hi my dear friends thank you for
visiting my channel today I am going to show you the way I made by Soil mixture
for low maintenance as well as high maintenance indoor plants if you are
visiting my channel for the first time I welcome you to my channel before
showing you the demo here is a quick tour of my outdoor plants here you can
see different kinds of crotons ,cactuses succulents and also Banayan bonsai
most of all crotons are being grown by me through stem cutting you can see most
of my crotons, Arelia ,Caladium ,cactuses succulents I keep them in direct
sunlight .we can also keep this plant in indoor in medium light but in that
condition their growth will be slower than in bright direct sunlight today I
will show you how I make all my cactuses and succulent soil as well thank you for staying with me for so
long now finally I am going to demonstrate
you that how I make my potting mix for indoor plants this is just a demo you have to
increase the quantity as per your plant size I’m going to tell you the ratio or
quantity you should use for your indoor plants the first ingredient we are going
to use is cocopeat but before adding to your soil soak this cocopeat in
water coco bits high water holding capacity acceptable pH good drainage and
areration quality makes them the best ingredient for your indoor plants they
are less in weight odorless and 100% organic they are the best alternative
for peat moss second ingredient is vermicompost to make your mix very rich
in nutrients third ingredient we are going to use is
normal cotton soil in Kolkata it’s raining heavily that’s why my soil is
quite wet but it is preferable to use dry garden soil next ingredient is
Cowdung compost it should be old and dry and free of insects and smell never
use fresh cow dung for your plant the next ingredient is pre-mixed cactus and
succulent soil in which I mixed perlite for better water drainage if you get this
type of succulent and cactus soil you can use it directly into your say succulents cactus pots perlite are very light in weight and help in better drainage the
next ingredient is normal sand I washed this sand before using it to remove all
the salts in it next thing which we are going to use is neem cake granules the neemcake
granules prevent root rot and they are the best
organic antifungal next thing in our list is leafmould and the last thing which we are going to
use is bone meal it’s also helps in better drainage and makes your soil very
light in weight I am going to tell you in what type of plant you should use what
type of ingredients you can use coco peat in your indoors as well as succulent
and cactus plants use 60% coco peat the next thing we are going to add is
10% vermicompost if you want to see man indoor house
plant which are best air purifying plant according to NASA go to the I button
there you can get the indoor plant video and then cow dung composed we are going
to use 5% of cowdung compost then 5% of sand
want to know all about Syngonium plant then go on the I button we are going to
use neem cake granules take 5% of neem cake granules if you also want to grow
sweet potato slips then go on the I icon for a total information in our
list is pre-mixed succulent and cactus soil we are going to take 15% of this
mixture if you want a to z information of our snake plant then go on the i
icon above then we are going to mix 3% of garden soil you have any queries
regarding house plant that comment in down below in the comment section
we are going to use 5% of leafmold if you have any queries regarding spider
plant and go on the i icon on the last thing on our list is bonemeal I use 10%
of bone meal now mix all these ingredients very well the soil will be
well-drained rich in nutrients and it will be very light in weight now you can
see my soil is all ready to use in pots I use this special soil mix for my very
sensitive plant like fittonia , calatheas aglonema ,peacelily,spider plant philodendrons and ferns because all these plants love high humidity in their
soil and also very well-drained soil as you can see this is my
Fittonia I use this soil for my Fittonia aglonema and calatheas now I am going to
show you the potting mix which I use for low maintenance plant I first used 50%
of garden soil then in this mixture I use 10% of river sand then I use 10% of
vermicompost after that I am adding 10% of cow dung compost then in this mixture I am
going to add 10% of neemcake granules then we are adding 10% off leaf mould after taking all the ingredients now we
have to mix all the ingredients very well I use this potting mix without coco
peat and bone dust into my low maintenance indoor plants like basil ,snake
plant, as well as for aglonemas ,pothos,palm trees philodendrons,syngoniums,deiffenbachia
and also for my song of india this mixture goes well for low
maintenance plant but you need to feed your into plants which are low in
maintenance time to time with organic manure specially during their growing
season after changing your potting mix you should water it thoroughly by filling
your pots mouth full with water I used terra cotta pots for my plants
cut before adding soil to your pots don’t forget to place a broken pot piece
into your pots bottom thank you guys for watching my video if you like this kind
of videos don’t forget to subscribe to Blooming Bee and click on the bell icon
for further notification that’s all for today see you in my next video love you
guys bye

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