tubers. Let me show you our Chinese jujube tree Naly wants to eat it so she asked me to pick one for her. It’s not ripe yet but she saw her Dad eating it now she ask for some too. Let me pick this one. This looks big. Pick one maybe get two. Nice and big. How is it since you want it? Good. Good? OK, I am going to end this video now I think it’s pretty long from Eli’s birthday and now the garden update. All friends, see you in the next episode. Oh, one more thing Before I use to add a little preview at the end so you can see what the upcoming vlog is about but that means I have to wait until I vlog again in order to add that preview. Therefore if I wait like that then my viewers might end up waiting as well. I think once I vlog, edit and add English subtitles I will release right away and no need to wait for the next vlog to add a preview. I hope you don’t mind and like this format so I can release it sooner. I also would like to thank you all for your comments and encouragements after I released my question and answer vlog. Thanks for the support and the love you have for our family. I thank you so very much. Thanks everybody for your viewership. See you in the next episode. Bye-bye.

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