Breathing Room | A Look Inside: 2018 Garden Trends

hi everyone and welcome to our 2018
garden trends video series where we take a deeper look into the seven garden trends
detailed in our garden trends report if you haven’t checked that out there is a
link below in the description and be sure to check out our previous trends
video series as well. Today, we’re going to be taking a deep dive into the first
trend of 2018, Breathing Room. Everyone needs a place to sit back, relax and
unwind without distractions. With the stress of being connected 24/7, there
needs to be a time to break the cycle and care for your mental health. Did you
know that people spend up to 90% of their time indoors? This means that they
aren’t getting the benefits of fresh air. Actually, there may be more indoor
pollution being inhaled than clean indoor air. Vadoud Niri, Ph.D. of the State
University of New York at Oswego says buildings new and old can have high
levels of volatile organic compounds in them to the point you can even smell
them. As a result, people are creating breathing rooms by surrounding
themselves with house plants such as peace lilies and bromeliads which help
clean the air and get rid of harmful VOCs. These rooms also enable people to
connect with nature and create an oasis from our fast-paced society. Here are
three ways you can start a breathing room to clear the air and your mind. Not
all houseplants are the same, so be sure to find houseplants that have been
proven to clean the air. The O2 for you collection of plants from Costa Farms
can help remove up to 80% of common VOCs in your home and provides a variety of
plants such as the previously mentioned peace lilies and bromeliads, but also
plants like ferns and palms. There’s no shortage of beautiful plants you can use
for your new breathing room, so fill it with what you like best. Now that you’ve
gotten your plants, it’s time to add some flair to your breathing room. One
suggestion is to create a green canopy by using hanging plants and flower pot
pendants, these have seen a surge in popularity and are poised to become the
next big thing. Your breathing room should be the
ultimate relaxation zone. Add a special space for meditation, reflection and
relaxation to improve your mental health and make your breathing room a place you
want to revisit over and over. For more information about our trends subscribe
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  1. Very interesting points here, it could only be a good thing if there were more breathing rooms. Really enjoyed watching this, thank you!

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