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So why plant a rain garden? Let’s recap. Rain
gardens are appealing landscape ideas for homeowners and HOAs. Rain gardens allow for
the collection and infiltration of stormwater, providing a tool for omeowners to manage runoff
in their home landscape. Rain Gardens work to protect water resources by reducing the
volume of stormwater runoff and by putting nature to work as plants and soil microbes
do the heavy lifting of pollutant removal. Rain Gardens can be an attractor for wildlife
such as birds and butterflies and rain gardens are a smart way to irrigate. With this step-by-step process and a few family
members, friends or neighbors to lend a hand, rain gardens can be established by anyone!
Just remember to take your time, get to know your soils and how water behaves on your property.
Once you have established your catchment area, you are ready to dig and shape. Then, the
fun part, picking out plants that are aesthetically pleasing and functional, will make your rain
garden a key feature in your landscape. Adding and maintaining a hardwood mulch layer will
protect your investment and really tie your rain garden together, making your neighbors
want one too! For additional information on rain garden
resources, please make sure to visit the Carolina Rain Garden Initiative. Here you will also find a place to showcase your rain garden And thank you for joining us for the Clemson Extension Virtual Rain Garden! We hope we answered all of your rain gardening questions! Happy Rain Gardening!

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