Bonsai soil

Soil is important for several reasons, including the storage of
nutrients, drainage, aeration and retaining water. Bonsai soil is often a mix of several ingredients,
including Akadama, potting compost and fine gravel. You can choose to buy premixed Bonsai soils
at specialized stores or you can make your own mix. First let’s have a look at the ingredients
that I just mentioned. Akadama is a hard baked clay from Japan. It falls apart after about two years, so when you use
Akadama make sure to repot at least every two years. Akadama is good for drainage and aeration of the soil. Potting compost is organic soil which retains water and nutrients. Finally, fine gravel provides aeration and structure to soil. It doesn’t absorb water or nutrients, so it is only useful
when mixed with other soil components. With these ingredients you can mix soils for different uses. Different tree species, need different soil mixtures. To start with, I would recommend two different mixes. For deciduous trees mix together two parts Akadama with
one part organic potting compost and 1 part grit. For coniferous or pine trees, mix in an additional part Akadama, which means three parts Akadama, one part
organic potting compost and one part grit. You can adept these two mixes to your circumstances. For example, in a dry climate you want to
have a soil mixture that retains more water. Try experimenting with mixtures that work for you, good luck!

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  1. Our Bonsai soil movie, a short movie with the basic information about soil mixtures for Bonsai.
    Feel free to leave your comment at YouTube (thanks!)

  2. Hi I want to create my own bonsai soil with you're tips I have a inside bonsai tree with leaves a ficus. But which kind of organic soil should I use ? And I prefer that I can buy it in you're webshop
    thnx for you're help !

  3. Drainage is key and you're defeating the purpose by using organic soil in the mix. It will in time break down and block the drain holes in months, long before you're ready to repot.

  4. HI dear thank you for the great video
    i want to ask you about the gravel is the marble or granite gravel is fine for my ficus
    can i find a good akadama from the internet
    best regards

  5. Hi! ^_^I have a question! I needed to repot my Bonsai last week, because the soil wasn't good, and the tree was very bald.. and didn't grow leaves very well, now the shop owner told me to use a 50/50 mix -> 50 akadama and 50 potting compost. She told me that the tree will go better after a while, is this true? I'm affraid I didn't use enough akadama, though it looks nice, but I'm affraid that the potting ground still holds too much water.. Because Now it's day 4 and the akadama is still moist/dark brown? Is this normal, because on a website I read that the akadama will be dry after 2 days, and that you need to water again :/ That's why I'm worried (but the tree lives indoors!)What should I do? is the 50/50 mix ok? or shall I remix the ground?  to a better 50/50 solution, or use fine gravel too? But potting again for the 2 time in 2 weeks, won't it make the tree upset? because it has to adjust again afterwards? Anyways, since the lady told me that a 50/50 mix should do very well, I feel a bit nervous that I did not use enough akadama ^^" (Oh, my tree is a Chinese Elm/ulmus?)  Thanks in advance!

  6. Do you think it would be fine to move from an organic soil to the soil you show on the video, even if it's an established bonsai? I have a 36 year old juniper and live in Houston, Texas. Thank you for all the information you give in your videos.

  7. How about a good draining soil? could you me some pointers on how to mix those type of soil? ….thank you in the way, it really is good video,.. I love it when it comes to the mix ratios keep it up..more power Bonsai Empire!

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