BOAT LILY – RHOEO PLANT Care / OYSTER PLANT or Tradescantia spathacea Care – Beautiful House plant

Hello Friends, Today will look into a very
beautiful ornamental plant known as the Boat lily or Oyster plant , Moses in the Cradle
plant or Rhoeo plant with botanical name Tradescantia spathacea. Many of us have these plants in
our gardens, but we may not be knowing its name. Knowing a plants name is very important
to learn more about the plant � like how to care for it, what is the watering requirement,
sunlight requirement and so on. Rheo plant has leaves like rosettes of waxy
lanceolate leaves. Leaves are dark to metallic green above, with glossy purple underneath.
This two color feature makes it an attractive ornamental plant grown usually in small pots
and also as ground cover. These can grow up to 1 foot in height and are invasive plants.
Hence require very little care and attention. Now few points on the care of these Rhoeo
plants: 1. They do not require deep containers or
pots, because they do not have deeper roots. 2. Multiple plants can be potted within a
same container. 3. For best results, Soil or potting mix has
to be well drained with some compost like 10 percent cowdung powder or vermicompost.
4. Repotting is also easy. If you have brought this from nursery, remove the clay rich soil
binding tightly to the roots by keeping it immersed in a water tub, so that the clay
rich soil separates from the roots. Do not pull out the soil, as this can damage the
roots. 5. Watering requirement: It loves water, but
still it�s a drought tolerant and hardy plant. You can water it twice a day to keep
it happy. 6. Fertlizer requirement: its generally not
necessary. One point to note that it�s a flowering plant and its propagated easily
from seeds. It can also be propagated by dividing the root ball and repotting. So, there we have it folks, That was our episode
on How to grow and Care the Rhoeo plant. If you like the video, please give a thumbs up
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14 thoughts on “BOAT LILY – RHOEO PLANT Care / OYSTER PLANT or Tradescantia spathacea Care – Beautiful House plant

  1. Very helpful video. Had another variety with pink and pale green stripes and it died. With this video am getting to know how to care for it in the future

  2. Can u guide me about Rhoeo Tricolor plant care? Like its soil etc plz im new in gardening plz rply thank you

  3. Water loving?? Seriously. Are u kidding?? They don't like much water as it will kill the plant?? Plz do home work before making video's

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