Cart to Compost

when you put food scraps under the green
bin in the cafeteria what happens to them your scraps get turned into compost
compost is the dark crumbly mixture there’s left after fungi bacteria and
invertebrates living things called decomposers eat the scraps and break
them down compost is really good for growing plants so how do the scraps from
your cafeteria get turned into compost first the cart is emptied into a truck
that collects food waste from many schools and businesses in Clark County
then the truck drives over 90 miles to dowse Port Washington to a large compost
facility called dirt huggers once the scraps arrive at dirt hugger they’re
piled in areas where large machines add air and water air and water are needed
to keep the decomposers healthy and active so that they can eat the scraps
and turn them into compost after about 90 days the compost is done the scraps
have decomposed into compost wow that’s a lot of work why do we do all of that
to make compost in nature when plants and animals die decomposers break them
down and release nutrients into the soil plants absorb those nutrients through
their roots to help them grow if we throw scraps of food into the garbage
that waste gets sealed away into a landfill where it stays forever and the
nutrients in those scraps can’t return to the soil to help grow new food
you can help make compost by putting only food into the green cartons if
there’s too much in the carts that can’t be composted well carton must be dumped
into the garbage and sent to the landfill so remember only food waste
goes in the green collection cart in your cafeteria you

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