67 thoughts on “California Garden – Aug 2018 – Gardening Tips, Harvests & Much More!

  1. Thank you again for this update. I have been following your channel for some years now and learn a lot from you. Can I please have the name of the small tiny red peppers and the little tomatoes and container aubergine? I live in Europe and gonna purchase those seeds also. Look it up on the online seeds buyers. Thanks in advance…:-).

  2. Love your full detailed videos of your garden experience. I have learned many tips and helpful hints to my very short gardening resume. I look forward to more videos and your expertise.

  3. Hello from Puerto Rico!! What a great harvest!! We also grow banana plant and I'm wondering how you eat the flower? Can you make a video about it please. I would like to give it a try.

  4. Love your monthly series and this one is no exception. I’m glad your garden is doing really well. I especially love your black cobra. I have a few myself as it’s one of my favorite peppers, but I’ve noticed that it’s a hit or miss when it comes to the heat level. One pepper might be really spicy and the next one is mild. I love it though.

  5. Thank you kind sir. Glad to see you are safe from that fire! I'm in the Monterey Bay area and the air quality was horrible last week. Red sunrise & sunset.

  6. Tractor Supply Store sells galvanized hog panels that you can use to make trellis. They come in 4’x8’ and 4’x16’. No need to rust protect. Just cut to your desired size.

  7. California garden give me the run down on how you kept the worms out of your tomatoes and the blooms on the plants in this heat I'm in South Carolina need help for next year getting started on my information early

  8. Kindly help me with tomatoes ..i grew 2 tomato plants which yield just 6 tomatoes …i really want to get more of them fm my next plants ..pl help me

  9. can I just add peat Moss and home made compost and start growing plants? I do not have perlite or vermiculite to add to the mix….neither want to buy the same. can I still go ahead with just compost and peat moss?

    Please use/bookmark this link when shopping at amazon (when buying anything):

  11. Hi there! I just cut off my banana flower and I heard you can cook it but there’s no videos I have found that I can use. Can you do a demonstration on preparing and cooking the banana flower and also the stem? Also, my Crossandra is under bright shade and it has no flowers. Should I move it to brighter light? The leaves look beautiful but the flowers don’t sprout anymore it came loaded with blooms and they all stopped. Thanks for the update video!!

  12. After planting what type of fertiliser using ?my vegetable plant grow with poting soil very good growth .but poor flowring and fruit size .what and which fertlizer should add?

  13. Hi. I live in houston .can u please help me out, for about 2years my orange, apple and figs,pomegranate, tomatoes lemon,red grapes trees they didn't give us fruits and I give them miracle gro plant food every week but it didn't work please tell me how to get more fruits form my trees…. I'm ur subscriber please help me… I'm waiting for your advice. Thanks

  14. Great update – always look forward to your monthly updates. My amaranth did not take off this year. Particularly enjoy seeing the Asian vegetables. I also grow Anaheim chillies. All the best from Ali's Allotment.

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