cement mixer to compost, dirt, soil Sifter – self made

Fahrradfelge, Drahtgitter, Betonmischer

21 thoughts on “cement mixer to compost, dirt, soil Sifter – self made

  1. I never thought I could be so intrigued by some dirt rolling around in a sifter. This video made it so interesting and entertaining. Lol Great DIY! I wish I had one for my worms. Now, I just need to find someone to make it! Thank you for sharing!

  2. How about you mail me detail instructions and I'll mail you a money order? Your too friking far..
    But you sifter is very inventive

  3. I just bought a $50 used cement mixer for this project. All the gearing is there to make it work. No building frame, pulley systems and motor. Just screen, free bike rims from any bike repair shop. scrap plywood and some carriage bolts. Thanks for taking the time to make this video.

  4. Just finished mine and it works great. I made some changes in the design like I hold the base to the drum with a ratcheting strap and keep the drum level and just let the debris come back out the way it went in. It separates the finds from the debris without turning the drum over to the other side of the mixer.
    Thanks again, John

  5. Genius! The chaps on my allotment site think my riddle is already super-super because I put wheels on it….this would blow them away!😁

  6. I think you would be a lot happier with a trommel screen made out of similar components it just spits the reject out the end of it rather then have to dump it.

  7. This is without a doubt my favorite video for using a cement mixer to shift soil, and believe me I've seen quite a lot.
    The bicycle rims are a great idea.
    Thank you for posting…👍👍

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