Boodaville Permaculture – simple compost toilet/baño seco ¡¡watch the ending!!

Hi, I’m Anna Gurney from the Boodaville Permaculture
project I’m making a little video to explain how we
do our compost toilets it’s a very basic system and we’ve been using
it for 6 years and it does work one of the reasons it works is that we ask
people to poo and pee seperately so when they come up to this toilet it’s mainly
just to poo it’s very very basic, we have a chair with
a toilet seat and underneath here we have a big hole with
a bucket and people come here, use the toilet, and
then cover what they do with at the moment we have dirt. The best thing
to use is ash or sawdust but we don’t have that at the moment so we’re just using dirt we throw toilet paper and toilet rolls inside and then over time the buckets get full, can
you see the buckets one of the things that works well with the
toilet is that these 30 l buckets don’t get too heavy so when the toilet is full you would take a lid put the lid on the old
bucket take out the old bucket and put it a new empty bucket and these ones yes, are full of poo right
now some people think it’s nice to sit inside,
but from here you get a very nice few while you use the toilet anything else? how long do you leave the buckets? 2 years, this system works really well here
because we have lots of space and lots of buckets and we have a few people during the year and
a few events where there’s lots of people and the toilets are good they don’t smell
they’re basically ok you need to check them every day but they
work, even when we have 70 people here for a weekend would you like to look inside? it doesn’t smell at all does it? no it doesn’t and now the results why do we care about keeping our humanure? this project Boodaville is in Aragon in Spain,
in a region called the Matarranya this is the new house that we built with stone
we have a green roof and if you come over here
and look at the roof the only difference between the left hand
side and the right hand side is that the left hand side is where we put some 2 year old
buckets of poo before the winter and you can see why it works.

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