Back to The Roots, Organic Farming Gets a Boost in Rural Jharkhand

A resident of Tilopada village, Bandgaon Block, West Singhbum district, Kopi Chaki, has had a positive transformation in his life with the use of worms and cow dung in farming. The worms and cow dung help Kopi create vericompost which is beneficial for farming. He has been able to sustain his livelihood through vermiculture. He now travels from one village to the next to share his ideas with them as well as teach them the methods of making vermicompost. (Kopi conducting a training on vermiculture.) Our family thrives on vermiculture. Ever since chemical fertilizers hit the market we began to use them on our farms for agriculture. After extensive use of these fertilizers most of our land lost its crop and grew infertile. Whenever we ploughed the land we unearthed huge lumps of soil. This made us think about alternate approaches to farming. We began with the use of cow dung. We purchased most of the cow dung and used it as fertilizer. The use of cow dung gave out stench but began producing good results with the output of crop. Better than this was vericompost which was made by using worms. It doesn’t stink too much. We mostly use material which is excess like unused hay,etc. We can mix cowdung, hay and worms to create vermicompost. Chemical fertilizers speed up the productivity of crop but destroys the output of the crop in the long run. There are additional benefits with chemical fertilizers. Chemical from these fertilizers enters our bodies and ruin our health. This results in different illnesses. Organic fertilizers on the other hand improve our health and strengthen our immunity. The quantity of chemical fertilizers being used has to be increased every year. Suppose we use 5kgs of Chemical this year, then we need to increase it to 7kgs and 10kgs gradually. If we average it out to 20 years ahead then the use of fertilizer surpasses the productivity of crop. Organic fertilizers usually give a low productivity in their first year and it eventually increases with time. Their productivity of crop gradually surpasses the use of fertilizer. Our ancestors have handed us the responsibility of this land and we need to pass it on to our future generations. Keeping this in mind we need to begin using more of vermicompost and organic farming methods this will help farmer save their crop and health. I appeal to my fellow viewers and farmers to begin a campaign in all village highlighting the benefits of vermicompost. I am Xavier Hamsay from Jharkhand reporting for IndiaUnheard.

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