Banana Peel Fertilizer : Homemade Organic Liquid Fertilizer

Banana peel fertilizer: The video shows a simple procedure for making
a homemade banana peels fertilizer, a liquid fertilizer which is good for your potted plants. Banana peels contain
nutrients like potassium and small amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and magnesium which
are essential for all plants. You can add fish emulsion to make it a complete fertilizer.
Cut small pieces of banana peels and put in a bottle. Add water, stir well and close the
lid. Place the bottle in shade. [Music]

5 thoughts on “Banana Peel Fertilizer : Homemade Organic Liquid Fertilizer

  1. Agar ham mogra ki air layering kiye h or wo dhup me rakha ho to success milegi yaa use shedi ayeriya me rakhna chaiye please help me

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