Best Fertilizer for Summer || गर्मियों की खाद

welcome to Home garden friends In this video, I will give you information about the chemical compost and can we use it DAP, which is a heavy fertilizerlizer, use at least such use in the summer Urea is a good source of nitrogen: If you have a plant that can burn water by using excess urea in the summer, then use urea very little. Zinc fertilizer is used for information small before it should be used before planting seed Use chemical fertilizer before rainy and before winter, you should never use chemical fertilizer when the soil is dry in the garden or in the plant. Jaeim is an organic fertilizer that meets the nutrients in plants. It is known as chemical compost but does not harm the plants. Its effects like organic fertilizer continue to last longer You can use J M as an alternative to chemical fertilizers, it does not harm plants

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