Building the Garden Soil with Vintage Compost (off grid gardening)

Germany has extremely efficient recycling centres and they do is they collect all of the organic matter that people have or the compost that people are tossing away and they bring it to these large centres where they break it down and let it heat up and decompose and then eventually after a year or so maybe a little longer, It’s available to the public in the form of compost Or normal soil, really awesome soil. that you can buy and take home and put into your raised beds, or your normal gardens or as top soil So over here we have top soil and over here we have (humus) something we like to call compost which is actually just a finished compost. Not really a ‘compost’ in the sense that anything still breaking down. So today we’re here to put some in the back of this lovely trailer and take it on to the allotment. this lovely lady is about to use the big tractor and scoop it up and fill the trailer. and then were going to take it to the allotment So lets watch! “It’s steamy? Really? Like it’s too hot?” compost as it breaks down it actually heats up. this is still hot for two reasons One its still breaking down on some very small level and also because the sun of course is heating it up and its black so its nice and hot inside. So it looked like a ton of soil and it actually is. Its about one cubic meeter or half a ton But when you have it in there it doesn’t look like that big. So we’re going to take it to the allotment where we’re going to shove it out and it’ll be about 17 or so wheelbarrows and then we’ll come back and do this four more time possible 5 if we have the energy. load number two It’s been a pretty exciting two weeks. We pulled all the weeds out, rototilled it. There weren’t and worms in there to worry about. we put down horse manure (well rotted horse manure) then we put down three tons of finished compost (humus) and now I’m putting the strawberries back in the ones that we found here amongst all the weeds two weeks ago. and we rescued, took us two days to rescue all these strawberries. And now I’m putting them back in and I’m watering So hopefully they’ll be happy. Like said it’s been a long two weeks and I am ready for a hot bath and a cup of tea. Thanks for watching! I’ll see you in the next episode. Stay tune coz there will be a lot more to come for this little allotment.

24 thoughts on “Building the Garden Soil with Vintage Compost (off grid gardening)

  1. It looks so good! That soil just looked amazing. It reminded me of when we had the truckload of compost brought in and it was 32 cubic feet of compost.

  2. Great job Scarlett. It is exciting getting some rich stuff like that in and popping plants in it right away! It really looks great!

  3. What dedication you have to unload that all yourself! That compost looks so rich. Can't wait to see your garden unfold. 🙂

  4. Love your videos as always but really miss the hubby wifey vlogs! Are the two of you planning to make any more? Keep up the great videos as the show how incredibly smart you are.🐇🐰🐖🐤

  5. That has been a lot of work.  Very well done Scarlett.  The only thing I would say is maybe get a layer of wood chip mulch down between the strawberries too.  I didn't do that this year (I used a layer of leaf mould last year and that also worked) and I definitely would have had an easier time if I had.  As ever it is a pleasure to watch your hard work pay off.  Hope to hear form you soon.  All the best.

  6. Went to a similar place to get our soil. They also deliver but the minimum is a cubic metre. I need maybe 1/4 of that to top of my beds and fill the new ones. So I might get the bagged stuff instead. I don't have a very big space. I suppose I could figure out somewhere to stockpile it, you can never have too much soil. You did a lot of hard work and still have plenty ahead of you from the looks of it!

  7. Very nice Scarlett! But I must have missed where and when you can upon this allotment? Is a type of community garden space?

  8. We have similar centers in Australia and they collect it in bins every week to compost and then sell through the local tip. I buy and make my own for my microgreens, crops and food that I grow in my backyard. You got to love the compost, right? You can also make compost heaters with compost, gets really hot, as you shown in your video.
    Nice large area you have to get started.
    Happy Gardening
    Marty Ware (from Australia)

  9. So know we have October have you started again with your compost ?
    I get like one and a half tons on my lorrey but I don;t have to pay its free !! but I have to push my wheel barrer like 100m or more so it takes a long time its a lot of compost
    but I like to add rockdust and greens and leave it till spring so it bracks down even more
    will be nice to see how your garden grows next spring

  10. Does your city/town use their community poop as compost for free? I know this happens and no one truly knows exactly what comprises of this free compost from the city. Heck, even bought compost could have human poop in it… I've heard and seen plants grow very well in human doodoo. I worry about medicine that ones takes and excretes that could be taken up by certain plants.

  11. Looks like a shite load of compost.. I will be doing the same in a few months on a new lot. Still looking for a source of recycled yard waste over the stuff sold by the builder center.

  12. i like your teeth, they look sharp, and its attractive, which is weird cause im vegan, but just like gorillaz, im sure this might become a new thing lol beware of babies with sharp teeth :p im baked HAHA oh man look at that black FINISHED compost im dying help me lol

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