Best of Chico State – Organic Dairy

(Jesse Eller)
The College of Agriculture at Chico State has always filled a leadership role in our region. Their efforts for sustainable practices and encouraging innovation make us proud. (Cindy Daley)
We started the organic dairy project a little over four years ago with the certification of 85 acres of our university farm property. And it’s here that students get a truly unique learning experience in integrated organic dairy production practices because this is really the only program in the Western Region. (Marissa Bradsher)
I’ve always known that I wanted to go into large animal medicine and as a student transferring from a school in Los Angeles, it was important for me to get a hands on experience. The Chico State dairy has done that for me because basically the students run this dairy themselves. (Tim Kehoe)
I’ve been working at the Chico State Dairy for three years learning a great deal about pastures, pasture management and soils. I’m going to take that knowledge and bring it home to my family dairy. (Carly Verboom)
Working at the Chico State Organic Dairy has been a great learning experience for me. I come from a conventional dairy background and have learned to produce milk sustainably and organically. I’ve been working here one year now and am head of the calf management team. (Jennifer Beretta)
I transferred to Chico State in the fall from Santa Rosa Junior College, where I took a position on the dairy management team. I became the lead student of the herd health program where we have used research projects to study more alternative methods to treat our cows. I will take this knowledge home with me to the family dairy in Santa Rosa. (Jesse Eller)
At Chico State, leadership and innovation take on many different forms, and are an ongoing priority. The College of Agriculture, more of the best of Chico State.

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