Challenges and opportunities for organic farms in Indiana

♪ (music) ♪ The challenges and opportunities for me specifically on this farm is um trying to um find the time to keep it up, really It’s I see so much opportunity, so much opportunity But um, because this is part time for me Um you know, I feel pretty limited with um with being able to follow through I The interest in in local food and healthy food and sustainability raised food is just immense right now And, I don’t see that changing I really um feel like like like people do have concerns with the industrial food model and, when you see these outbreaks that spread over 20 states um, and yeah that people are concerned about that and they’re also there’s so much more interest in food, just in like good tasting food Um, but right now, you know there are all of these different food channels So, people are so interested in that and that’s one thing as a small farmer who is selling to a local market I can be selecting varieties for their flavor And, not for their capacity to be shipped across the country and hold up, you know, through transport So, so I feel like the opportunities are just immense Um with the challenges to not let myself get burned out by trying to do more than I can ♪ (music) ♪

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