Boys Over Flower Ep 8 EngSub [CC] Korean Drama 2009

Where are you going this late? I’m going to practice. Why? Do you want to win that badly? We don’t have any other choice.We?Why does it have to be Ji Hoo? If it wasn’t Ji Hoo . . . Goo Joon Pyo. It’s not too late. Just say it once. Say that you like me, just once. Sorry. I’m sorry. Do you know what you’re doing right now? The great Goo Joon Pyo is begging you. I can’t help it. How did I end up liking a girl like you? You just lost your last chance.. It doesn’t matter how much you cry tomorrow, because I’m not going to watch after you anymore. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Right.
I shouldn’t have expected any less from you. Fine.
Let’s finish this. I won’t regret it I won’t regret it. I’ll never regret this. If they lose, Ji Hoo will be kicked out of F4 and Geum Jan Di will be expelled from school. What if they win? Don’t be stupid.
Who would bet on that? N – not me! Only a crazy person would bet on them. But what if they were to win by some kind of a miracle? I could hit the jackpot. Gambling is not a miracle. Now, we’re going to start the last competition. Players, come forward. Get ready. Hey! Geum Jan Di, it’s the end for you! YiJung sunbae, fighting!
Justice always prevails! Jan Di, stay strong! A little bit more, a little bit more! Seo YiJung! Seo YiJung!
Seo YiJung! Seo YiJung! Who made it? Who won? Did you see it? No I didn’t. Who won? Of course it should be Yi Jung senior. Who did that?! So, it looks like Jan Di and Ji Hoo won’t be getting expelled. No complaints, right? You looked cool. Thank you. I should be the one saying that.
Huh? Because of a certain someone, my younger brother is becoming a good man. Then, see you later. I’m so relieved! Geum Jan Di. That was a good competition. You too. I’m going to go see Joon Pyo. Thank You
Thank You. (both) Because of you I . . . Geum Jan Di. Do you want to go on a date with me? Goo Joon Pyo. You have greatly repaid your debt. Why are you talking to yourself like a crazy person? He must still be in shock. Do you remember when I broke Ji Hoo’s robot in preschool? Robot?
Oh, the one that’s made of wood? That’s right. Ji Hoo, give this to me. No way! Give it to me, and I’ll give you all my toys. Not that one, Joon Pyo!! What do you mean? There is no such thing as “no way”.
It’s mine now. It was a handmade gift from his dad who passed away. Ever since that time, I’ve always thought I was in debt to him. So you’ve repaid your debt after this? Geum Jan Di. I can’t destroy her so that no one can have her. Man . . . Joon Pyo! Do you want to go on a date with me?
Go on a date? Date! I’m just . . . going out for some fresh air! And some exercise! In those clothes? Actually . .
You’re going on a date with JiHoo hyung-nim, right?
(hyung-nim=older brother) How did you know? How did you know?
It’s too bad that Joonpyo’s heart is broken but.. love doesn’t always go as planned. That’s right. That’s right. No matter what the route is, the whole point is to get to the right destination. What does that mean?
So what that means is, you have to look good in front of Young Master JiHoo. Noona, isn’t that dress too long? Couldn’t you make it sexier? JanDi, your lips are too dry.
Why don’t you lick your lips like this? Ew, you’re disguisting. Jan Di, how a woman smells is very important. You know, irresistible fragrance of temptation! Oh, please! I’m going now. What else is there? Soo Am Culture Center The former president’s granddaughter-in-law? Do you know what time it is?
Let’s get out of here. I don’t want to. Yo, go for a shooting?
That’s okay. Drive!
-Such a bother! What about shopping? I don’t care. The weather’s beautiful, but you are gonna stay stuck at home? Ji Hoo is probably enjoying his date right now. I really can’t imagine Ji Hoo and Jan Di together. They might just go somewhere sunny and take a nap there. With her head on his arm? Hey! Let’s go outside. – Let’s go!
– Stop! Seo Hyun got me Rui for our first Christmas together. She gave you a horse, as a present? When I was young,
I went on a hunger strike for four days to get a puppy. How did it end? I got my senses beaten out of me… How about a horse instead of a puppy? Geum Jan Di, should we go ride on that? Young Master, here is the coffee you asked for. Here. 30,000 won coffee. ($30) How is it? Am I right?
This is just like having coffee at a sky lounge hotel. You want to drink something? No, it’s okay. It’s my first time riding this. Hey you ever been on this before? Goo Joon Pyo ♥ Geum Jan Di
“Our First night!” Are you feeling sick? What?
No, I’m fine. She must be doing well, right? Let’s not talk about that. I’m sorry. If apologizing was enough, then there wouldn’t be need for laws and police. What is this place?? My house. What? [Yoon Ji Hoo Min Seo Hyun]. I don’t see anyone around. When there’s people around, it feels uncomfortable.
They all come by when I’m not home. Yes. It’s kind of weird Since I don’t feel uncomfortable around you. I feel comfortable without reason
and it’s unexplainable how interesting it is.
Something about you is warm. Me? I think I know why Joon Pyo likes you . Geum Jan Di. Oh! It’s Seo Hyun unnie! And there’s you too. Isn’t this the horse we just saw?
The Christmas present. Hey! What my friends were saying could be right. If problems didn’t occur with Seo Hyun, I might never had connected with you. Seo Hyun unnie? She says she’s not marrying that guy. Then? Still, there would be no difference.
Why? Because I think it’s time for me to let her go. Ji Hoo . . . Anyway, thank you. Because of you, I think I am able to let her go. My first love. Sunbae . . . In this life, they say no matter how many times you break up, you will always see each other again. You will be able to see her again. The two of you . . . Because . . . Because . . . Because . . . of Seo Hyun unnie, I could let go too. My first love. Goodbye, Ji Hoo sunbae. I might regret it again later, but I have to let her go, right? What’s up with him? It must be because of Geum Jan Di. Geum Jan Di and Ji Hoo . . . they must be having a fun time. From Yoon Ji Hoo –
“See you at the ice hockey rink. One game?!” Who is he to tell us when to come and go? You should be on your date, why’re you calling us in the middle of the night? Yeah . . . I was going to do that, but . . . It was kind of boring.
So I ran away. What? Easy girls are not my type. I thought she was a tomboy, but she sure is a woman. Ji Hoo, what’s wrong with you? She followed me to my house, how could I make her leave? Stop it. I was having a hard time because of Seo Hyun. But Jan Di wasn’t good for anything other than passing the time. Bastard, you really . . . Hey, are you okay? Say that again. Who is WHAT? Her body wasn’t that bad You must really want to die! It has nothing to do with you anymore. It does have to do with me. If you hurt Geum JanDi, I don’t care whether you’re a friend or not
I’m going to kill you! Got it?! You should have said that sooner. See? You can’t give up on Geum Jan Di. You should have been honest so I didn’t have to do all this. You crazy bastard. You. That was a bit too much of a strategy. Why didn’t you say anything sooner? He had a debt to pay. That punk broke my robot. Cheap things look good on you. Don’t lose it just because it’s cheap, or I’ll kill you. Just once. Say that you like me.
Just once. Goo Joon Pyo ♥ Geum Jan Di
“Our first night!!” “Goo Joon Pyo” I don’t want to be in a bad mood because of you, I’m in a really good mood . . . Yi Jung sunbae? What?
What did you say? “Goo Joon Pyo” Hey, Goo Joon Pyo! Wake up! Geum Jan Di is here! Come on wake up buddy!! This can’t be. It must be a lie . . . Why, all of a sudden? What happened? He said he was going to see you, ran out and . . . Goo Joon Pyo . . . Wake up! Why are you lying there? I have lots of things to tell you. And to fight with you about. And lots of things to explain to you. What are you doing?! He was so gloomy all day and all of a sudden he said he had to apologize to you. I am the one who should apologize. Goo Joon Pyo, I was wrong. I lied to you the last time . I haven’t told you yet. Those words. I regretted it, after I let you go. Goo JoonPyo!
Goo JoonPyo, wake up! I think I can tell you the words you’ve wanted to hear, but how am I going to tell you if you’re like this? Wake up! For real? Wow, Geum Jan Di must have been really shocked! Look at her shoes! Her shoes! Joon Pyo! You must be happy. I heard it is minus 10 degrees out there; weren’t you cold?
Geum Jan Di, how touching. If I were Joon Pyo, I could die with no regrets! Sunbae! Sorry.
You two were pretty stubborn. You, tell me what you said you were going to do earlier. What? Those words i wanted to hear . . . Ow! Is this the way to treat a patient? Are you a patient!
Urgh! What is this! Ouch! Ouch! You idiot! One, two, three, four! five, six, seven, eight! Two, two, three, four!
Five, six, seven, eight!
Two, two, three, four! What’re you doing in someone else’s neighborhood early in the morning? The roads are icy, you should be home. Where are you going? I’m doing some exercise now. You even exercise like the poor. Get in!
Why? You said you were exercising. What are you doing? Get in! Try it. Bend your knees a little more. Nice shot! Goo JoonPyo! Hey! Hey! I’m so full. If you’re done eating, let’s go. You go first, I’ll be right back. Here you go.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’ll come again next time! Thank you! Oh my, who is this? Isn’t it Geum Jan Di? Why are you here? Do you know her?
But, what’s that? Oh! That smell! Did she come here to collect this rubbish? What to do?
You’re going to eat the leftovers? How pitiful! Do you want to wait a while more?
When we’re done eating, you can have our leftovers. What are you guys doing? Why are you still here? Joon Pyo! Long time no see! You have new taste in women? What is she?
Your maid? Do you want to shut up nicely? Or would you like to read the news tomorrow morning about your company going under? I was wrong. Not to me. Excuse me, please forgive me. What should I do?
I can’t even swallow my saliva normally. How should I start so that it seems normal? Why is it so hot? If I take my jacket off she’s going to have a fit. Aishh, really! All of a sudden, why is it this kind of scene? Goo Joon Pyo! Do it now! Turn your head! NO!
Don’t look at me, please!
Goo Joon Pyo, if you turn toward me, you’re so dead! Ugh! I can’t do it!
I’ll just have some popcorn. Hello?
Jan Di! I’m home . . . Mom, this eel is really soft.
Honey, this is eel. . . Tuna, tuna. Where did all of this come from? Why do you always ask the obvious? Joon Pyo hyung-nim ordered all of this. The head chef brought this here in person! The head chef brought this here personally!
He brought this huge tuna fish and prepared it on the spot! I THOUGHT THE TUNA WAS A WHALE!! Hurry up and eat!
Eat a lot! Honey, let’s eat and die today! Give it to Dad, give it to Dad. I’m saying this beforehand because you might get mad again, but I wasn’t giving those to you. Don’t eat even one slice of it. So, I’m walking and someone taps my shoulder. And then?! Do you want to watch a movie with me? That’s so cheesy! JanDi
is something wrong? “Goo Joon Pyo” Hello? Oh Goo Joon Pyo! I can’t hear you. I’m at the porridge shop. I’m very busy! There are SO MANY customers! Can I have a porridge over here? Yes! I got it! Did you hear that? I’m very, very, very busy right now so I have to work late. Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry! Jan Di, what porridge shop were you talking about? Hey, can you give me some more kimchi(a Korean spicy cabbage food)? Please, hold on. Ji Hoo sunbae! Thank you! It’s warm You practice during break too? Just because. It didn’t seem just because. I thought it was a training center for Olympic athletes. Swimming makes me feel better is all. Is something wrong? Sunbae, what about you?
Why did you come back to school? I left some sheet music here. Oh, Joon Pyo! Me? I’m at school. Here, Geum . . . Alright then. I’ll wait. I got it. Joon Pyo said he’s on his way. If you wait, you can see him. Yes But why . . . I’m really busy today and I have to hurry back home, I forgot. Sunbae, I’ll see you later. Thanks for the coffee. What? There was someone with you? Huh? No. Eh? It’s all cold! It looks so delicious. Expensive food spoiled our taste. Isn’t Sis going on any dates? I know. . . It would be nice if it was a Chinese restaurant this time, right? They should go to an Italian restaurant. Have something special. That’s right. What are those? Those snails.
Escargot! That’s a French cuisine. Who is it? Who was it?
If they came to get the bill back, tell them your parents aren’t here. G.. G… They came to pick up geureut(plates)? Did you guys order something while I was gone? J, Joo . . . If it’s the landlord, tell him that your parents have passed away. Joon Pyo . . . Joon Pyo hyung-nim! What!? Sh . . . Shin Hwa! Young master! Will it be alright if I come in? Why are you here at such a late hour? What do you mean late?
It’s only 10.
It’s just early evening. Father.
Father Honey, did you hear that?
He called me father. And, Mother. Oh, Honey. Please let me stay over for the night. What? What did he just say? You’ve lost your mind, right? Why would you leave your good house and sleep at mine?
Who said you could? I said! No, I said!
MOM! It’s so late at night, of course you have to sleep here! It’s already past 10!
Where are you going to go this late at night? Hyung-nim, you can sleep with me! No way!! It’s a bit too short, but they still look good! Oh my, no matter what you wear, you seem like a model!
Don’t you think this style will be the new fashion? I’m done with the preparations! Preparations?
What preparations? Tada!
Honey, isn’t that our . . . first night on our honeymoon . . . . Mom! Goo Joon Pyo, are you really going to do this? I didn’t think about it before coming here, but this is really interesting. What?
How can the main room be smaller than the toilet in my house? The toilet at your house is abnormal! The highlight is that we are going to sleep like this with 5 people in one room. No one’s gonna believe this. Is it funny? Isn’t it funny? Then continue to enjoy. Just don’t regret it later. Regret what?
It feels like I’m experiencing a refugee’s life. How thrilling. I’m going to sleep.
If you make me talk again, you’re dead. Still, with everyone sleeping under the same blanket, doesn’t it seem like a family? Hey, dry cleaner.
Are you sleeping? Are you really going to sleep first? Hey, dry cleaner! Dry cleaners! Dry cleaners! Jan Di’s Dry Cleaners is here! Escargots, bird’s nest . . . Sweet and sour pork is good too! Honey!
Sweet and sour pork . . .

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