Best Organic Gardening Products for Explosive Plant Growth and Yield

Alright! This is John Kohler with,
today we have another exciting episode for you.
And for those of you guys that are not into products turn this video off now because you
will not want to watch this video. Alright so you have been forewarned.
So anyways, as you guys know I teach you guys gardening, I teach you guys organic biologic
gardening and this can be done for free or cheap or you can use some product, I personally
like to use some products because if somebody is already created something for me I don’t
want to have to recreate it and I don’t want to have to spend my time which is actually
more valuable than money actually to me and so is my health… that’s aside from the
point; but if somebody has created a good product I’m just going to use it so I can
get the best growing results that I can and spend a little bit of money to do that and
so that’s what this episode is about is to share my favorite number one top company
in the world that gives you guys products that allow you to grow a healthy organic garden
without the use of any petrochemicals or any toxins and also you’re going to get the
best growing results. I mean, literally as I met Josh originally
two years ago, he said it in his first video which I’ll put a link down below it’s
quite funny when I first met him he was quite skeptical of me and I was like “Dude, I
want to make a video about your compost tea and stuff because I’ve researched it, thought
it was pretty good and I want to make and episode” and he was like “Oh, I don’t
know” and then I asked him for some products to try and he was like “Oh, I don’t know”
and he ended up giving me some and I’ve been using them for the last two years and
they were great and the cool thing about Josh is that as I’ve gone along and I’ve learned
about new products that could help you grow better he’s actually gone out and done the
leg work to source these and actually make them available to you guys and I don’t know
that’s any other company that’s doing that, that gives you all the different products
that you need in one place. So, you know, I just want to go ahead and
show you guys some of the products that I like from the Boogie Brew Company and the
first one, the foundational, where I started with the Boogie Brew was the Boogie Brew Compost
Tea. Be sure to check my past episode where I talk about all compost teas are not created
equal because they’re not and I actually interviewed Josh in that episode and with
compost teas you could actually put shit in a bucket and call it a compost tea, this is
not shit in a bucket actually there are no animal products in this compost tea and that’s
one of the reasons why I like it. The other reason why I like it it’s because
it will really supercharge your growth I’ve noticed it has supercharged my growth, just
check a few episodes back I pull out a beat out of the grown using these products here
and it’s huge. So yeah… the compost tea. Then what I talked to Josh about is, Josh
man, the trace minerals the rock dust is really important to add to the soil because in my
opinion the soils are devoid of these kinds of nutrients. Not NPK right? But all 70 to
90 other minerals, trace minerals, that are required for our health and are required for
optimal soil health though even universities are not fully recognizing this yet but, I’ll
tell you once you use these products you’ll see the difference and more importantly you’ll
taste the difference. He got out and he got this product the C90 which is basically a
sea mineral solution, trace minerals, it contains 90 minerals in there and more recently he’s
brought in this guy Cascade Minerals which are the rock minerals which I personally,
between this two products, I prefer the Cascade Minerals- Unfortunately, they’re not available
everywhere you can’t go to your local nursery and get these products unfortunately. So I’m
really happy that Josh literally busts his butt with his crew there to ship this guys
out to you and makes it affordable so you guys can use this products and get the results
I choose the minerals over the SEA-90 but I believe any way you can get some trace minerals in
your soil is the best, definitely using the cascade with the SEA-90 is the best overall.
Then what happened was is that I went over to my friend’s house in Portland and you
can actually check this video, it’s Supersize your garden with woodchips and what my friends
in Portland did was that the basically got raw wood chips from the tree company, dumped
them on their property, let them compost down for several years and they had the largest
dinosaur kale leaves I ever saw. Actually they had the largest everything I ever saw
in their garden, it was like going back to pre-historic times with the dinosaurs and
these big leaves you’d see in pictures and all this with the dinosaurs. I was like that,
I mean this is when the earth had all this minerals in there and before man started messing
up the soil and doing all this kind of stuff and that’s what I thrive to get back to,
just get back to nature. And now besides the minerals, which is what
they’re adding, they’re letting the wood chips decompose and have fungal dominated
compost. I know you guys here “compost” all the time but most composts are thermally
made with bacteria that breaks down the organic matter and gives you a compost and that gives
you a bacteria dominated compost but what I really learned from my friends was that
we really need to get the fungal dominated compost in our gardens and aside from me having
piles of wood chips and letting them rot down for a year and a half or three years, you
can get it done faster but it generally takes three years to get it done properly, Josh
went out and found a really good source of the composted wood chips which is quite rare,
there are very few places unfortunately that make this stuff. So he brought in at my recommendation
the Boogie Hummus and now makes this available to you guys. Now if there’s any one product
I think will supersize your stuff out of all these, I mean, you have to use all of them
but this is the one that really made the difference. I’ve noticed I put this on certain plants
and they just go crazy because the fungi and hopefully some fun girls in the soil too but
they’re really required and deficient in the soils and when you add them to the soils
the plants will respond. So that’s pretty much today’s video just
talking about my favorite company making organic products. Once again, a once stop shop and
Josh and I have become friends over the two years I’ve known him and I’ve talked to
him a lot because I want to encourage and support American owned family businesses versus
big box stores and also he is literally busting his butt I see he busts his butt he actually
works a lot harder than I do believe it or not, to get these products out to you guys
at and affordable cost and he’s really not making a lot of money doing it but he is providing
you guys a valuable service to get some of these trace minerals, soil microbes and fungal
dominated compost out to you guys so you can add them to your garden and see the results
and because he respects me and I said Josh you need to give my people a special discount,
so I have a special page that you guys can go to and it has the lowest
available prices for direct retail sales to you guys and they’re all delivered prices
so you don’t have to pay any shipping or anything, it’s all included for a special
low price so you can get these products and you can use them in your garden, supersize
your vegetables and have the healthiest food ever.
Hope you guys enjoyed this episode, once again this is John Kohler coming from my garden
with we’ll see you next time and remember: Keep on growing!

17 thoughts on “Best Organic Gardening Products for Explosive Plant Growth and Yield

  1. i have a tree stump that has been rotting away (it was a pine tree) in my backyard.  i was wondering if it would be similar to chip off some of the wood from the stump and put it in my soil?  thx. 

  2. Boogie brew is way to expensive… Even with a discount. Sorry josh, but it's way over priced items!!

  3. We need to know more about the native soil we are starting with. Some areas are deficient in Calcium, others in Selenium. Ask ourselves: is our soil acidic or basic, mineralized or rich in organics? John Kohler's product suggestions are great, but I don't see this as advice to take a shotgun approach to soil improvement. It is up to us to learn what our soil needs, starting with recycling on our own yards or farms, then local sources, and lastly, outsource only as needed. I like John's emphasis on healthy soil biology, not just focusing on soil chemistry.

  4. Thanks John for your passion and sharing your knowledge and experience! Listening has helped to inspire me to start gardening this year, and I've been getting positive results. My life has changed and I can't imagine not having a garden again! Waking up in the morning and walking through is a wonderful experience and so rewarding (and humbling) to see nature at work. Keep up the good work John, and blessings to you!

    For those who may complain about promoting products, I look at it like this: John shares his experience and knowledge with love, passion and positive energy (it's pretty obvious)… promoting self sufficiency and eating healthy. If he believes in a product, I'll look into it and research more. I may buy it, I may not… simple as that. Initially, when I first started, I was watching a lot of his videos so I ended up buying from some vendors he had mentioned. Damn, it was the least I could do for the time and effort he put into his videos. I hope he gets 'free' products in return, it's not like he doesn't deserve it. He's providing them and us with a valuable service. It's trade, barter, free market system… whatever you want to call it. Besides, I'm sure people are always asking what he uses to get best results, and he is kind enough to share that info with no strings attached.

    Complainers: Be more grateful!!!

  5. I'm a user of Boogie Brew products and I can see and taste the difference between my veggies and my non boogie brew friend's veggies.

  6. I'm a user of Boogie Brew products and I can see and taste the difference between my veggies and my non boogie brew friend's veggies.

  7. Thanks I am getting some for my birthday as a present! Is that garden geeky or what? I love your videos and always learn something from you. Keep you the good work!

  8. God bless this guy and Josh. His site is awesome and it's a one stop shop. Starting my first garden and I'm not playing around in NYC. There is no sun and tons of pollution. Need to get my family healthy by growing my greens now on my roof. It's the only way.

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