Cambridge Curbside Compost Pilot Program

Hi, my name is Randi Mail. I’m the recycling
director for the City of Cambridge and welcome to DPW’s YouTube Channel. Here today, I’m
with a green bin curbside in North Cambridge. This is part of our new pilot program to collect
food scraps from residents and we’re really excited about this because it helps us meet
two of our big goals. One, reduce waste and two, reduce green house gas emissions that
contribute to climate change.  The Cambridge Pilot is taking place in North
Cambridge. We currently have about 560 households participating, which include single family
homes up to multi-family buildings with 12 units. Participating households received an outdoor
green curbside bin, an indoor green kitchen container, as well as a year supply of compostable
bags. Cambridge residents are really excited about the program.  We have a garbage disposal but we can’t put
everything down that and we don’t do any outdoor composting, so the nice thing about this is
that we get to do the normal composting things like coffee grounds and tea bags, but we also
get to put all of our meat and bones and things like that and all of our used paper towels
and that kind of waste that we would usually just throw away. Curbside Composting pickup is free for participating
households and takes place on the same day as trash and recycling. We’re collecting data
as part of this project, both on the street and online. The program has been well received
by city official because it is an important component of the City’s climate protection
goals. I think it’s another step in the City’s recycling
efforts. We’ve done a great job and I think that this pilot program is something I think
many many residents are looking forward to. I think it helps complete the cycle if that
makes sense, in our continuing effort to do everything that we can as a community to make
sure that we’re reusing and recycling all materials in the City. Welcome to Rocky Hill Farm, located in Saugas,
Massachusetts. This is where the Cambridge compost truck travels to after they finish
collecting your food scraps in the city. Rocky Hill Farm lets the food scraps decompose
in piles for about 1-2 weeks and then they load into the in vessel digester machines
that they built. The digesters are about 53 feet long, about 10 feet wide. The materials
turn inside the digester once every fifteen minutes and after 3 days it’s pretty much
fully composted. The finished compost is then loaded into the
screener. The screener is designed to shake out any big particles that shouldn’t be there,
such as plastics and other non-compostable materials. The finished compost is then sold to landscapers,
gardeners, and farmers to grow healthy plants. Cambridge residents can get finished compost
at the Recycling Center at 147 Hampshire Street. Turn learn more about the program, visit the
website at the bottom of your screen. Thanks for joining us and we hope you learned more
about our composting program.

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