Blue Yonder Organic Farm Tour for Farmer Veterans

Sara: So this fall we’re really excited to host uh the Farmer Veteran um to come visit out to the farm uh we’re going to do a variety of things we’re going to start off actually having breakfast in our big downtown North Salem and we will be able to talk about some of the financial resources, some of the grants, some of the loans, um that are especially set aside for military veterans and for active duty military uh there’s a lot of resources out there I think it’s sometimes confusing on how to qualify that and qualify for that and to see, you know, what can I really uh get as a military veteran After the breakfast, we’re going to be heading out to the farm and we’re going to be touring some different areas on the farm We’re going to be looking at the front um talking about some of our cover crops and our plans for um including livestock on the farm um for setting up pastures And then we’ll be heading over um to the are we raise our chickens Um we’ll talk about um raising meat birds um we’ll be talking about um egg layers um and Kind of how to set that whole um production up and some of our personal experiences with that Um we’ll be going through an orchard that we have we have a small orchard um we’ll be talking about uh honeybees on the farm their importance with pollination We’ll be talking about uh small fruit production mostly strawberries, raspberry production, some of the successes and some of the challenges that we’ve had over the past couple years with that Um we’ll also being showing some of the projects that we’ve um put together for building um hoop houses, for building chicken coops um mobile chicken coops for hen houses but also, for our meat birds Other than that, we’ll be talking about some of the programs that we do um for military veterans here on the farm and then just offer an opportunity to kind of brainstorm and make those connections um between other military veterans and the community

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