Best 2 Homemade Organic Fertilizers Anyone Can Make FREE

Alright! This is John Kohler with,
today we have another exciting episode for you that’s going to be a new thing I’m
doing it’s called Growing your Greens in About a Minute, I don’t know if I can keep
this to a minute, but I wanted to give you guys quick and easy and dirty gardening tips
in a short amount of time. On my videos I focus on giving you all the information so
you guys can learn everything I know about gardening and I really don’t like the snippets
where you just learn a little bit, because you may miss the complete message – in every
one of my videos I try to share with you guys a message. So in any case let’s get into
growing your greens in a minute, and in today’s episode I’m going to share with you guys
how you can make and create two of my favorite products free at home. As much as I feature
a lot of different products on my show and I use many of them myself, and there’s a
reason for this, there’s also ways to do it for free or low cost that I’d like to
share with you guys today. So real quick, one of my favorite products
is right here, it’s called the Worm Gold Plus. Now this is worm castings, you’re
thinking “Oh John I could just get worm castings at my local shop,” you know? No.
These are not the same worm castings that you’re getting at your local shop. You guys
know McDonald’s hamburgers are not the same as an In N’ Out burger, right? They taste
way different. In N’ Out burger’s a lot higher quality, although if you made your
own hamburger at home it would be even better than that, right? Same thing with worm castings.
Not all of them are created equal, number one they have the kelp and the volcanic rock
in here, so rock dust and kelp meal goes in here, definitely makes it better. But the
other thing that is different about these worm castings are what they’re feeding the
worms. So you’re going to want to get yourself some red wigglers, and then you’re going
to want to feed them the appropriate diet. So you’re going to feed them shredded up
cardboard number one, number two you’re going to feed them chitin-rich foods. So whether
that means you go to your local barber shop and “Hey, can I get your guys’ hair off
the floor at the end of the day every day? I’m going to collect it for a week, take
that stuff home, and that’s rich in chitin.” You need to feed this stuff to the worms along
with the cellulose, the cardboard, so you can make some impressive worm castings that
have some of the levels as high, well probably not as high as in here because I don’t know
exactly what George is feeding his worms, but in his tests and in documented research
he has, up to 400% increase in yield by using his worm castings, and feeding worms manure
and stuff, not going to get the same quality castings as feeding them cardboard and the
chitin so you get the cellulose degraders and the chitin degraders in the worm castings
which is very important. Standard worm casting compost made with standard manure or even
yard scraps or organic matter, not going to make the same worm castings number one.
Alright, number two, onto the next subject, the Boogie Hummus. The Boogie Hummus, definitely
one of my favorite soil amendments, once again you can make at home. All this simply is,
is composted carbon source like trees, ground up trees, tree trunks, branches, and all this
kind of stuff. Now the challenge is, it can take three years to make this. All you need
to do is call a local tree service that cuts down trees and chips them up, and get the
chips delivered to your house and let them rot, and just put them in a pile, you don’t
got to do nothing to them, let them rot for three years. You can speed this up by inoculating
them with mushrooms and some fungi, and I learned about this from an episode that I
had in the past called Super-Size Your Garden by Using the Wood Chips. And basically, they’ve
done the work for me. They’ve taken the wood chips they’ve broken it down, high
quality product actually added things to it which makes it even better, including the
bio-char. But you can make it for free at home if you don’t want to buy it. So for
me personally, I don’t want to take the space to, you know use my space which is valuable
because I don’t have a lot of space. I want to use that space for growing food not for
taking wood chips and dedicating an area for three years to compost them down because I
also need a lot more wood chip compost than the space I have to fill all my raised beds
and it can take some time. So I like to purchase the Boogie Hummus, and then same again, while
I do have plenty of worms in my beds, I don’t feed them hair and cardboard in my beds, and
maybe one day I’ll have some worms, but I will not have enough worms to produce the
quantity of castings that I like, so I personally like to buy them. And you guys can buy them
too, be sure to check my other videos for where you guys can get deals on these exact
products at the special discounted GYG rate if you’re interested in buying them. But
now you know how to make them yourself if you want to.
If you guys enjoyed this short format, or shorter format video please give me a thumb’s
up. If you really dislike it give me a thumb’s down, and if you have no opinion, you like
my videos no matter what way they are, leave me a comment down below the video. Hope you
guys enjoyed this episode, once again my name is John Kohler with,
we’ll see you next time and remember, keep on growing.

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  1. John anything you bring to us is helpful whether it is 3 or 40 minutes long, I always watch them completely and learn. Please keep bringing the education so that we can all live a healthier life by growing our own food

  2. John – at 1:50 you mean the two things needed to feed worms – shredded up cardboard and chitin rich foods.  Then you mention that chitin comes from hair.

    KERATIN (CARE-a-tin) comes from hair.  Chitin (KY-tin) is … " a long-chain polymer of a N-acetylglucosamine, a derivative of glucose, and is found in many places throughout the natural world. It is the main component of the cell walls of fungi, the exoskeletons of arthropods such as crustaceans (e.g., crabs, lobsters and shrimps) and insects, the radulae of molluscs, and the beaks and internal shells of cephalopods, including squid and octopuses."  From Wikipedia.

    So, which one is the one YOU meant?

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  10. If you want to feed the worms in your beds put an irrigation pvc pipe (has holes) vertically into the soil.. Then stuff compost and waste down into the pipe. They go in and eat, go back out and poop. Fun times

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    This short single topic video is great because you get right down to the details and explain concisely your choices and reasons, which is exactly why we all enjoy following your channel. Your long format videos are equally great quality and brimming with helpful insights. So I can't say I prefer one more
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  14. John, even thought I grow my own worms, you're right, it takes a long time to get plenty of worm casting so I supplement with Worm Gold Plus and spread it out in several garden boxes. I also buy worms and put them in the boxes and feed them there. That way I know they will stay and fertilize the beds. Keep up with the great videos, short, long or in between.

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  18. Humans don't make the protein chitin we make collagen and some keratin but , insects make chitin. You could get chitin from insect shells but not from mammals.

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             Thanks for all you do.

  35. I always wonder about collecting hair from barber and hairdresser, but with all the chemical shampoo and product people use in their hair, wouldn't that be a source of bad contaminants?

  36. a 5 minute video…thats nice..all infos in one short video………edit: ok…after the 5 minutes…its just a video of john trying to sell some stuff

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  41. I am starting to think that the simple and best solution is to just make your compost each year and buy a bag of lime and a soaker hose. Keep your egg shells and coffee grounds and mulch each year with leaves or grass clippings. I like cheap, natural and easy.

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  45. To keep certain trace elements in the soil & to start out on a new property & likely with a vegan, I will need to use a chemical fertilizer & not the blood & bone stuff.

    I have been asking myself questions about how pedantic does a person need to be when being veganic .

    I mean, are pesticides which kill slugs, snails & aphids a no no ?

    Is there a veganic way to repel pests ?

    For example, there's meant to be a veganic gardener who is against using kelp fertilizer as he claims the collection of kelp from the oceans kills sea creatures.

    Yet he claims that using old fish heads from sushi shop is o.k. because they don't profit from him using that as garden fertilizer.

  46. Does anyone know if dryer lint is high in chitin? I always toss it in the compost, but I'd much rather feed it to my wormies if it provides the same benefit.

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