Balinese Woman Breeds Worms for Organic Farming

This is Kartini, a controversial woman
from Bali. The agricultural doctor is 50 years old,
and is also a lecturer. She is mainly known as “Kartini the Worm.” This is because of her daily activities.
The mother of two children, she could not be separated from worms. For Kartini, worms are her world
and a part of her life. Kartini was attracted to worms around 1970
when she saw the worms in paddy fields die because of pesticide fertilizer. According to Kartini, worms, apart from
making land fertile, can also maintain nature’s balance. If worms die, then the
other organisms will die. As a result, the land will be dry and become
unfertile, like what happened in Ethiopia. So she made fertilizer from worms. Kartini claims that during the last 10 years, she has
succeeded in breeding hundreds of tons of worms, which have been spread all through Indonesia
and several countries in Africa. Moreover, a minister from Ethiopia
has studied the technique from her. Not only that, Kartini has also experimented
with making capsules from worms. According to Kartini, the human body often contains
metal contents as a result of us eating unhealthy food. This happens because poison in the
human body cannot get out. The only animal that can neutralize
the poison is the worm. Because of that, Kartini made
the worm capsule. Evidently, it is believed that the worm capsule
can cure asthma and eye problems, and it is consumed by the community. I eat worms and my children
also eat worms. This means that my children and I eat around
three worm capsules every day. If one capsule contains 150 milligrams,
then three capsules equal 450 milligrams of worm powder
coming into our bodies. The elements of food that we ate were
incomplete, so we added the worm. Several people who consume the worm capsule
as a supplementary food said they felt healthy. A worm’s body has essential amino acids that are complete
and natural, which is not the case with other animals. The most important thing is that worms contain the enzyme
lubricunase, which can normalize cell metabolism in the human body. As the follower of the Hindu religion, Kartini
has always performed religious duties. She is certain that all the lives in this world
are created by the Lord, including that of worms. Moreover, according to her, women can
also become pretty due to worms. Around the 20th century B.C., Queen Cleopatra
was pretty and healthy because of the worm. Cleopatra really loved worms, and whoever
killed or touch them would be punished then. Kartini, the worm hero from Bali.

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