hello i’m Josh with Boogie Brew… have you ever thought about what’s really in the common fertilizers
that you pour onto your lawn and garden? The sad fact is just about all
conventional fertilizers sold today are made from oil and gas… how do you
think these pollutants react with the life that’s in your soil? The burn from these chemicals leaves the
soil devoid of the microbial web-of-life, making your plants reliant on external and
synthetic food sources… And have you ever stopped to consider
the horrendous impact of these toxins leaching into your
ground water? The same ground water that we all drink
from….including our children. You wouldn’t knowingly pour petroleum on your vegetables now, would you? There has to be a better way, and with
compost tea, Boogie Brew has the solution. This infusion of billions of living microbial
organisms acts as a catalyzing agent agent that
bridges the gap between soil nutrient and plant…. an extraordinary blend a bio-life, generating an elixir
of organic amendments and soil conditioners, all while
boosting your plants to new levels of health, strength and vitality….making for some of
the most astonishing horticultural achievements in history ….world-record-setting fruits and
vegetables….all while contributing to a clean and healthy environment…. protecting and restoring
both wildlife and amphibian habitats…. and one of the
best parts is not contributing money to the world’s
oil giant’s! Compost tea is like the probiotics a
horticulture: A simple and powerful method to
revitalise soil, for a fraction of the cost of
conventional fertilizers. This miraculous brew-of-life is
guaranteed to drastically reduce your water consumption while saving you up to 50 percent on your
fertilizing expenses. When the integrity of the microbial
web-of-life is compromised by chemical burn, precious water is wasted, due to a lack of cohesion in the
rhizosphere, (or root-zone). So if you’re ready to make your plants
dance, then start brewing your way to a greener thumb today, with Boogie Brew.

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