Banana peel ko fertilizer klea istamal krna ka tareeka-Urdu/Hindi

Hello, viewers, I hope all of you will be fine. Bananas are popular fruit and we use them a lot in our homes. Their peel is rich in potassium and can be used as a fertilizer for plants. In this video, I will tell you how to use them as fertilizer for your plants. They easy to use as a fertilizer and you will get the best Potassium source for… your plants that is organic. There are many ways to use banana peel in your soil but I will tell you the one… which I find to be simple and effective. They contain my nutrients in them but their major nutrient is potassium. Potassium is an important nutrient in plants it helps to strengthen roots and is helpful for enzyms. If your plants are getting good amount of potassium they will be healthy and give good output. To use banana peel when you eat bananas put their skin in the sunlight. After a week they will be dry. Then take a scissor and cut the dry peel into small pieces. After that put those small pieces in grinder and make powder. Battery gone 🙁 If your grinder doesn’t make powder then make them as small as possible. Then mix them in the soil with which you will fill your pots. You can also mix it in pots that already have plants, but be sure not to mix a lot of it directly on roots(main Stem). They are slow releasing and will provide potassium to your plant on demand. You can also mix those small pieces or powder in your compost bin. Potassium is a major required nutrient for plants and banana peel is its best organic source so… Include it in your gardening, stay happy bye bye

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