Bokashi Composting in 60 Seconds

[Instructor] Bokashi
composting is a two-step process that can handle all kitchen
scraps, including meat, greasy
foods, and milk products. You’ll need two airtight
buckets to start. Screw-top lids are the easiest
to use. Add 2 inches of dry, untreated
sawdust to one pail. This will absorb the extra
liquid from the compost. You will also need some bokashi
bran. Look for a supplier near you. Collect your kitchen scraps, and add them the first
bucket every other day. Pack the contents down
to avoid air spaces, and sprinkle a handful of bran over each 1 inch layer of scraps. Keep the bucket tightly
closed when not in use. Once the first bucket is full, set it aside for at least
two weeks to ferment. Begin using the second
bucket in the meantime. After two weeks, the
contents will look pickled and smell sour. There may also be white
mold, which is fine. The fermented scraps are now
ready to finish composting. To do this, bury them in soil
in a garden, or add them to a regular
compost bin. They will fully decompose
in two to six weeks. You can also store full
buckets over the winter and empty them in the spring.

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