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Backyard composting can sometimes be a challenge
– figuring out a spot that’s going to be warm enough, where you can access it with
water to keep it moist. And then there’s also that challenge of
just keeping it corralled. If you’re looking for a quick and simple
option, you might consider building one out of 2×4’s and a little bit of wire mesh screen. You can find these materials at local hardware
stores for a relatively low cost. Generally speaking, we want a compost container
that is a minimum of three feet wide, by three feet wide, by three feet tall. For the backyard compost container that we’re
building today, we’ll simply be using 2x4s that we attach together, using a few 2”
screws. We’ll also then use some wire mesh screen
that we’ll attach with a few staples. Build four sides. Use hinges on each of the corners. And then we can actually shut that container
and dump material in once it’s all been built. Now, we’ve selected the wire mesh because
that will actually help allow air movement into that compost pile. And then we went with the hinges so we can
actually open that container back up later, and actually stir that material around when
needed. If you need more information on composting,
please visit the University of Wyoming Extension website or go to From the University of Wyoming Extension,
I’m Brian Sebade, and you’re watching From the Ground Up.

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