Basic Gardening Tips : Common Mistakes When Gardening

Okay, common garden mistakes. I would have
to say probably the greatest mistake that most people make is watering. Too much water
is not necessary. What is good for a garden is consistent water. That is the best ideal
but you do not want to over water. You want to get things in. Make sure that your soil
is damp but if you’ve got good organic soil, you don’t need to worry about whether or not
the surface feels dry. So check underneath. Go down into the soil when you are trying
to determine if your soil is dry or not. Go underneath. Go a couple three or four inches
deep and see what it is like down there because you’ve probably if you’ve got plenty of organic
material in your soil at all, you will find moisture down there and if you don’t, then
add some water. Now another mistake is illustrated here. There are too many plants in this bed.
These are large pumpkin plants and there were too many of them put into this small of space
and therefore, these pumpkins are not going to be able to grow large enough. That is why
all the pumpkins in this bed are quite small. Because they were too crowded and that is
another common mistake, is crowding. Now the last I will say is about these pumpkins also.
If you grow something like pumpkins or winter squash, let them stay outside. If you don’t
have a frost, a hard frost or freeze, that means that it has to get down to about thirty-five
degrees or below, then let them sit outside. They will harden. They will get firmer. They
will last much longer. They will be much better produce if you let them sit out.

28 thoughts on “Basic Gardening Tips : Common Mistakes When Gardening

  1. other than crowdednessnessness in my garden… anyone have tips for me? u can check out my vid on my channel.

  2. i like that she mentions not crowding the plants in the space. and letting the pumpkins or winter squash stay outside to harden to last longer. did not know that.
    the one problem i have her is about watering. clay water infrequent for long time (ie 2x/ wk for 20-30 mins), sand water frequent for short time (ie every other day or daily for 5 mins) add compost to help contain water in sandy soil and prevent waterlogging in clay

  3. I couldn't tell that the pumpkins were crowded 🙁 I bet they were a small variety anyway 🙂

    The diging down technique with the organic material tip and "if you don't feel moisture add water" she gave should cover both soil types, wouldn't you think? Covering both types individually would be a much longer and confusing explanation in this brief clip for beginners I think.

  4. ma; frends; dad; is; a; gardaana
    im; proud; of; my; dady; he; is; a; builder!!!
    my; lum; bless; your; soals; poor; old; garddanders!!

  5. the worst mistake is not to much water, as I use only rain water and save it till I need it.
    the worst mistake is using pesticides.
    I use a bug repellent for my plants.
    I use wild gourd leaves and make a tea to spray on my plants. Nothing in the bug world eats wild Gourd leaves so your plants are safe.

  6. Your wisdom is evident, but hope you consider wild gourd tea, as it does not kill bugs but rather stop them from eating your crops. always test on one type of plant to make sure of no problems. but I have in my years found nothing better as a bug repellent for plants

  7. Another common mistake is pouring gasoline on the whole thing and lighting it on fire. I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me.

  8. garden area is also a great place to hide cash,
    wife and I grow massive garden, funny how locals beg for help, and I offer them food in my garden and they respond with can you bring it over. sad world we live in,
    every kid can play on the computer by the hour, but never ever grew a plant that produces food, nothing can go wrong with this world.

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  10. Nice. Someday, all people will be gardening their own vegetables, and eat peacefully with their families. On THIS earth.

  11. Since the weather has been so hot my small garden that I've been growning (In plastic bins next to my apt. building) Have been wilting From the heat So I've been watering it every day normaly around mid day is this too much water. Also what time of day should I be watering them?

  12. Crowding plants or spacing them out too much is a common mistake when planting flowers too. So, if you lack a lot of experience, look for plants sold in plant trays called Plant Pie, Muffin Trays or Plant Loafs, which take the guesswork out of plant spacing and plant groupings.

  13. Even simple tips are illustrated, it is still helpful. This video can be a reminder to those who are starting to grow their garden. Remember that a lot of us can still make mistakes while doing gardening works so it is better to be reminded all the time.

  14. Sharing crucial information about gardening could truly enrich our mind. Every gardeners aim for a productive crops, so these tips are so important. It is true that over-watering the plant can cause a bad effect because instead of making it grow, it will drown the plants and this will result to a very poor crop production and the worst thing it will die. These simple advises help me a lot! 

  15. Perennial plants normally only need watering the first year. In the summer perhaps once a week. Give them a good soak and let the soil dry out. Then they develop deep roots. The second year you don't have to water anymore.

  16. Hey Deb, great video. What can I do if I haven't watered my garden in weeks and it's still muddy? Thank you and God bless.

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