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So it’s time to talk about toilets now in my situation I don’t have a gray water tank or a black water tank so I need to find something that’s going to work and there’s a lot of options out there and a lot of different ones and There’s some very interesting things that are out there I learned a lot when I was like, alright, so let’s first look at things that are not options. Okay, this one here No, he’s a lid and don’t use a white bag this one love the name, but it’s basically a pop-up bucket This one was interesting because it’s collapsible and would be easy to store away But the problem with this is the bag is just gonna hang down and it could wait the bag hangs down alright so we’re gonna move on from those now if you’re looking for the closest thing to a residential toilet experience and something your guests we probably accept is The Bedford flush toilet 550 e this is a really nice unit. I think it’s well worth the money. It’s nice It’s sleek. It has kind of a European look up here. You have an electric flush i’m–you’re fill This tells you how much water is in the tank this tell you what tells you how much the waste level is and the toilet paper comes out you pull this valve and You have a water flush and it goes down to the bottom. You close the valve and this separates the two units So you have a four gallon freshwater tank up here 5.5 gallon waste water tank down here There’s your handle and so you take it you Separate it you take it out and you dump it. The reason you want a high quality one is right here You need something where the seal is very high-quality that’s going to last because you can see you’re gonna be tilting it So if this seal whatever give out on these cheap ones, just well, it’s gonna be pretty useless Average is 56 flushes per tank has an optional hold down. We can screw it down. Here’s the dimensions. I think for the money It’s a good value see the links below because the prices are varying on this and shop around and get a good price on it My situation was it has a 5.5 millimeter tank And you know, you’re gonna be the one that has to be empty in it and you know everybody gonna wait till it’s full so Imagine carrying five one gallon jugs of milk how heavy that would be and it hold it across a parking lot No window strange bathroom and dump it in the toilet Know that I think that’s just not for me and I’m gonna I decide to keep looking So here’s something that was really cool Now if you’re gonna build a small bathroom if you ever probably small sinks they’re very expensive and this has the sink and it has a soap and has The fixture and it’s a foot pump drain and I was thinking, you know You could possibly take the tank off and put a pressurized water line and a valve You have a great little sink set up for very little money because this set up here is about 75 dollars They also sell a combo unit Where you pump the water up here you use it then it goes into the freshwater tank of toilet and then in the gray water So that’s pretty efficient usage 75 for just a sink and about 140 for the combo I’m this this total is probably not a very good one, but it’s an interesting idea The next one up is the clean lace portable toilet reason. I like that interesting this one Is it all closes up in this nice carrying case? And so you could tuck it away very easily. It has three legs though all the videos I watched nobody could really put this liner in. Well, it’s funny even the manufacturer Videos everybody kind of fumbled trying to get this into here and get the lid closed So it was it was kind of mushy, but and it has a mesh bag to hold the bag. But again, I don’t know I’m just I’m not much up for having that seeing that and so I think it’s a little pricey around 70 bucks alright, so the cheapest thing out there is going to be the reliance luggable loo and a lot of people use this and it’s very Simple it’s gonna be the least expensive thing. It’s lightweight you can buy just the lid for 13 or you can supply your own 5 gallon paint bucket and If you want to get theirs, it’s $35 but reason I don’t like this is the lid does not seal it just kind of flops over and Also, this is not very stable. It’s tall. It kind of gets a little wider at the top So both those things kind of ruled me out, but at least you don’t have to look at the bag So the next one this is my favorite one. I mean it comes under different brands But this one I think it looks a lot if you’ve ever been to Another state park and going into a bathroom that does not have running water. You see something that looks very similar to this I like that it has this lid here So you would take this up take this lid out and then there’s a bucket inside it and when it’s closed it looks good it Can be used for a seat Here’s the dimensions here And it looks like yours look at composting toilets, you know, there’s five hundred thousand dollars And if you look at them, they’re fairly simple. And this looks a lot like one and could be used with one It doesn’t have the ability to turn things. It doesn’t have the election of the vent electric vent, but it is interesting It could be used it has a full-size seat and it’s around 80 bucks So it’s not bad But you can see here this you could put you put your liner over this but you’re little bit put inside here And so it’s pretty attractive I think for line. It’s Hasek portable toilet now in this case It doesn’t look like a toilet and I kind of think that’s a plus too so what you have here is you have an inner bucket and Then you have an inside lid in the toilet seat and then an outside linda’s lid fits very well. I was impressed with it It’s much shorter and it’s wider than a five gallon paint pail so it’s got a lot of stability to it and when it’s all closed up if it was if you saw it stored somewhere all Closed up. It kind of looks like an igloo water cooler, but there’s a lot of things I like about it So this is the one I ended up with now let’s talk about liners in any case whatever you use definitely use a liner I did a lot of research on the composting toilets and other ones and how people use it and you can pay a lot of Money for liners you can get once it’s double bagged with all sorts of chemicals in it. We’ll talk about mediums But what you really need is just a very high quality nice bag. And this one’s black cannot see through it. It’s scented It’s point nine mils. So it’s thick so I’ll put probably three bags in there and then just take one out of a time So I don’t worry about leaks and for six dollars for 40. It runs about 15 cents each So that is dirt cheap available easily at Walmart. Let’s talk about medium. So what a medium is in the composting world That’s what you put in there before you start and then you go and then you put it on top and then build up layers and then Usually the toilet will have some way to turn it and or not And so that what this does is it takes away and you liquid So if it smells that’s because something is in a liquid state once it’s dried out. It’s not going to smell so what you would do is put down a layer of this first and then cover it and then When you’re done take the bag throw it away. Now you get a lot of people say, oh we use kitty litter. That’s fine There’s clay and paper and that will work. But that’s not the best solution Plus I like the organic solutions pine bedding works hamster bedding. Ask them bed Aspen bedding I kind of got a kick out of this one. This is paper, but it’s confetti colored. So all I can say is colorful Use chips not sawdust cause sawdust is going to get up in the air. All right So what I decided on was cedar chips, and I really like this as an option. It’s organic It’s going to a Dinn the decomposition has a great natural smell you want something That’s kiln dried that makes a very lightweight and absorbent and it’s also pest repellent cheap readily available Walmart, you can get different size baggage and get in really big bags, but this is what I decided on my setup So I’m going to show you what I’ve got how it works in the process that to go through with it So now we’re outside in the full bathroom the toilet now makes it a full bathroom For the panoramic van build if you want to check out the previous episode or other episodes check the link below about the hot water system which was the previous one or I’ll put a card in the upper right hand corner to episode five which is how I built the shower I think you’ll find that interesting. So let’s take a look at the toilet If it’s in here real nice, the curtain can either wrap around in front of it or it can go behind it either way Whichever way so I can get some privacy that way first off. We have the inner bucket And what I’m going to do, is it put one trash bag in wrap it around the sides and then What I would do is put two more in so probably have three total You can see the bags are extra big. Just get it in there get it to the bottom push out all the edges And then what I’m going to do is I’m going to put this bucket inside that bucket look something like this There’s a nice bit of room here around the edges to get Several of the bags in now the next piece that normally goes in is this cover here? But what I found is this just kind of floats around it doesn’t Really have a secure home and so it’s great for holding a roll of toilet paper, but I’m not going to use this one I think it’s just an extra thing to clean. I don’t like kind of like how far this goes down into it So I’m gonna skip that and so the next thing that goes on is the toilet seat and that actually fits quite well even fits a little better without this top on it and That looks good and what I like about this is the lid that goes on top of this is really quite secure and it takes I think it’s gonna work fine now if I needed to Okay now that I’ve got it off if I really needed to if I still getting some odor I could look at putting some rubber Weather stripping right here on this edge here and then it would be super airtight Now I did need to make one comment about composting If you do decide to do composting if you go that way it’s solids only in here You don’t put liquids in here. You’ll have to dispose of urine separately But for this application, I’m not gonna be composting so that can all go in there So the first thing you want to do is put in some of your medium So what I did here is this is just just a little plastic thing I got from Walmart and I just crammed at full of shavings I was surprised how many shavings I could get in there so that worked out well and Don’t put these in Until you’re ready to use it because you want to keep this as dry as possible If you put these in early, you’re gonna be absorbing some moisture from the atmosphere So put a nice bed in there in the bottom cover This stuff is not expensive so you can be liberal. So there I put a nice layer down there covering the bottom So then you would use the restroom and then when you were finished then put another layer on top of that And you might do this, you know in the evening when you don’t have access to outside toilet and then what would happen is put the lid on it and Then one neat thing is you could also Do your food preparation and you can put your organic waste in here as well? It’s all going to go to the same place you put that in there and put another layer on top of that then you can Loot use this through the evening and then in the morning when you get to a place where you can dispose of it Just take the lid off Take the toilet seat off pull up the bag And just like disposing with a diaper Just this is why I like the black bags You don’t have to look you would just twist it all up and tie off the top So we were here we have it on a bag just toss it in the trash Well, thanks for joining me for this episode of the panoramic van build and I hope you enjoyed it I learned a lot researching on toilets, and I found this really interesting. I hope you did too. So thanks for joining me Thanks for leaving comments. I enjoyed reading them and I’ll see you in the next build video

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  1. Some cat owners may be familiar with a variety of natural litters that absorb liquids, pine pellets and ground corn husks are a couple of options.

  2. Hey! 👋 just testing a Kamenstein paper towel holder. For you 14.99. It is slightly spring loaded so pt stays on until you gently pull the quantity you need. I didnt have many mount options since fg trailer but doors on my “pantry” were solid wood so I used my own shorter wood screws. When that door is open i can easily reach in to grab a pt for outdoor messes. I’m glad it isnt in the way of my one burner butane stove 🔥 and doesn’t yet bonk my noggin! 😫. Take a look and see if it might work in your van.

  3. I like how you formalize your requirements, do a survey, and then evaluate each candidate against your requirements.
    Naturally, each of us has different requirements and constraints.
    Please do a follow up to tell how well your choice fulfilled your needs.

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  7. I like the toilet you chose, but wonder if you had considered fashioning a urine diversion mechanism for it. Maybe a small jug could fit in to separate liquids & solids?? Thanks for posting!

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  9. Excellent review! I'm converting a cargo trailer into a camper and have been searching YT for composting toilet reviews and yours is the best by far. I've gone with the Playberg toilet….the big gray one with the toilet paper holder on the side. I'm now researching a urine diverter to keep things neat and tidy…and not smelly. Thanks so much for sharing your adventures. I'm learning a lot.

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