Belize Travel Video Guide – Organic Farming & Dining at Chaa Creek

Well we started off as farmers in 1977, so, we had to learn from the local people, our neighbors, how to farm in the tropics. Farming here is very different in a
tropical environment, so we listened to what our neighbors had to say, and we’ve been basically supplying our own
food, certainly for our own table, and then for the tables of the guests
pretty much ever since. We have lettuce, we have cabbage, we have collard greens, we have kale, we have bunching onions, we have cucumbers,
basil, tomatoes, sweet peppers or bell peppers; We try to grow most of the green crops, because to get good salad here is always
hard. I t’s normally iceberg lettuce and that’s it. We have 6 or 7 different kinds
of lettuce and arugula which make it a lot more tasty, more presentable too. We normally try to do irrigation in the
morning while it’s still relatively cool. While that’s going on we also have the man
in charge of picking, or harvesting I should say, going through all the
different parts of the farm getting anything from lettuce to cabbage, etc etc,
all the different things we produce there, and by about quarter to 11 in the morning,
he’s taking all that back to the store-room back here, and then it gets
weighed and packaged, and put into the fridges or the cold store I think it’s very important for people to know, to understand, where fruits and vegetables come from.
And it’s clear that organic food, and locally produced organic food is
by far the best. Our ethos here is to enable the local
community to have ownership in our project so at the end of the day, we’re also
buying from local producers who produce organic food, and the fact that we can
grow it and we can get it, I would say yeah, we’ll keep on doing what
we’re doing for as long as we can do it, and hopefully our guests feel the same way
as we do. Woah, Phew!

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