Can you grow vegetables in plastic drink bottles?

Hello and welcome back to HuwsNursery. In
this video we will be answering the question by a viewer ‘Can you grow vegetables in
plastic drink bottles?’ For urban growers in particular, plastic cartons are a great
choice to grow vegetables in small spaces for example herbs in an empty bottles to tomato
plants in gallon water storage’s. There has been a lot of talk and similar questions if
growing vegetables in plastic products such as yogurt pots and water bottles you buy from
a shop is safe. Many people are wondering if it is safe to use them in case they leek
harmful chemicals into the soil and then into the plant itself. Generally when you come
to think about it if you can drink water from a plastic bottle what stops you from growing
food in it afterwards? Some websites say anything which food is sold in should be fine however
it is always best to be on the safe side. In many countries there is a plastic resin identification
code found under every plastic container which has been sold. Look under a bottle and
you will find a triangle with a number within it for example 2 meaning HDPE – High density
polythene. You can see a table listing all the different plastics and highlighting the
ones you should use. Numbers 1, 2, 4 and 5 are the plastics which are safest to grow
plants in which you are going to eat from. Avoid growing food in plastics 3, 6 and 7
due to them leeching chemicals and aren’t food safe. Here is an example of the symbol
on one of my yogurt pots and I know it will be fine to use in a couple of months to start
some seeds in – Just make sure you pierce a few holes before planting so water can drain away

44 thoughts on “Can you grow vegetables in plastic drink bottles?

  1. I would like to disagree. Most plastics release estrogenic chemicals, this has been known for a while too.. Let me include the link to a research paper from 2011.

  2. Great video Huw!  I can see your putting the stock footage to good use 😉 Thank you for adding my video on the end there my friend!

  3. Huw it's a similar question to storing vegetables plastic containers and  storing in the freezer . Many people buy freezer bags for freezing food. I would be cautious using plastics for long term growing on- I would use food standard plastic pots for seed progagation.

  4. Fantastic video. I have been using plastic containers for years and always check the plastic content out first.  Thank you Hew.

  5. My concern is if it will hold hold up for a couple of years subject to the uv and infrared of the sun.  If I were to pick it up and move it around will it flake apart or strip?  I have a lot of 1 PETE water bottles and am considering using them.

  6. i like how your first source is only explaining the types of plastic and that the other one says '' probably safe for your garden''

  7. Your tilte says"Can you grow vegetables in plastic drink bottles?"
    I did not see any vegitable you show in a palsting drink bottle.

  8. Very helpful! it's nice to find a video thats helpful and doesn't take ages to actually get to any useful information.

  9. What makes you think plastic water bottles and plastic food containers are safe to eat and drink from? Just because the government says it's safe? I don't believe them. But yes, certain numbers are worse than others.

  10. It's one thing to store food or water in the plastic and it's different when it comes to plastic containers being filled with dirt and plants which create biological reactions. Have you thought about that? Bet you didn't.

    Also, do you know that plastic bottle with water placed in the sun slowly leaches chemicals into water? What about plastic in the ground surrounded by biological reactions and perhaps some of exposure to Sun as well? Does that ring any bells for you? Think!

    Hey, want light soil? Just chop plastic into small pieces and mix with ground for your fruits and veggies in containers. Will be so good for you… Don't want? Now read paragraphs 1 and 2 again.

  11. Hi, can mini mixed herbs or vegges grown as terrarium? I would like to keep it in my living room table. Please advice. Thanks

  12. Nice Information…I was about to grow plants in some empty plastic bottles…Basically Bulbs and then transfer it to pots…But Now I will check which plastic bottle to use….Thanks a lot ….Happy Gardening…..

  13. I tried growing a tomato plant in a 10 litre water container and it failed spectacularly. But maybe I was thinking it letting to much light into the roots and soil. Or maybe 10 litres of space is not enough for a roma tomato?/What if I would painted the outside black?? What if what what if, Anyway the horror of such a waste of three plants, I'm not going try and find out!!

  14. very useful and informative but please explain me upto which size of plants (in inches) can be grown in cococola bottles

  15. How come some mushroom and tomatoes containers over here in Denmark are number 6 though? Does it vary from country to country?

  16. Can i grow plants in glass soda bottles? Melt a few holes thru, fill them up with soil and plant the seed just below the cap level, would it work?

  17. Oh for goodness sake! We are not all well off. Terra cotta/clay planters are flipping dear. Plastic drink bottles work jolly well! We have no herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers. We make our own grass/leaf organic compost.

  18. Great video. Very informative. I din't know about the number on the recycling mark. In fact I had never noticed it before. I learn a lot from your videos. Thank you.

  19. I have a stash of water bottles that I knew would be useful just didn’t no for what so thanks I will be using them for herbs

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