California Spring Garden Tour April 2019 – Gardening Tips & More!

spring is here and the garden is alive
welcome to the California garden in April 2019 we will begin with a garden
tour we will look at all the harvests we made we have some things for you to do
in your garden and finally we will look at some cool gardening products so let’s
begin with the garden tour starting with the raised beds we have our Anaheim
chili peppers and the eggplants that we transplanted right here and they’re
growing well now and right next to that we have our
purple kohlrabi plants which have also grown pretty large and will be ready for
harvest very soon and then we have our Tomatoes as you can see here our
Tomatoes have grown very well they have picked up quite well now that the
weather is warming up and these are indeterminate tomato varieties and on
the other side we have some space where we will be planting some okra very soon
we are planning to plant a lot of okra this season and I’m waiting for the
plants to become a little larger before i transplant them we have our onions on
the other side as you can see here the onions have grown very well and our
potato plants the Yukon Gold potatoes have grown very well
and in our containers we have a few updates we have cilantro that’s growing
very well in the spring season we have our tomato plants this is the container
Bush tomato plant and we have our container Prince
eggplant this is another tomato the Bush variety
and we have some potatoes that are growing in this whiskey barrel container
and another tomato plant our avocado tree is in full bloom and
will produce fruits very soon our mulberry tree has grown very well as
well and is producing a lot of mulberries and now let’s look at the harvests we
made this month beginning with bananas raja puri bananas were ready for harvest
once again and we harvested some more bananas that ripened on the tree. we have cabbages that we harvested cabbage is a
cool season crop and by spring we harvested all our cabbages and as you
can see here beautiful looking cabbage and as the weather warms up the cabbage
will not grow that well so this is probably our last harvest now before we
move on to these summer crops cilantro cilantro is a cool season crop and by
spring it’s best to harvest most of your cilantro as it will start bolting very
soon and to harvest cilantro all we do is we picked the leaves from the side
and for almost the whole month we were able to pick out the cilantro leaves and
fresh cilantro leaves are pretty amazing it’s also called coriander
but the coriander is actually the seed of the plant the plant itself is the
cilantro plant which produces these fragrant leaves and cilantro is one plant that will keep
growing even though you keep harvesting the plant you keep trimming the plant it
will keep growing leaves till they go to bolt which is when the weather gets hot
mint mint was one plant that grew back very well after we trimmed it during the
fall in the winter season and as you can see here the mint leaves are pretty good
now beautiful looking mint leaves which you can harvest as and when you need
from your plants and remember that mint is an invasive plant so we have planted
this in a container and not in the ground
mulberries so the second time the mulberry plant
produced mulberries and this time the mulberries were absolutely delicious as
you can see here they are black in color when they are ripe and they taste pretty
amazing they have a very unique taste and we’re just growing this mulberry
plant in a container and it’s producing all these small mulberries a lot of them
and although the mulberry fruit is small in size it does produce a lot of fruits
and they’re very delicious and now let’s look at the things for you
to do in your garden you can start transplanting your summer
vegetables like tomatoes we transplanted them in the raised beds as well
as well as chiles and eggplants container-grown plants like tomatoes
it’s a good time to transplant them and we also started some okra seeds okra
requires hot temperatures so we will be transplanting them a little later and it’s also a good time to start
fertilizing your fruit trees this applies to fruit trees growing in
containers as well as in the ground and what I usually do is take an organic
fruit tree fertilizer add some fertilizer along the base and then cover
it with compost and this seems to do a great job now you need to fertilize your
fruit trees till they become quite big and at this stage if you fertilize them
they will produce very good fruits also remember to keep composting during the
growing season your plants will need a lot of compost a lot of nutrition to
grow so make sure that you keep composting if you are using the
traditional compost bin that’s fine if you’re using the tumbling composting bin
that we showed you make sure that you’re using some kind of a composting
technique even if you use a compost pile in your
garden that’s perfectly fine if you’re using the tumbling composter make sure
that you tumble that a few times every week
and that will make sure that your compost gets produced really quick
and now let’s look at some gardening products now we showed you this
strawberry grow bag a few episodes earlier and basically what the
strawberry grow bag is is that it lets you grow strawberries from the sides and
as you can see here the strawberries have grown very well and the best part about growing
strawberries like this is that you can easily grow a lot of plants in a very
small space and also when you try to harvest it it becomes so much easier to
harvest the strawberries now since the strawberries are not
really touching the ground they are very clean the slugs find it a little hard to
climb up and then eat the strawberries so they’re free of slug or snail damage
and as you can see here they’re quite beautiful
at your local Costco you will find a lot of containers which are very
attractively priced and they keep changing the design of the container
every year this time the containers are taller rather than wider you have some
organic soil which is also discounted this organic select soil is for pots
it’s a potting mix by Kellogg and it’s an organic product and if you want to use soil for your
raised beds there is another product by Whitney Farms
and as you can see here this is an organic planting soil and it’s actually
quite cheap if you look at the price we have the shake n feed fertilizer if
you want to use a salt based fertilizer this also contains a lot of added
organic material to condition your soil now note that it does contain salts so
it’s not completely organic but they have added some organic material to this
product to make it more attractive and now that you have the soil and the
pots you also have some tomato plants now Costco has this really bit tomato
plants so if you did not sow your seeds if you did not plant your tomato plants
this is a good way to jumpstart your growing season these plants are pretty
big and they will grow pretty quickly they also have a lot of fruit trees
assorted fruit trees and it’s a little expensive but if you like growing fruit
trees if you want to add some fruit trees to your garden this is a good
choice there are also some shade loving bulbs
some plants that you can put in containers and then there are orchids
which are very nice too so there we have it folks that was our episode on the
California garden for the month of April if you like this video do give us a
thumbs up if you have any comments leave them in the comments box below
we’ll see you again soon happy gardening

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