Best Seed Starting Soil Mix Made with Coconut Coir + More

Alright! This is John Kohler with
Today we have another exciting episode for you, and we’re here in the fabulous city
of Las Vegas, Nevada, here at the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. Many tourists are taking
pictures and all that kind of stuff. I’m not a tourist I’m not here to take pictures.
What I am here to share with you guys today is to share a place literally just a mile
from here that’s creating soil so you guys can garden, whether you garden in Las Vegas
or wherever you live. This is completely amazing. This soil that they’re creating is often
used in hydroponic gardening for growing crops to full-term or for adding and using a seed
starter and for so many different things. So what we’re going to do next we’re going
to head over about a mile from here and check out this place that’s making some wonderful
soil here in the city of Las Vegas. Alright, so now we’re outside the factory
of the Wonder Soil Company, and this is where they are making some soil that you can use
and add to your garden to grow things. Yes, here in Las Vegas, the Sin City. So why I’m
here today is to share with you what this soil is, how they’re making it, and how
it can benefit you and your garden. Let’s head into the Wonder Soil Company and check
out some of the products that they’re offering. So now we’re inside the Wonder Soil Company
here in their showroom here with all the products laid out here. And now I’m going to explain
to you guys what is Wonder Soil? What’s in soil they’re making here in Las Vegas,
right? The Wonder Soil starts out with this guy right here. You’re like, “Oh John,
that’s coconut coir! I know about coconut coir!” Well, for those of you guys that
don’t know about the coconut coir, let me explain to you what it is. The coconut coir comes from basically the
coconut’s husk. After you take the coconut inside that you can buy from the grocery store,
outside surrounding looks like a big football actually. It contains a fibrous material.
Now this is there not for us to use this in the ground for growing things in, but it’s
there for the coconut so that it will be buoyant and float across the ocean. And because it
has plant cytokines in the coconut, it allows it to basically stay fresh so that the seed
germinate when it lands on another beach months at a time. So the coconut is very fibrous,
has a lot of fibrous properties, and we harvest the coconut and use it for the milk or for
the coconut meat or the water. They have this all-residual waste product known as the coconut
coir. Now this coir block is 100 percent coconut
coir, but this coir is different than any other coir on the market that I’ve found.
Like I said, for most places, the coconut coir is basically the waste product of a food-use
coconut. In the case of the Wonder Soil Company, they source special coconut fiber. Now the
coconut fiber they source comes select from trees that are specifically grown for the
fiber, not for the coconut inside. That’s the first differentiation. Much like there’s
many varieties of apples out there, there are also many varieties of coconuts. I’m
glad to say I’ve had couple hundred different varieties because every tree is different,
although it’s not named. I’ve had coconuts that are nice and large and Thai coconuts
that are sweet, and then I’ve had coconuts that a lot of fibrous mass, but very little
coconut in there and the water, which is what I’m after, but a lot of fiber. So those are
the kind of trees they use to put in this coconut coir, the trees that have the most
amount of fiber. Another thing that’s very important that
differentiates this over other coconut coir products from the market, because they’re
not all created equal and some will definitely perform better than others (I’ve gotten
my share of crappy coconut before), is the way they process it. Number one, instead of
just washing it, like most coconut coirs are washed, they actually spray-wash it, so it’s
not submerged completely in water. So this makes it retain its nutrition and retain different
properties in the coir. The third way that differentiates this product is the way the
process it. Processing for most coconut coir they want to pack in and compress the coconut
coir to the smallest size and pack in the most product, so that they can sell the most.
Well, not with the Wonder Soil Company. What they do is number one, when they’re
processing the fiber, they don’t process it and cut it up into the same way that other
processors do. In addition, when it is shipped over in these blocks, it’s not compressed
down as much, so the fiber and the cell structure of this guy is still viable. Now another thing
I want to talk about is the difference between coconut coir and peat moss. That’s something
really big, especially if you’re into environmentalists and especially sustainable. The coconut tree,
or the coconut palm produces like a 120 nuts a year, and that’s definitely enough coconut
water and meat and food for me to eat, but also you get all the nuts. And so all those
nuts can be turned into the coconut coir product, whereas with the peat, the peat is pretty
much for all practical purposes, a non-renewable resource. Peat bogs are not rapidly expanding as fast
as coconut trees expand and grow more. As a matter of fact, peat bogs are actually being
degraded and disappearing. Now yes, there may still be a couple thousand years before
peat bogs are gone, but the fact of the matter is, we’re destroying habitats to create
things that we need to add things to our garden when we can use the byproduct of a whole industry
to put back in our garden to do things like conserve water, to hold water, to provide
better aeration, and better drainage in the soil with the coir. This is the foundation
product of all the different products that you see behind me. Next, I want to get into
each specific one and share with you guys what makes it different than the standard
coir block that is pretty much available at most home and garden stores or hydroponics
shops. So real quickly, the next thing they got is
the Coconut Coir Cube, and this is basically the same as the other one but it has some
calcium in there. And next, they have their premiere flagship product, and this Expanded
Plant Organic Premium Planting Mix Quality Coir. So once again, this is using the same
high-quality coir that I discussed earlier, but now they’re adding things to it, they’re
adding things I agree with, like the worm castings or the mycorrhizal. They’re adding
different beneficial nutrients in there including water-saving polymers and a fertilizer package
that’s going to allow for rapid plant growth. Besides that, they have a little smaller version. It’s called the Expanded Plant Brick Plus,
and another cool thing, especially for you guys that have pets, the pets will dig holes
in your lawn and stuff. They got this one. This is the Pet Patch. This is the perfect
fill when the dogs dig out the holes. You could patch this up, plant some seeds. It’s
going to grow really good for you. The next thing is they have a whole selection of what
I like to call tennis ball tubes here with all different kinds of products. The first
one I’d like to go over is the seed starting mix, and this is probably the product of all
the different products that I’m seeing today that I love the most. Basically, it can be challenging to start
your own seeds. If you use just compost or just dirt from outside, your seeds may not
germinate properly because the dirt or the compost may not hold the right amount of moisture
for you guys, whereas the coconut coir will hold the moisture, and they’ve added other
beneficial things in this seed starting mix, such as the worm castings, and some rock dust
and other products that’s going to ensure you have perfect germination every single
time. Now all these different tennis ball tubes have different price points, but in
general, most of it except one of them, about $10 retail price. But because you’re one
of my viewers, stay tuned for the end of this episode for a special deal on this seed starting
mix that you can’t buy directly from Wonder Soil, only for my viewers. So other than that,
they have a city soil and a garden soil product. These can be used to grow things in little
pots, little planter boxes, and these can also be used to add good organic matter, including
the coconut coir plus nutrients in the case of worm castings and fertilizers into your
garden. Not too interesting to me; it’s a lot less expensive to get the Expansion
Plant, buy in bulk, save more money. Next, these are actually really cool products here.
We got the Tunnel Fill and the Tunnel Plugs. So if you have gopher problems, or moles or
whatever that are digging up in your garden, leaving their holes, this is what you need
to fill the holes. These are little pellets that you get in the
little holes or their little tunnels, and this one little jar will fill 50 linear feet.
That’s a lot of space. You put these guys in there because you can’t just pack it
full of dirt because the dirt won’t really fill, but you guys could put these in there,
and I’ll probably take my air compressor and blast some air in there and get these
to go in the tunnel more. And then all you do is take your water hose, fill it up in
the tunnel, and then when the water hits these guys, these guys expand massively and then
because of the special proprietary formula in here, which includes things like the cayenne
and the garlic, the gophers are not going to want to go back in that hole. They’re going to avoid it and hopefully
go to your neighbor’s house. Alright, besides the Tunnel Fill, they also got the Tunnel
Plugs. So at the end of the tunnel, right where the gophers come up at the top, you
do not want to put the Tunnel Fill; it’s too soft and spongy and if you’ve got animals
yourself, you could still trip on that and fall over because it’s just going to compress.
That’s where the Tunnel Plugs come in. So you’re going to need the Tunnel Plug to
cap off the Tunnel Fill product, and that makes a nice hard ground area that’s enriched
with some of the same things they put in their other products so that you can plant grass
or plant your turf or plant whatever you want on top of the ground, including your vegetables. And then we also have the jumbo size of that,
and finally they have little seed starting kits here. I like that a lot. That’s actually
made out of, once again, no peat moss here. This is actually containing birch in the little
starting cells, and then they got the coconut fiber inside. In addition, they have these
little sprout cells, especially if you’ve got kids, this nice little simple all-in-one
package that’s going to allow you to have a little greenhouse inside. Check it out,
and they have these little coconut coir, little pots here that you’re going to expand the
little coconut coir pellets inside, plant your seeds in there, and then you close this
little top up and you got a little greenhouse to start all your plants. And then when you’re
ready, you could just take this whole thing outside, stick it in your ground, and the
roots will grow through this coconut coir right there. I love coconuts. One of my favorite crops,
and fiber’s pretty beneficial. Of course, if you’ve got a lot of kids, or maybe you’re
involved with a school, they got this. This is really cool. It’s a classroom gardening
kit. So literally this kit is under $25. It’s going to provide each child in a whole room
or classroom with 30 plantable coir pots with the planting media and the seeds, so that
kids can start to get growing. One of the things that I’m super huge on, that’s
super important to me, is teaching kids where the food comes from. Letting them know how
nature works. We’re all so much on the computer these days, and kids are one their iPhones.
Get rid of the iPhones, get some clouds and gardening kit, so that kids can process. They can get the little pots, they can use
a little coir pellets here, expand it into the growing medium, use the little marigold
seeds, plant them in the pots, see the plants grow, and yes, you could even eat the marigold
flowers — they’re rich in lutein and zeaxanthin that are good for your eyes. Finally, they
have the Expanded Plant Premium Planting Mix that’s basically the same as the one that’s
compressed. I always encourage you guys to get the compressed one whenever possible because
it’s just going to save transportation costs. One of the things I like about the Wonder
Soil Company is that they’re not shipping soil products that have a lot of moisture
weight. They want to save money in the shipping, they
want to save the nature’s resources, save the world’s resources, and then allow you
to expand it at home with everyday natural water that comes out of your tap or out of
your well. So what I want to show you guys next is the power of these coconut coir pellets
here. I’ve used them before, I’ve seen them expand, you guys may have seen them expand,
we’ve all used the peat pellets that expand very slowly. Now I’m going to show you guys
how rapidly these guys expand; these are the most fastest expanding coir pellets that I’ve
seen in my life. Alright, so before I get into expanding the two little coir pellets
here with the water, look, it’s not even that much water. I’m going to share a few more things about
the Wonder Soil Company, and some of the work that they’re doing that’s amazing. Number
one, they’ve been here over eight years now, running the business, and constantly
improving what they’re doing so that they can get great results. But more importantly,
benefit the people of America and cities around the country to help them grow, yes, greener
lawns. As much as I do not like lawns and turf and I believe you guys should remove
them to plant edible vegetables which is a better use of space, or edible fruit crops,
the fact of the matter is clear — most people are not growing vegetables, and they still
have a lawn. So if you do have a lawn and you’re having
challenges keeping it green with your standard chemicals and chemical fertilizers and all
this kind of stuff, Wonder Soil has a solution for you, and it’s proven itself time and
time again. So now I want to take some minutes in this video to share with you guys the results
they’re getting using the Wonder Soil product to grow turf, or grow grass. So check it out,
this is really cool. This happened last year here in Las Vegas. Now Las Vegas, definitely
a really challenging place to grow a lawn, especially with the drought and all this kind
of stuff, and especially big cities have problems growing their lawns. I think big cities are horrendous because
they use chemical fertilizers and chemical pest controls, and there is a better way,
the organic way, like they’re promoting here at Wonder Soil, and this is a little
study that they did here. Wonder Soil versus conventional soil using the same grass in
Floyd Lane Park in Las Vegas, Nevada, and yes, I’ve been to Ford Lane Park. I don’t
know if I’ve been to this exact area, but what this is showing here is basically the
city did a test. They brought in 200,000 pounds of conventional soil without seed in it in
nine trucks. And it took 30 hours to spread all this soil onto the ground. And then, they
got literally two super sacks, which is not a lot, of Wonder Soil. Approximately two cubic yards, approximately,
or 2,000 pounds of Wonder Soil with the seed in two 1,000-pound super sacks. It took three
hours to spread, and they basically used a standard spreader to spread it. And then over
here, you can see what it looked like on day one, you can see the regular soil and the
Wonder Soil. Down by day seven, you could see some of the results. You could see this
side’s not looking too good; the Wonder Soil’s looking better. By day 15, yeah,
their side’s looking pretty good, and that’s what most parks near you look like, and then
of course the Wonder Soil side looks amazing. Every park, every city in America, they have
a turf, which I still do not recommend. They should pull out their turf and grow edible
gardens for people, like in California. If you haven’t seen my past videos check out
my episode on the edible park in California. You can literally go there and pick and eat
all the stuff, and they’ve got a lot of berries planted. Anyways, by day 60 check
it out: the Wonder Soil side, nice and green and finally, the regular side is almost, almost
there, but not quite. So you just got a greener lawn faster, looks real nice, and a lot less
trucking, a lot less diesel fuel, and diesel in particular going in the air, a lot of cost
saving, just the labor alone, the man hours, super expensive, saved it all with Wonder
Soil. So if you want to be able to do that to your
own lawn, and you have bad patches like my neighbor has some bad patches where it’s
just dirt and you’ve tried to use those different patch fix things in your soil and
it never works and you’ve still got products, well, you’re going to want to get one of
these products here. These are available at your local ACE, Home Depot, Schultz, Carefree,
and True Value. They make private label brands of the Wonder Soil Company’s product and
here’s one right here. This is the one that’s available at Home Depot. The Wonder Soil Company makes this for the
Vigaro brand, so they own a number of patents actually that allows them to have this technology,
to put it in their products, because no other company has these same technologies in the
coir products that they’ve invest the time, money, and research so they make proven results.
And that’s what I really wanted to share with you guys in this section. Here’s another
thing: they had a lawn, basically was crabgrass. It just was not doing well, would not green
up. They took a standard fertilizer spreader, they spread a mixture of their Wonder Soil
on top, and then later of course, check it out, all green. Now this Wonder Soil works not only because
it’s a Wonder, not only because of the coconut coir, but it’s because of all the other
things that are added into it, which I’m going to show you guys in a minute. Some of the
products they have a bigger selection of organics and non-organic additives added to their soil
to make it the best soil in the world, especially to bring back your lawn to make it green again.
So check it out, I like showing these guys when some of the big boys are selling products
that don’t really work that effectively and how it really is. So unprecedented ten
days after seeding. So here’s the Scott’s Easy Seed, and Scott’s the same people that
make the Miracle Crap fertilizer. The Wonder Soil, with the certain seed, and
after ten days, their stuff hasn’t done anything, and here you have a green lawn already.
And here’s a test between the Pennington and the Scott’s and the Wonder Soil, it’s
their patented reground technology that’s more successful than any other growing medium
for seed and lawn repair. So if it can do this for your lawn, what is it going to do
for your garden is the question that I have for you guys. And now I’m going to show
you this here. The Wonder Soil Company did a test here, and their coconut coir plants
allow for easy planting and effortless transplanting without the transplant shock, which I showed
you guys earlier. But here’s a photograph of the study that
shows two bulbs in the same type of seed, each planted in a different pot. The pot on
the left contains Wonder Soil, while the pot on the right contains the standard coconut
coir. Look at the difference. The one in the standard coconut coir actually is barely germinating
and still after the study was done, they took the bulb out and planted it into the Wonder
Soil, and it never fully recovered. This is very important to remember, and I want to
impart this to you guys. If you remember nothing else from this video, remember this: especially
when your plants are young, it’s very important to nurture them and let them have the best
level of health. Give them the best nutrients. Don’t stress
them out with too much water, too little water, because if you do stress out your plants when
they’re young, they will not produce fully for you later. So very important to remember.
Many gardeners do not talk about this. I think it’s very important because I’m all for
maximizing my yields and growing the healthiest plants that are going to grow the healthiest
foods. Showing you this is that not all coconut coir products are made equally. You may have
heard about coconut coir before; I know I did before I walked into Wonder Soil, but
after being here, seeing some of the research, seeing some of the data that I’ve reviewed,
the answer’s clear: Wonder Soil’s simply the best coconut coir product that I’ve
found to date here. So, another thing, and the reason why I’m
here today is because I filmed this episode and you can check that, it’s awhile back,
I went to Urban Hydrogreens. They’re located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and what they do is
they have a 1,000 square foot house that I was able to film in, that’s not normally
open to the public. So you can see how they’re growing microgreens inside a warehouse that
they sell to restaurants and people all over Las Vegas to provide some of the highest quality
nutrition in the microgreens. And I definitely want to encourage you guys to grow microgreens
year round wherever you live, even if you live in an apartment, even if you live in
a condo in New York City or Miami Beach. If you don’t have any place to grow food, you
can always grow microgreens and wheatgrass and sprouts. When I originally went to Hydrogreens, they
were originally using the traditional hydroponic growing methods, including a little mat that
they would use, and the Wonder Soil. But since that time, they’ve pretty much switched
to entirely using the Wonder Soil, because they learned that in the Wonder Soil, the
microgreens grow faster. They grow more vigorous, and they can be selling their products earlier,
which means they’ll be turning product earlier, making more profit. But you guys at home you
don’t care about the profits; you care about eating stuff out of your garden and the stuff
you’re growing. And the Wonder Soil’s going to allow you
to grow faster, grow healthier crops that you could be eating sooner, rather than later,
and that’s what this is showing you right here. We’ve got traditional hydroponics,
and you could see the plants are not growing so big. With the Wonder Soil, three days faster
and two times the growth. I don’t care if you’re growing microgreens; I don’t care
if you’re growing vegetables. I don’t care if you’re growing tomatoes. I don’t
care if you’re growing medicinal herbs. You’re going to get faster growth, more
vigorous plants with higher yields. And here’s some of the pictures of what the root system
looks like. That’s truly the power of the Wonder Soil here. It’s a special designed,
coir processed specially that they add their special nutrient packages to, both organic
and non-organic, to make your plants have vigorous growth and be as healthy as they
can. Next I want to show you guys how these guys
expand, so we’re going to go and give you guys a close-up because it really is hard
to see this up close rather than far away. Alright, now we’re going to go ahead and
get to expand the coconut coir pellets. Now, one of the challenges I’ve had with other
coconut coir pellets and even the peat pellets out there, which I do not recommend, is that
they just don’t seem to expand that fast. You pour the water on, you’ll sit there,
you’ll sit there, they’ll even recommend using warm water so it’ll expand faster.
Here we just got some standard cold water right out the tap. Nothing special. I would encourage you guys to use filtered
water when expanding your coir products, and just using filtered water in general for your
garden. I’m not a big fan of the chlorine. It’s not good for the beneficial microbes
in the soil. So we’re going to take this water and check this out, pour a little bit
of water on the top, and then we’ll pour the rest on the bottom. And check it out!
These guys are like the snakes, when you’re a kid and you got those snakes. They’re
growing! And check it out, always let the kids expand your coir pellets because kids
love the instant gratification, and this is instant gratification when you see all the
water get sucked up in the coir pellets. And check it out, now we got some nice soil
to use in the garden. So what’d you guys think of that expanding coconut coir? Pretty
cool, huh? Now what we’re going to do is we’re going to do into the manufacturing
facility at Wonder Soil Company and share with you guys how they make this stuff exactly
here in Las Vegas. Let’s check it out. Now we’re in the manufacturing facility, which
is where all the coir is processed. They have a big storage area here and as you can see,
they have pallets and pallets of the coconut coir. And each of these pallets have basically
200 of the little blocks that you guys could buy, the virgin blocks that I showed you just
a little bit earlier, and that’s what they get in here, and that’s what they sell. But see, that’s not where the magic happens.
The magic happens when they take these compressed blocks that once again special quality coir,
unlike any others, there’s many different companies selling coir. They’ve tested over
30 different kinds of coir samples that they’ve got some different companies from around the
world, from Mexico, Sri Lanka, and India, and they’ve settled on using a few high
quality suppliers that they’ve identified that has consistent product with low salt.
One of the biggest challenges with the coconut coir is that it has high salt. And another
challenge that’s not often mentioned is the way it’s processed. If you process,
compress the coconut coir too much, you don’t process it right, it’s going to wreck the
structure. And then it will not work as well for you
guys in the garden. Every batch that comes in is tested, and they refuse batches if it
does not meet their high quality standards. So what they do with this coir here, besides
just selling it as the raw product, which is good, but I recommend getting one that
has the action-packed nutrient solution in there. So what they take this coir and they
process it further. So they don’t just take the coir and put some pixie dust and send
it out. No, they go through a big process with all kinds of heavy equipment machinery
here in front of me that now I’m going to get to show you guys what they do to make
some of the best Wonder Soil in the world. So now I’m in with all the machinery, and
they not only have one set of machinery on this side to make this products; they actually
have two sets of machinery that are similar, yet just a little bit different. This is a
$2 million operation that would’ve cost to buy all this equipment brand new, so nobody’s
going to be doing this except Wonder Soil any time soon. So what happens is, they take
these coir blocks that get shipped over full and whole, saves on shipping, but then to
make their products, they can’t use the whole blocks, and they’re not going to expand
it in water because they do not want to ship water and once again, waste resources. They
take this block and put it up on this conveyor belt behind me. It goes up into the grinder,
and then they grind this up into the coir fiber, or the particulate that they then add
nutrition to. And this is what some of the dust looks like
right there. Look at that. Nice and dusty. Is that like pixie dust? So after they got
the dust, they take the dust and then they amend it with other things, such as my favorite
worm castings in the world, World Gold Plus, things like the Cascade Minerals, things like
the Azomite, things like mycorrhiza. All the good stuff that I would recommend to you guys
to increase your plant growth. So let’s go ahead and take a look at their amazing
collection of additives that they add to the core to make it even better. I have a lot
of things that I add to my soil at home when I bake my soil cake. They have even more things
than me! This is really cool to see all the cool things that they got, that they add to
the Wonder Soil to get great results. So now we’re in an area with all the different
soil amendments that makes the Wonder Soil possible. This is what they’re doing, they’re
creating soil from coconut coir with all these different amendments mixed in in the right
ratios so that you guys don’t have to figure it out, to provide you with a one-stop growing
solution. I knew when I walked in here, when they have the worm castings, and it’s not
just any worm castings, it’s Worm Gold Plus worm castings that I love so much, that they
had done their research. You can check my videos, I don’t know how many videos back,
I did a video, up to 400 percent plant growth by using the special Worm Gold Plus worm castings. These worm castings are different than other
worm castings because of how they are made and what the worms are fed specifically. So
I’m glad they’re using the good worm castings because once again, this is probably one of
the components that increasing the growth and allowing the Wonder Soil to succeed. Of
course, besides the worm castings, they’ve also done their research on other products
that I like so much, such as the rock dust, or the rock powders. Stone powders. They have
the Excelerite, they have the Cascade Minerals, they also have the Azomite. I mean they have
three different kinds of rock dust! I don’t know probably anybody else in Vegas
besides me in my house (I have five kinds of rock dust) that’s using this kind of
stuff to amend their soil to give it the trace minerals they need. This is what plants in
my opinion, including your earth, is starving for, for trace minerals. Most companies are
concerned with giving you 10-10-10, 15-15-15 fertilizer, and they’re forgetting about
all these different trace minerals. I like to add 70 to 90 trace minerals back into my
soil in my garden to have explosive plant growth. But not only explosive plant growth,
healthier plants that taste better when I eat them, too. And they also have things like the kelp meal
and they have things like the Biosal and all different kinds of things, including water-saving
polymers that they add to their mixture that’s going to help you guys save water and increase
your plant growth. I’ve seen the studies on it; I don’t know if I believe in the
polymers myself but hopefully I’m going to test it real soon and see what happens.
There’s pros and cons to adding polymers or pretty much plastics in your ground. They
can be helpful, but is there something that’s going to happen that’s bad? I don’t know
but definitely can help and in some Wonder Soil product, they use it, along with some
other products they add, the soil additives. They also, besides having the organic line,
they also have ones that have the conventional fertilizers in there, and that can provide
a fast booth for the plants to get growing now that are water-soluble. And then they
also provide the good stuff, like the Worm Castings and rock dust that are more time-sustained
release. So you get the hit now, the plants can grow, and once that burns off, then you
got the long-term success of some of the more organic and natural nutrients that I recommend.
The next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to show you guys how they take the coir
and then add the nutrients. They mix it all up and then they make some
of the coir wafers that you guys saw earlier. So what we’re looking at now is where the
coconut coir goes after it’s been fully ground up into a nice particle size. It goes
into a machine like this. This is known as a mixer. This is actually what I need in my
home to mix up my soil because it’s nice and large. They put the coconut coir, plus
some of the other nutrients in specific ratios that they’ve learned over the years to get
the best growing results. So they put it in here, they close the top, they turn this little
auger thing on, it just mixes and mixes and gets even distribution of all the different
soil amendments they’re adding and incorporating it into the coconut coir. So for example,
one of the products I like is Azomite, and Azomite goes in with some of the other products. They’ll take this, dump it right in along
with the coconut coir, mix it all up. Now, once they’ve got this mixer, they don’t
just stop there and put it in a bag. They want to save space, save transportation costs,
and provide the best value to the customer. So after they make this, it goes into further
machinery, and then they can compress it back. It came in compressed and it’s going to
come out compressed to save space, but they’ve done a real big value add. They’ve added
a lot of good nutrition to it, and this is truly what makes Wonder Soil different from
all other coconut coir products out there. Nobody is taking it to this level to produce
the high quality soil that Wonder Soil is. So after they got the specialized blend of
the coconut coir with all the amendments, it goes into something like this. This is
just a big hopper. As you guys can see, they got tons of the dust-like stuff. Now, it wouldn’t
be too cool if they shipped you dusty stuff. I don’t believe you guys should be breathing
in any kind of fine particulate and if you do work with rock dust or any other fine particulate,
definitely recommend you guys wear a dust mask. You don’t breathe this in. Coconut
coir in itself is non-toxic, much as is rock dust, but definitely the particle and the
particulate is not good for your lungs. That’s why you don’t want to breathe it.
That’s why I’m glad to say that Wonder Soil, they don’t just sell you the stuff
that’s mixed up. They actually then put them in this hopper and run them through a
tube that looks like standard PVC tube, but it has an auger in it that’s flexible. And
the auger transports all the pre-mixed coconut coir with the amendments through it to a tableting
machine. So now I’m going to show you guys this extensive network of machinery and tubing
and pipes that go everywhere so that they can make this Wonder Soil here in Las Vegas.
Alright, what we’re looking at now is the network of machinery that makes the Wonder
Soil possible. You guys saw the little hopper, that’s the
hopper that I was standing above just over there. The black thing. The hopper basically
feeds the mixture down into that white pipe that goes up and over the top, and over into
this Y right here, and it feeds that machine over there. That is a tableting machine. They
have seven different tableting machines that make tablets of all different sizes — either
small ones or larger ones meant for different applications. So you could use some of the
smaller ones for seed starting. You could use the larger ones for seed starting. You could use the larger ones to expand to
add to your garden mix. So many different applications. So what we’re going to do
next is share with you guys how this tableting machines takes this uncompressed coir, and
compresses it down and puts it into little pellets that is now saving you space and will
expand to like four times its size to give you guys more Wonder Soil in your garden.
What we’re looking at now is the tableting machine that’s taking the uncompressed mixture
and compressing it like three times to one, so it’s getting a lot more mixture in there
so it’s going to save the space in the shipping. These are like 1,000-pound presses pressing
down and as you guys can see, it’s making these little compressed pellets. These are
the same kind of tableting machines that maybe you still take vitamins and whatnot. They
have, I don’t know man, a half dozen machines to make these guys in all different sizes
for all different needs. So after they make the coir pellets like I just showed you guys,
and it comes out of the machine and most of the time it’s fairly dust-free, although
sometimes it may have extra residual dust. And they don’t want to ship you dust, right? They want to ship you the pellets. So what
they then do now is they take the pellets that came out of the machine now and put them
on these little sifters. This is like a compost sifter, and this ensures that the highest
amount of whole wafers to you. This sifts out any disformed wafers and all the dust.
So after they got the product sifted out as needed, they’ll then start to package it
up. Most of their packaging is in small container sizes because most people aren’t like you
and I growing on a massive industrial scale, trying to feed you and your family. They might
just be the hobby gardeners growing a few things here and there. So they package up
the seed starting mixture and they have, as you guys can see, cases and cases ready to
be shipped out to all the stores they sell at. Now, one of the cool things I’ve done for
you guys today is I’ve negotiated special pricing with the owner, who has worked with
me to create my very own and world’s first seed starting mixture. So there’s a few
ingredients in their standard mixture that I don’t like so much, and I want to make
it even better and provide it to you guys as a special value at a special lower price
than their normal seed starting mixture is made. And to make it cost less, what we’re
doing is getting rid of the packaging. I’m not a big fan of the packaging anyways, and
what they’re going to do for you is take a standard bag and they’re going to go ahead
and shovel some of these seed starting pellets. And this is my special blend that I’ve specifically
requested of them that they are making for me. It has higher levels of the worm castings,
the Worm Gold Plus worm castings, than their standard mixture. It also has two different
kinds of the rock dust you guys know I love so much — the Cascade Minerals and the Azomite
— as well as the mycorrhizal fungi, which are really going to explode your plant growth
and help your plants use less water and saves water. I did one year of plants in my garden
with mycorrhiza, and the plants that did grew much better. All these different nutrients
that they add to their coir pellets really bring everything together and make your plants
shine. Basically what they’re going to do, they’re
going to bag this up for you, and I negotiated a special bulk deal you guys aren’t going
to find anywhere else. This is only for a limited time. I don’t know how long they’re
going to be able to keep this price, because this is a much larger value than you guys
would be able to find it for, and what I’ve negotiated for you guys is you guys are going
to get for these bags, filled up with my special seed starting mix, unexpanded. This is 25
pounds of unexpanded seed starting mixture, and when you add water to it, it’s going
to turn into 150 pounds of seed starting mixture. You can literally start over 5,000 baby plants
with these seed starting pellets. You’re going to have over 16,000 little
pellets in here. If you want to start some plants, you might need to use two or three
little pellets per every seed you start, but you could germinate over 5,000 plants. You’ll
be covered for seed starting mixture for probably a couple years or if it’s me, maybe a season
or two. So let’s go ahead and share with you guys the exact box or package you’ll
get, and share with you guys how much these guys will expand once you have the water.
It’s insane. So now I’m going to share with you guys the special seed starting mixture
and the package deal I’ve negotiated with the Wonder Soil people for you guys out here. You’re going to get something like this,
whether it’s in a flat-rate board game box or whether it’s in a FedEx brown box, depending
on where you live, it’s going to be one low delivered to you guys: $39.99 they’ll
deliver anywhere in the United States for 25 pounds of the wafers you guys just saw.
It’s my special mixture that I’ve specified. This has things like the Worm Gold Plus worm
castings, the two different kinds of rock dust (the Cascade Minerals, the Azomite),
also has some soil humus. Alaskan humus, some really good stuff. And
we can’t forget the kelp, something else I really like. So it has all these guys in
here, along with the coconut coir. Now the coconut coir, once again, this is special
coconut coir that has a good fiber in there and it’s not processed too heavily. So this
will promote excellent drainage and also excellent water retention at the same time. One of the
challenges I see with gardeners is that they either overwater or underwater their seedlings,
and they don’t germinate. This takes all the headaches and some of the guessing, not
all the guessing, out of germinating your seeds, because you’re going to provide the
best environment for your baby plants. In addition, because of the organic nutrient
packaging included in the seed starting mix, this ensures your plants will be off to a
healthy start so that they can be healthy when they’re young. Then you’re going
to take it out and put it in your garden, and because the plants will be in their own
growing environment in the coir, in everything they like, they’re going to be flourishing
when you put them in your garden. They’re going to bust out and grow into super large
healthy plants for you guys so you’ll have a good start. What’s going to happen is, this guy’s
going to come to you — once again, 25 pounds — you’re going to go ahead and open it
up, and I’m going to show you guys what’s going to be inside. You’re going to get
four bags. Now these are Ziploc bags, and they are reusable so once you’re done emptying
these guys out, I would encourage you guys to reuse them for something in the garden.
I don’t think I’d put food in here. You’re going to get four of these guys. SO each one
of these guys, now, I recommend you do not hydrate all these at once, because these are
in their dry form. You will only need to hydrate as much seed
starting mixture as you need to use. These are shelf-stable. You could sit these guys
on the shelf. Don’t put them in the cold desert Las Vegas sun. Keep them in a cool,
warm, dry place. They’ll store for easily a year and then be able to use it and ready
whenever you want it, by simply adding water. So what I’m going to do is we’re going
to go ahead and expand these guys so I can show you how these bags, these 25 pounds of
wafers, fill up this whole entire super large wheelbarrow. It’s totally amazing. So the
first thing to remember is, you do not want to just add all the pellets and all the water
at once. If you’re going to hydrate all of them,
once again, most of you guys won’t be doing this. You’re going to be hydrating maybe
just a handful at a time, a few at a time, to germinate a small tray of seeds. We’re
going to go ahead and pour this guy in there. We’re going to spread these guys around
in the bottom of the wheelbarrow. Once again, I want to give you guys a close-up shot of
how it is to expand these guys because it’s definitely pretty impressive. So now we’re
going to go ahead and expand these coir pellets out. I have five-gallon bucket of water, and
if you are expanding all four bags at the same time, it’ll take about one 5-gallon
bucket of water. So if you’re using one of the bags, do like 1.25 gallons of water. Once again, add a little bit at a time, stir
it up and let it mix up before you add more. We’re going to go ahead and pour some of
this stuff in there. Then we’ll do a little bit more. Alright, now we’re going to go
ahead and mix this water around a little bit so we get all these pellets expanded, and
check it out. Now we got some Wonder Soil, no pellets to be found. This stuff pretty
much expanded instantly, unlike other pellets that I’ve seen on the market. Wow, check
it out man, I’m super impressed. I added the water, added the wafers, and it is like
four times expanded in size. So literally in one small package delivered to you guys,
you’re going to increase the size four times when you expand it, have some really good
seed starting medium. Once again I’m want to remind you guys this
is a sterile seed starting medium. Yes, of course, you can start your seeds in compost,
you can start them in your garden, but to minimize the potential disease and challenges
you may have starting seeds, I recommend using a soil medium such as the Wonder Soil seed
starting mixture that I’m able to offer to you guys today. So now that we expanded
one whole bag, let’s go ahead and add a second bag. By the third bag, this wheelbarrow
might already be full. So it’s very important when hydrating your pallets is to spread them
evenly around the whole bottom of the container. Don’t mound them up in one big pile. And when you add water, try to add the water
gradually over the whole area so you get even coverage, otherwise you’ll have some pellets
that will expand, and others that won’t. Alright, let’s add water! It’s a tidal
wave! Alright, as you guys can see, the water’s soaking in and look at that! The water instantly
disappears. It’s kind of cool. It’s like when the wave goes up on the beach and it
goes back down. The water disappears in the sand. Look at that! All these pellets are
now dissolved into a nice rich planting medium so you can grow some awesome vegetables in
your garden. As you guys can see I got some Black Gold
here, the coir with the worm castings and all the good stuff. And it’s expanded fairly
well. We’re about three-quarters of the way full now. Let’s go ahead and ad another
bag, see if we can fill this puppy up. Alright, let’s go add the rest of the water here.
I think the estimated five gallons of water a little understated. So we’ll need to add
more water. I ran out of water. Five gallons of water has already gone in here. We have
a good mixture here. We’re going to go ahead and add some more water. So as you guys can
see, we took literally three of those bags, each of the bags weighs approximately over
six pounds, so 18 pounds of the compressed coconut coir wafers, added probably six gallons
of water, and look at this nice soil. Now, besides using this Wonder Soil for your
seed starting, you could also use it for other uses. This is specifically designed as a seed
starting mix, but if you got extra expanded stuff, I wouldn’t have any problem using
it in place of coconut coir to add to your raised bed garden to improve drainage, help
retain some water, and of course we got an awesome nutrient package in there, including
a lot of the worm castings that are going to hopefully increase your plant growth. Now,
by no means do I recommend using this instead of all the other things I recommend. I want to encourage you guys to use the Worm
Gold Plus worm castings, rock dust, and all the other things I recommend, so make sure
to check my other videos for that. But if you got extra, be sure to add it to your garden
and use it, instead of letting it hang out uncompressed like this. If you do want to
store it, you can, just save them and don’t uncompress them all like this. Another thing
you can do is you can take a handful of these and dig a little hole next to your plants,
put them in the ground, bury them over, water it, and it’ll give them a little boost,
because once again, we got that coconut coir, that organic fertilizer package along with
the small amounts of the rock dust and the worm castings, the kelp. Man, this is definitely some good stuff. Now
besides just expanding it out and using it like this, there are some other ways you can
use these pellets. So, say you don’t like to make your seed starting mixture in bulk.
You can just take little starting flat here and sprinkle some of these pellets in the
bottom of the tray and simply take some water, and these will expand and basically in the
tray. So you don’t have to do all of them at once. Three bags almost filled up this
wheelbarrow. This is one way you could do it. So besides just expanding the coir wafers
into a seed starter in a little flat here, if you start your plants in cells, you could
also do that with the seed starting mixture. One of the things I like about this seed starting
mixture is that it’s very flexible. You do not have to unexpand it or uncompress it
until you’re ready, so it takes less space to store. So we’re going to take literally
four of these pellets, put it into the little cell, and we’re going to go ahead and take
some water and expand these guys out. And once again, not paying shipping liquids, you’re
just adding the water. Once again, I do encourage you guys to use the filtered water. As you
see, instantly, these guys are uncompressing and filling each cell with the soil. I think
I might even need to add some extra water. So that’s how easy it is to have some of
the best seed starting mixture available. Once again, I negotiated hard for this special
discounted price and it may not last so make sure, if you’re interested in this offer,
to buy it soon before the price disappears. This is definitely a good mixture, not recommend
for other things besides seed starting, but stay tuned for future episodes where I probably
will make one of my own Growing Your Greens coir-based mixture that can be used in the
garden and for other purposes with much higher levels of some of the good stuff I like to
add. If you’re interested in getting this particular package deal, please be sure to
check that link below down in the description to get this special deal. This is not publicly
available to anybody except you guys, my valued viewers. Thanks for viewing me. Hope you guys
enjoyed this episode.

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