Best Fertilizer to Boost Plant Growth in a New Garden with this simple step.Help your plants in grow

hey welcome back to the garden rebel
and it’s getting ready to rain again but I’m going to show you in this video just
a quick tip in case some of your plants are lagging behind what you can do to
them to kind of boost up their nutrient intake and maybe they’ll take off a
little bit better and catch up with rest but right now we’re going to do a quick
walk around just some of the plants as you can tell we got quite a bit of
rain the other night and supposed to continue rain for the next couple days
so these are the zucchini plants that we’ve got and you can actually see and a
few of them see if I can’t find some here so little zucchini out there
starting to take shape and we’ve got squash on the other garden so this
ground is going to be hope productive for the zucchini and squash for good
there you can also see the okra come up next year this garden don’t look a lot
better we’ll get here with some rakes this fall actually fill everything up
and get all the wood chips and things like that cut back into the dirt and it
will help give the ground a little bit more nutrients potatoes are looking
great and I am fixing to start weeding the tomato vines I already have on some
of them this afternoon the cucumbers are too I always say that when I get down
here on this side of the garden the cantaloupe we’re coming along pretty
good the watermelons not doing so well and remember a couple videos ago the
small little Brandywine tomatoes there the girls are and I have not put
anything on them I just simply plan to them and that’s them coming up the
tomatoes are really getting full of blooms as you can see about 90% of
them are full like that on this side peppers are coming up good blooming
really well however let’s grab something real quick
okay let’s say we do not have a lot of compost left say we’re out of all of our
what’s another thing that people use blood meal which I am NOT going to cast any stones on
anybody using blood meal as I have said before I’m not here to
tell you how to do it I’m just simply here to show you how I did blood meal
really doesn’t have any more growing properties and some of the other
fertilizers out there but for some reason a lot of people are really into
the blood meal thing this is just what I’ve done to compost you can tell the
vines or the squash plants they’ll go right here we’ll grab a bucket I’m just
going to chop the dirt around it I don’t really care much for grass clippings
been in mine I’d read prefer leaves brings that nature but right now this is
what we got simply scooping it up and I always check mine for larvae of any kind
it might be hiding that dirt then we’ll simply live over to our plant all right
let’s just take any plan out here in the garden so what I’m going to do is I’m
gonna come out here on the side up and it’s kind of muddy I’m gonna work you’re
screwing up just a little bit around the plant and I know rain coming in so I’m going
to take my dirt and I’m simply going to sprinkle around it and remember we were
already growing in this dirt we know it’s got the nutrient scent that will
not burn the planet so there’s grass out there and just simply take and spray
foot around now you can cut this in let’s dry with a hoe or anything you got
that you like he’s in the garden but I just try to get it right above the root
system blend it in with some dirt and from my experience this just gives the
plant a little bit more nutrients when they’re behind you’re not really giving
them an advantage you’re just giving them a little kick in the honey to get
them going now with that little bit of a tilt it’s not a magic cure for all it’s
just something that I find works for me this area right here has been playing
before so some of the nutrients in the ground if I’ve been probably been taken
out over the past couple of years I normally try to put a couple vegetables
down here just to keep the ground active so any little bit helps for plants when
they’re struggling along good thing about it is is this how can I put this
without upsetting some people and making muffled clear that this is how I feel
about it this is why I don’t do it in my garden I’m a lot like okie Rob
I don’t prune tomato vines leaves I don’t I don’t believe in it those leaves
are there to feed the plant everybody talks about root systems root
systems root systems well with other how to put amount of leaves your resist
is not going to function properly like it should on your tomato vines I’ve had
people ask me if I pull the first blooms off of tomato vines no I do not I feel
that if the tomato vines is capable of producing those blooms that that vine is
mature enough to grow those blooms out to maturity if it isn’t normally they’ll
drop off on their own but that little bucket trick in your compost pile at the
very bottom break it by expose that dirt that that compost has been sitting on
for several months it’s going to be black it’s going to be rich it’s going
to be full nutrients that settled in the ground put you a seed in there make sure
it’s not too hot and by heart I mean just it doesn’t have too much nitrogen
to where it’s going to burn something up once that stage starts germinating and
you can see it grow like I do that squash plant hey you can directly put
that on a plant space and see the thing take off so for the gardener rebel I’m
out of here for this beautiful cloudy Monday afternoon if you’re not already a
subscriber I would appreciate it if you did leave us a comment I try to get back
to your comments as soon as I can hit like share the video I welcome all and
everyone to the channel it’s fine enjoy the input but for now I just like to say
thank you to the subscribers that have joined the channel I really do
appreciate it we’re going to get out of here and teach
sweet nice Tomatoes and hopefully I’ll see you next time you’ll be spot you’re
always welcome thanks a lot for being you

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