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I chose the bachelor programme Soil, Water, Atmosphere because I was interested in meteorology and because I wanted to understand the influence of the weather on, for example, land usage and rivers. I was looking for a programme that wasn’t only practically applicable, but one that also focussed on current issues and thus is socially relevant. What I like about Wageningen is that it isn’t that big. The teachers really know you and you always meet people you know in the supermarket. The natural processes of the earth are all intertwined and we as humans also influence this. You will learn how the coherence of soil, water and atmosphere works from a physical, chemical, biological and spatial point of view in this programme: Soil, Water, Atmosphere. With this knowledge, you contribute to a sustainable, liveable world. You will learn to recognize different sorts of soil and to describe the different processes taking place in this soils. You will also gain knowledge about groundwater, streams, rivers and lakes. This programme will address the same themes as the physical geography of your high school geography class did, but now Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry are addressed a lot more. It is really a programme in Natural Sciences. In the first year, there are a lot of introductory courses. After that, in the second year, you will broaden and deepen your knowledge. All this courses are fixed, but in your third year you can choose courses yourself. During the whole bachelor, there are a lot of fieldwork hours, excursions and practicals where you will learn to combine the theory with practice. In the first year, there are basic courses like ecology, chemistry, physics and mathematics and of course soil, water and atmosphere. You will end the first year with an integration course in which you will do research in small groups in the surroundings of Wageningen. You will use the knowledge you gained in the first year for this research. You are permissible for this course with a pre-university education certificate with Mathematics A or B plus Physics and Chemistry. After the bachelor programme Soil, Water, Atmosphere, you can start four different master programmes in Wageningen. There is the possibility to start another master programme, but sometimes additional courses are needed. During the two years of a master programme, you will combine in-depth courses with four months of internship and half a year of graduation research, the latter of which you can do abroad. The programme Soil, Water, Atmosphere is very broad; you can go either way with it. After the master’s programme, you are for example soil scientist, hydrologist, meteorologist or aquatic ecologist. You can work as a researcher, but you can also use your knowledge in a more applied way as project manager or policy officer. I want to specialize myself in meteorology and I want to apply this knowledge in the agricultural sector. When I finish this programme, I would like to make sure that there will be less damage at extreme weather conditions or floods.

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