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[Opening music]>The way that we first got started was we had
a real interest in wanting to live the farm life lifestyle and so we decided that it was really
important to us to be certified organic. It’s the first thing we did when we purchased
the land.>The farm itself is 75 acres that’s what we
bought when we started the farm. We do
greens 52 weeks a year. And by greens, I mean kale, and chard, and spinach. We do a ton of microgreens in the
greenhouse. And then, in the summer the hoop houses,
one is full of tomatoes so one hoop house has over a thousand
tomatoes and those will be trellised. So, it is ten feet high right now. And then, our
main signature product is definitely our honey. That’s by far in a way the thing that we’re most
known for – it’s the thing we wanted to be the most
known for because we wanted to have a product that
could be available 365 days a year. . [Guitar music] .>Our experience working with the Farm
Service Agency was definitely interesting in
that at the beginning I didn’t know anything about
the agency my first interaction with them was
to try to get this $35 thousand microloan.>The Farm Service Agency’s Farm Loan
Programs as a provider of supervised credit are really a key for young beginning farmers in startup
operations. And particularly with specialty type operators
when they’re seeking credit to finance their
operation.>By far in a way the biggest thing that we
ended up financing with the loan was our
greenhouse. We ended up upping the size of the
greenhouse and putting much more money
towards the greenhouse and boy, am I glad we did. I mean the greenhouse
has been the heart and soul of our cash flow.>You have to have that driving passion behind
yourself before you can get the reality of it. If you want to do this you really need to have
an open mind. You need to be willing to let go.>And, you need to be willing to learn and ask
questions and seek out information.>The best part about working with Bear Creek
Organics is that I’m able to see each new
business venture implemented as a startup in the beginning operation. There’s always
something new and exciting happening. .
[Conversations at the marketplace] .>I think that something that has been really
critical to us getting started is we are, I mean,
to the core authentic and transparent about
everything. And so I think that retaining the authenticity
selling out of honey, not buying in other honey and selling it as
their own any roading that brand loyalty.>Which is one way to do it; however, for our
farm that’s not how we want to go. And so, I think that when we talk about the
buyer plan, these are the types of things that we want to
keep in mind – is that the honey bees is the
perfect analogy.>I usually figure we get 30 pounds of honey
out of it. But, it’s more than that. But, I try to
be conservative.>The way that we look at our honeybees is
the way that we should be looking at
ourselves and our farm. . I think working with the USDA has really been
the reason why we’ve been able to be as
successful as quickly as we have been. We never would have even been able to have
a greenhouse if it weren’t for the USDA. [Closing music]

3 thoughts on “Bear Creek Organics

  1. Why do you focus on mans married varities instead of the creators wild uncorupted foods.

    You are no better than a commercial grocery store.

    You still propagate non native man made gmo species for food only to profit from.

    You do not do anything to teach peopl to live from gods provisions or provide people with gods clean foods.

    You are self glorified profiteres.
    Nonthing more.
    Nonthing less.

    Growing mans garbage for garbage men and garbage money.

    Non of which is fit to eat nor fit for heaven.

    Sorry my opinion is so negative.

    Hope it helps to see the light.

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