Catherine And William Day Out With Kids In Garden

George Charlotte and Louis frolicked around in
their mom Kate`s new garden at the Chelsea Flower Show Kate and William brought their kids to
the back to nature garden with the Duchess of Cambridge Co designed for the
annual show the garden designed by Kate whith landscape architects it’s a woodland
setting for families and communities to connect with nature Kate`s garden aims to
highlight the benefits the natural world brings to mental and physical well-being her garden reaches a breach over a
babbling brook and the quirky wooden tree house In a touching tribute to princess Diana
the gaden also features bunches of forget-me-nots her favorite flowers Kate
said I really hope that this woodland that we have created inspires families kids
and communities to get outside enjoy nature and the outdoors and spend quality
time together the Duchess has previously said she has ‘fond memories’ of being outdoors as a child and is passing that passion on to her children

5 thoughts on “Catherine And William Day Out With Kids In Garden

  1. Lady Kate and me Lord look smashing in their outfits as well as children do!!!!! And yes, people should get out doors more!!!!

  2. Bellissimo incontro di famiglia, in armonia tra loro e la natura, spontaneità, umiltà, attenzioni, gioia 😂

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