Biochar and Compost

2 thoughts on “Biochar and Compost

  1. I think you mean pyrolysis, paralysis is like when that funky truck runs over some ones neck. It is totally impossible to make properly prepared compost in that short of a time. What you have is stabilised organic material. It will be low in humic salts, and low in diversity. Why, because each of the dozen stages of composting takes time. The thermofactor bacteria can operate for weeks, then be followed by mesophylls which also take weeks, then there are the ambient temperature micro flora and fauna in succession, each taking its own sweet time to do its magic. Every degree of decomposition creates different elements and therefore, diverse energy frequencies, and this spectrum of energy is what gives the plant its freedom to grow precisely as it requires. Even though new compost is still great, it cannot compare with compost that has been allowed to do its full cycle. I am speaking from forty eight years of experience. Thanks for an interesting presentation, and may you be a compost maker forever.

  2. Will this way of making bia char create any polution into the atmosphere and does it smell?

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