Can Human Urine be used as a Fertilizer in your Organic Garden

[ intro theme playing ] Hi. I’m Stephen with On this month’s installment of the
Testing Garden Assumptions series I’m going to address a question that
I have been asked a number of times. Can human urine be used as a
fertilizer in your vegetable garden? From the dawn of agriculture
and the domestication of animals, we have been using other
animals’ manures and urine in agriculture as a means to
return essential nutrients to the soil, allowing
increase crop yields later. So today’s hypothesis is that human urine can be used as a
fertilizer in your garden. In order to investigate this we need to know
what fertilizer potential urine has, and if its use in the garden
poses a risk to human health. Urine is a waste-stream generated by the
filtering of your blood through your kidneys. It’s characteristically high in nitrogen and other water soluble elements
that are found in your body. A 2005 study from Goteborg
University in Sweden assessed the recycling of nutrients
excreted in urine from urban areas as a method of ecologically
sustainable development. They found that straight urine
had an NPK of 18-2-5, while urine flushed with water
has an NPK of 15-1-3. The study went on to find macro and micro
elements essential for plant growth. Urine can have a PH ranging
between from 4.6 and 8.0 However, our garden soil usually
has enough buffering capacity to avoid any permanent changes
to the PH if applied directly. So there is research to suggest that
urine has value as a fertilizer and is unlikely to change
the PH in your soil. So the next thing that
we need to investigate is whether or not using
urine in your garden is safe. In order for us to understand if
urine is safe to use in the garden, we need to know if it
contains anything that, if we come in contact
with it may be harmful. The first thing that
comes to mind is bacteria. A December 2013 paper in the
Journal of Clinical Microbiology found that there are bacteria in urine. However most of the varieties
do not commonly cause illness. They are generally the same varieties of
bacteria that live on most people’s skin. Next let’s take a look at
diseases like HIV and Hepatitis. According to US and
Canadian Government sources diseases like HIV and Hepatitis have not been shown
to spread through urine with harmless bacteria
a little risk of major communicable diseases
coming through human urine. Let’s take a look at drugs. Drugs do show up in urine as either the byproduct or surplus
are eliminated from the body. For this reason I would be very
hesitant to recommend this practice in the garden if you are
taking any regular medications. If you would like to implement this
and you are taking regular medications I recommend speaking to a
health care professional first. Human urine does have
a fertilizer potential and has a low chance of
carrying infectious agents. So it would seem that today’s hypothesis is
supported by the research that’s out there. This shouldn’t be a surprise because it’s
basically the same thing as aquaponics simply swapping out fish for humans. The practice of using urine
in the garden not only turns a waste product into
something that is valuable but it saves drinking water
that would otherwise be flushed and have to be processed
using non-renewable resources. The fertilizer benefits
can also help save money as it can help supplement
other free and local resources or even better yet – help replace
store-bought products altogether. Because there is a slight
risk of bacterial colonization if you are looking to implement
this in your garden I would recommend adding the
urine to a compost pile. The heating cycle will eliminate any
bacteria that may have been introduced. The nitrogen and water content
will help the pile heat up and the additional nutrients will
make the finished compost better. Should you wish to apply it directly
to your garden soil under your plants it is general recommenced
to dilute the urine The high nitrogen content may burn
the roots harming your plants. This can be seen most commonly in
the dead spots caused by dog urine. Last month’s Testing Garden
Assumptions series video We evaluated the use of
wood ash in the garden The only downside to using
wood-ash in the garden is its very high PH
and lack of nitrogen. If you combine it with human
urine’s very low PH these two free resources can be combined
to create your own organic fertilizer. Researchers in Finland were able
to demonstrate on tomato crops that the urine and wood-ash fertilizer
performed similarly to commercial synthetic fertilizers. Further, the urine and
wood-ash fertilizer produced 4.2 times tomatoes when compared
to a control that had no fertilizer. There are some very positive benefits
to this method in the developing world. Often economic conditions make it difficult
for people to afford commercial products In most cases both urine and
wood-ash are available and if used as a fertilizer
local food production benefits This is especially true in
areas like India and Africa where synthetic fertilizer
based practices and water shortages have
left an industry in decline while the population continues to grow. if you are going to use
this method in the garden I recommend talking to
and getting the approval of the people who frequent and
use the produce from your garden. In the Testing Garden Assumptions series We put products, processes
and methods to the test. If you have missed any
and would like to catch up Please make sure to click on the
play-list that’s on the screen now. Thank you very much for joining me today I appreciate it very much. and I hope you have a fantastic day.

100 thoughts on “Can Human Urine be used as a Fertilizer in your Organic Garden

  1. I use human urine and feces in my garden for of all my plants. It works great.

    I have a smell-proof and mess-proof compost collector built into my restroom toilet. I take the human compost bin outside once full, and I sprinkle azos and mykos powder all over liberally, as well as other beneficial microbe powders. I then let the bin sit in full Sun for 8-24 hours(24 hours being 3 eight hour sunny days). Once the Sun has "cooked" it for at least 8 hours outside, I add more powdered beneficial plant microbes along with a sugar source and stir up the mix. I let it sit again in the sun for another 8 to 24 hours and then stir it until completely liquified by the plant probiotics. If not liquified, you need to use a higher quality sugar source and higher quality plant probiotics such as the 3 probiotics Advanced Nutrients offers and and bud candy for sugar source, and/or orca/great white powder and high quality organic molasses.

    I then use this living compost fertilizer as feed, foliar spray and root drench; 1 part living human fertilizer to 2 parts double reverse-osmosis purified water. Works really well during all phases of plant growth and I've never had nutrient burn or ph issues with it. Actually it's usually 6.5 ph once mixed with water.

  2. Straight urine can be used to kill weeds and if you can get a commercial supply it can be used as vegetation killer or herbicides but iiiiiiiiiiii😂 but as long as its……

  3. I keep a bucket of sawdust and wood shavings at the back of my wood shop. When it full of urine I chuck it straight in the compost it’s fine.

  4. My Uncle told of Japanese gardeners during WW2, carrying 'honey dippers' to deliver human waste to their gardens. Small bucket type containers suspended from a yoke worn over the shoulders. "Night soil" was another term used for this fertilizer.

  5. As far as I am aware, the only common medications which would make urine unsafe for garden use are: HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and chemotherapy drugs.

  6. Love your scientific and analytical approach to this important subject! Great video! From the research of Goteborg University at 1:17, there's a chart of materials going across from left to right: Cu, Zn, Cr, Ni, Pb, Cd, are they stand for: Cu=Copper, Zn=Zinc, Cr=Chromium, Ni=Nickel, Pb=Lead, Cd=Cadmium? Thanks for your reply! 🙂

  7. yes it is a very good fertilizer. My Mom's flower garden blooms non stop all year round in PI, just using the pee and mixing it with regular water.

  8. in Korea, they use poop and pee's of human for plants fertilizer. They process it first before applying it to their vegetables, that's why their veges are huge and healthy.

  9. Must feed growing populations. Really? How about feeding declining populations? They are the ones in trouble.

  10. I pee in a five gallon bucket mixed four to one with water for my grass is a nice green it's nitrogen

  11. Wouldn't it be awesome if the dog in the background took a piss in the garden as he spoke…by the way this is the exact opposite of a piss poor video, very informative. FYI don't pee in your neighbor's garden, he didn't see it the same way I did.

  12. I piss on my tree outside the house and its grown a lot. Me and my gf piss on each other often as a sexual enhancement towards the moment. Don't laugh people. It really does work.

  13. Recycling your owned organs organic planetary personalized pee+piss per plant, is fertilizing urine understandably, via vivid vitalizing vibratory VegePlanTerRain…..

  14. I recently started collecting urine each time I'm out in the yard cutting grass or working in the garden by having a 5 gallon pail in the shed (for privacy) with biochar in it. I find the biochar really helps reduce the odor of the urine and 48 hours later I empty the pail into my compost pile. The more you drink prior to starting yard work the better… Beer really helps the creation of urine too. LOL

  15. human urine is not very low ph or at least should not be. it should be pretty close to 7.0. if your pee is acidic that may indicate your diet needs adjusting.

  16. When I was a child, my siblings and I would visit our paternal grandparents for a week or two during the summer. One of the joys was going out back and stuffing ourselves with the cherry tomatoes that grew out back. Later, I noticed that the tomato plant(s) were growing on the side of their outhouse. 🙂

    We never got sick.

  17. The fear of using human excrement is misguided too. Random shit from complete strangers of unknown disease status is perfectly safe properly composted. You do want a screen to keep out flies and dung beetles but the north american dung beetle is a beautiful ornate creature lol. You don't even have to compost if you know the source is clean such as your own or immediate family. You can't give yourself parasites, salmonella, shigellosis or anything if your source doesnt have them to begin with. Those diseases don't just magically appear. You can just bury fresh shit six inches to a foot deep if you don't want to hassle with composting. I tried leaving it out in the open to deter animals, but it attracted dung beetles and flies. It is remotely possible they might carry a contaminant from shit elsewhere into your garden so I decided just to dig a shallow hole and bury it instead. No smell no flies no nothing and you save the extra step of composting.

  18. Very good job …if you are organic garden made sure that you eat 100% organic before used of your pee ..also I do not used it on roots crops ..and for sure on any commercial garden just my personal garden ….respect opinion…

  19. AH……..? With this dude I detect a "hint of mint"
    Limp wristedness, a loose butt hole, a lispy voice.
    For people that don't know what I'm saying here's a hint
    YMCA ……..YMCA…..

  20. Animal urine doesn't smell as bad as human urine. There's a risk that your flowers, vegetables and everything starts smelling like a public toilet if people start peeing in their plant pots or garden patches. If there was a way to reduce the smell then it would be perfect. Also what are people's thoughts on ammonia from urine and does it matter?

  21. My sewer main has been collapsed for 4 + years now and I have been crapping in a triple lined bucket and passing in a home depot bucket. The crap I put in a heavy duty cardboard box and duct tape the box closed but the urine I keep pouring over my tree base.
    I DO NOT want it on my vegetable garden but I'm willing to take a chance on a tree. So far the tree has acted like its on steroids.

  22. It's been documented that human urine has been especially useful in promoting the well being and psychological state of one US president.

  23. I take blood pressure medicine and so when I am out my allotment where I don't have a toilet and have to pee in a bucket I am sometimes stuck to as where to put it (no drain). So This year I decided to have a place with just flowers for the bees where I can dump my piss after I diluted it. I would assume my heart meds won't make it to the bees?! maaan.. argh.

  24. Where I used to live there were 2 Mcarthur palm trees, one at each side of entrance of the house, almost every night for about 3 years I would come home and pee on the right side palm tree, didn't think nothing of it until one day I am sitting in the car in front of the house and WTF noticed the palm on the right was a good 3 feet taller and greener than the one on the left ;^)

  25. My only concern is that urine in compost piles or other areas of the garden might attract vermites such as rats.
    Has anyone come across this problem before I start seriously considering urine as fertilizer in my garden?

  26. Urine is a good fertilizer.. i collect my urine everynight😂😂.. I mix it with LOTS of water and a LITTLE drops of detergent powder to wash out the smell and in the morning i immediately pour it in my flowering plants.. tadaaa, works like a majic, no smell at all plus my plants never stop growing flowers.. not xure with veggies. I only used urine on flowers..

  27. my grandma puts all of her piss/urine in a container and the next morning she will pour it in our plants in the garden

  28. Just notice that receding hairline…. He has it because of all the stress of trying to be smart and he gained weight from stress eating and then he has a studder in his voice and he holds his breath and hesitates…. poor man. Im a mage bitches.

  29. You cover 2 questions; are there nutrients in Urine (duh, yes), and is it safe to humans.
    What you do not cover is the more interesting question of whether it harms plants. My worry is that the salt we use in food might lead to a buildup of salt in the soil over time. That's the main reason I watched this video, but was not covered.
    What I like to do is to collect leaves in autumn, make a pile, and pee on the pile over the coming year, then add the leaves to the compost pile as it grows, every now and then. This saves on flush water in the house, and leaves are slow to break down, adding nitrogen speeds this up. Because of the further processing in the compost pile, another 6 months or so, everything should be quite safe and invisible/unsmellable by the time it comes to using the compost.

  30. Basically, the simplest thing to do is to add everything to your compost pile. As I say below, I precondiction autumn leaves by peeing on them for a year, and adding them to the pile, but also to the pile go the coffee grounds, all kinds of kitchen peelings (I also make stock from chicken carcasses and veggie peeings, and after straining the stock off, and reboiling the remainder with more water and straining off again, I figure the remainder has almost no food value for rats), cardboard, and yes, barbecue ash, lawn clippings, eggshells.. and sometimes I throw in some zinc tablets, selenium tablets, Epsom Salts etc…
    The more stuff you mix in, the more everything evens out. Sometimes I add in animal manures (shicken manure etc), or animal bedding (I had a guinea pig at one point). Turn the heap once or twice and its ready to use.

  31. What to mix with urine if you do not have wood ashes?
    What about smell? If you water the garden with pee, wouldn't your yard stink?
    If you dilute pee 10/1, wouldn't that use more water than a toilet?

  32. My father and his before him always peed on the compost pile everytime they added to it. 😃 Great information glad to know old gardening still works. 👍

  33. You need to dilute the urine to six times. We used this method for 5,000 years. But we need to make sure use healthy persons' urine.

  34. Aquaponics is a little better than pee-ponics in my opinion, because you can also consume (eat) the source of urea. I'm no fan of cannibalism. That doesn't mean I think pee-ponics is bad, just not quite as good.

  35. the next thing what we need to investigate why is …why are you so fat and you're advertising gardening, vegetables because you cannot plant pork meat…ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  36. I used to pee directly on my guava tree every morning and dumped lots of vitamin C tablets into the soil. The tree produced hundreds of sweet guava, more than enough to share with neighbors. I once discontinued this practice for a while and the fruit became very hard to bite.

    For a fully grown tree in a pot, a 1:5 dilution is good, though 1:10 is safer for the roots.

  37. Medications may pass through your body and be flushed out in your urine so do be careful about adding urine to your food supply, even indirectly via a compost pile. Some medicines I take for heart issues are fairly intensive and long lasting. Thus, I no longer add urine to my compost pile but there is no need to waste it either. It is very useful for killing plants you may not want to grow. Way too much nitrogen will kill most plants so feel free to flood the unwanted ones every time you can. Notice I am saying plants, not weeds. Weeds seem to resist anything short of nuclear radiation.

    Does your neighbor have a plant you are allergic to over hanging your yard?. Save up your piss and water it every night. Problem solved.

  38. I've done this for years with my Tomatoes. In the spring I use a little 10-10-10, Milorganite, gypsum, and my urine. I grow so many tomatoes that I give much to family, neighbors, and friends. I've been told by so many that I have the best Tomatoes.
    In fall I like add 6 inches of leaves. In the spring i fertilize fertilize and gypsum, then I use cardboard on top of that a week before planting tomatoes. It's a weed blocker and keeps moisture in. I plant my Tomatoes deep down. Basically 75% is buried straight down. I find that even when its dry for a few weeks my Tomatoes are still fine. I add 10% urine to water when I do water. Sometimes just water. They grow great. The worms are doing their part. Planting Tomatoes is the highlight of all my plants. I'm disabled from the Army so Tomatoes grow up making it easier than something like carrots.

  39. Excellent information! We stopped all prescription medication about 3 months ago so we could begin using this method more often.

  40. my friends dad is a trucker, sometimes he brings in jugs of piss he accumulated on the road for his mom, so she use it for her kales lol.

  41. How much should it be diluted? 50/50? (My compost pile and some non-edible plants border a busy street, not going to pee there!)

  42. Well, i know that in some regions in china they collect urine from elementary schools in big containers to use it as fertilizer in big farms. They use only kids urine. So the farmer showed them 2 different apples one fertilized with kids urine it looks big and in a good shape however the other one that was not fertilized with urine was goofy with weird color

  43. I have been pissing in a small watering can since yesterday! It's good to see proof of its usefulness in the garden!

  44. People forget that most drugs are derived or synthesized from plant based compounds. The miniscule amount of drug metabolites in urine is nothin to worry abount unless you're taking something like cisplatin chemo drugs. The soil will naturally and rapidly break down most drug metabolites. Again it depends on the drug itself and the amount of time it is exposed to soil. That said, people act like drugs are totally "unnatural" – it never crosses their mind that nature composts a variety of drugs every day. Like cannabis for example, what happens to all that bud material if no one is around to consume it? Same can be said bout the leves of the cocaine plant, the opium poppy and psychedelic mushrooms. Just like anything else it is returned to the soil eventually. The drug 'Valium' or Diazepam (a strong benzo) can be found in potato skins and some other plants. The potato, being a member of the nightshade family also produces very toxic drugs that can straight up kill you!!! The potato 'fruit' especially. People do not realize that nature composts drugs literally everyday and she has this all figured out before we even came along. Most of the worry about drug metabolites in the garden is hype. There are "drugs" in practically every garden throught the entire world.

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