Bulk Farm Fertilizer Prices: Cheap & Effective Organic Farming Fertilizer at Wholesale

looking for an organic farm fertilizer
at bulk wholesale pricing i believe i can help i can provide you with super cheap and
incredibly effective fertilizer for hay pasture veggies fruits trees just about anything that’s green & grows thousands of customers are using this
very fertilizer on all of those crops and many more with excellent results in fact in the next three minutes i’m gonna show you how do you conferred
allies your crabs and fields on the cheap with excellent yield and in profits fertilize cayenne pasture for as little
as fifteen dollars per acre per cutting corn for as little as seventy five
dollars per acre per season potatoes for seventy five dollars an
acre per season fertilize wheat fields for about forty
five dollars per acre per season i think you get the idea these days with chemical farm fertilizer
cross running so high it’s time for a farmer to make a decent
profit hisses chemical fertilizers you derive
from petroleum oil pricing for chemical fertilizers is
directly tied too crude oil prices now with the instability in the middle
east in twinkling oil reserves it’s time to see a future in which
chemical fertilizer costs will come down all that much from current levels as a result it’s become increasingly
necessary for many farmers to begin looking to alternative fertilizer
sources in order to reduce costs and increase profits i’d like to introduce you to a grand
liquid organic fertilizer even retail prices agree and is very
reasonably priced but preferred customers dealers in
commercial accounts receive even greater discounts on their purchases in fact volume purchases could result in
costs as low is just fifteen dollars per acre for many hey farming operations my guarding our earth dot com website
provides a lot of info about the benefits of purchasing aggrand bulk
organic farm fertilizer but here’s just a quick list blend are fertilizer and liquid line
into a single simple liquid application to save time in fuel while addressing
soil ph issues fully reaction provides fast acting
immediate results liquid form is all-purpose applied anywhere anyway you like it’s completely natural so it’s totally
safe for you your family your pat’s animals in the soil organisms that is so
important to good plan health it’s extremely inexpensive as well as
very cost effective it offers higher nutritional content for
your grass hay fruits and vegetables it reduces insect infestations which means reduce pesticide costs and
greater overall profits it offers better drought resistance which means your last at the mercy of
mother nature it’s not petroleum based so prices will
not fluctuate with crude oil prices in fact we had only two price increases in
the last fifteen years that i’ve been a dealer how do you purchase aggrand organic farm
fertilizer in bulk quantities so that you can get a discount well it’s pretty simple setting up a wholesale buying account to
get discount pricing on a grand is really easy visit my website at the link below this
video guarding our or his dot com read more about the agree in products to
be sure they’re right for you because they’re not a good fit for everyone then contact me i can set up your wholesale buying
account absolutely free you’ll be ordering agree in products and
a discount in a matter of a couple of days visit my website or contact me by phone
right now if you put it off you won’t do it and you’ll regret it later thank you for watching take a look at my website or give me a
call toll free eight seven seven six eight nine four seven one nine remember there’s a link right below this
video where you can visit my website to get organic farm fertilizer at bulk wholesale pricing

9 thoughts on “Bulk Farm Fertilizer Prices: Cheap & Effective Organic Farming Fertilizer at Wholesale

  1. Yes, AGGRAND fertilizer works great on numerous farm crops. Just about anything that's green and grows will benefit from AGGRAND fertilizer. We have farmers applying this product to everything from peanuts, to soybeans to wheat to cotton to apples.

  2. Absolutely. What have you got to lose? Even if all you do is test it on a small plot, if it performs as well or better than the chemicals you may currently be using, and it's less expensive, then it's a win, win.

  3. Container sizes range from quarts to 2.5 gallon bottles, 55 gallon drums, 275 gallon totes or even tanker trucks. We can certainly handle a 3,000 acre account. Feel free to inquire further through my website listed in the video description above.

  4. Perfectly safe. We've actually had animals drink the fertilizer directly (by accident) with no adverse effects. You can spray your fields with animals still grazing. Completely natural and non-toxic.

  5. We grow fruits and vegetables on our small, pesticide-free farm. Would AGGRAND be of use to us? We are transitioning from long-term conventional use to organic.

  6. I suppose it depends. If you've got access to inexpensive organic material and/or fertilizer, then maybe not. But, if you don't, then AGGRAND is an effective, inexpensive alternative to many other options. It is very universal, so it works well in a situation like yours where you have alot of different types of plants that need fertilization. Over time, as you transition over to more natural methods of growing, you'll likely need less and less fertilizer inputs. The soil will do the work.

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