Best Home Made Organic Fertilizer Tips | Gardening Series | with English Subtitle in Bengali

Hello everyone Welcome to my Moon’s Life channel hey it’s Moonmoon welcome to this episode of my gardening series Those of you who would like to know how you can grow garden like mine by using inexpensive , easily available , home made organic fertilizer I’ve 5 best tips for them in this video so, let’s see…. Spring time is a very beautiful season & we prepared our Summer garden bed in this time. I used Egg shells, Green vegetable waste , (used) Tea /Coffe compost for prepareing garden bed. I also used Banana peels which is good for plants & used fish fertilizer which is made through raw waste parts of fish you also can used dry leaves from fall season We have to break down the egg shells like this way This is used not only as fertilizer but also as pest control & it also control the acidity level of your garden It releases Calcium which is good for so many plants. & it also can used as mulch Never used fresh tea /coffe powder which is highly acidic Used tea/coffe must be used since these are neutral Which is also used as pest control too. Combination of Egg shell & used Coffee are highly used in tomato plants Now i’m at my backyard The garden bed already has the dried fall leaves on them. As you can see all the fall leaves are totally dried due to cold temperature I put my kitchen ingredients one at a time on top of the leaves use gardening tool to mix all of these up with the soil. All of these will slowly breakdown during the spring season and the soil will become fertile before the summer season As lot of you know, some areas in the western world have soil that are not as easy as our Bangladeshi soil. There are rocks and large roots in the soil sometimes. We typically have to buy a lot of Garden & potting soil and fertilizers for gardening. which is so expensive ! This is the reason I am managing my garden soil in this manner During summer time I blend the egg shells so , here is the blending portion of egg sheels The natural breakdown process for egg shells take long time like 6 to 7 months for this reason we can add distilled white vinegar to make sure the calcium is easily extracted. Blending them and adding vinegar makes the process instant. it releases Calcium from Calcium carbonate. Now I am going to pour this mixture close to the root of my tomato plants in the manner shown in the video. This also helps a great deal with the “blossom-end rot” disease of tomato plants i’m going to pour the rest of egg shells now I shared the tips that worked for me in my garden. Let me know in the comment box below that if you have any interesting tips like this. Stay tuned for my next video

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