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“We were farming in an uninformed manner.” True or false? Making clothes often leaves farmers exploited. True. “My name is Sandu Keshav Nikam.” “I am… Suresh Shenpadu Kathar.” True or false? Volcom is putting itself in check, and combating this exploitation by joining forces with CottonConnect to educate farmers in rural India. True!!! [Suresh Shenpadu Kathar]
“Earlier, we were only farming, but not accounting.” “But today, we look at it like a business.” Our Farm To Yarn traceable organic cotton program provides organic farming education & business training to help farmers grow more sustainably & double their profits. [Suresh Shenpadu Kathar]
“First, we learned how to maintain a profit & loss statement, and how to maintain a balance with nature.” “We’ve changed from chemical farming to organic farming.” [Sandu Keshav Nikam]
“We use the drip irrigation method, which saves our water and time.” [Suresh Shenpadu Kathar]
“Due to this training, we’ve reduced our input costs by 50%.” Improving the quality of life for the planet and its people. [Sandu Keshav Nikam]
“Not only do we save money now, but our health is also taken care of.” [Sandu Keshav Nikam]
“My motto is to improve my life, along with the lives of my entire community.”

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