Best Organic Chile Fertilizer?

[Energetic music] [Sound of water flowing out of faucet] Laura Johnson, NMSU horticulture graduate student: With my research project, I’m looking at three different kinds of organic fertilizers in green chile production. I’m using compost, compost tea and a processed
chicken manure. I’m using the three fertilizers to look at
how they affect the growth yield and fruit quality of the green chile. Through, um, applying the different fertilizers,
I allow the fruit to mature to the green chile pod stage, and then I harvest and weigh and
measure the chile to see if there’s any difference between the different fertilizer treatments. To make the compost tea, I, first I have to
dry the compost down in an oven, so that all the moisture is out of it. And then I weigh out a kilogram and half of
compost per batch of tea, which is about 40 liters. And, um, the compost brewer has a receptacle
in which I can put the compost, and then, um, also the brewer – which is like a large
bucket – holds the water. So, I put the compost in its little container,
which is mesh, into the water, and I brew it for 24 hours. And, um, after brewing, I filter it twice
and send it through the drip line to deliver it to the plants. The processed chicken manure is just, it’s
chicken manure that, um, the manufacturer dries to – at a certain temperature – into
like a powdered form, and then, um, compresses it into tiny little pellets. The idea is that, um, maybe it is a viable
fertilizer for green chile production and, more specifically, organic green chile production. There’s not a lot of options for, uh, organic
green chile producers, um, and types of fertilizers that they can use, and even less so are there
a variety of options of liquid fertilizer. So, with green chile production, it requires
a little bit more nitrogen throughout the season than might be used for a red chile,
and so being able to apply it in liquid form allows, uh, farmers to provide more nutrients
throughout the season in an easier way. Eye on Research is a production of New Mexico
State University.

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