Chaparral Community Garden Las Vegas

Good Morning! I am Lolo James, the principal
of Chaparral High School. (Mr. James continues) We at Chaparral High
school are committed to providing the best education possible for our students, as well
as building personal and career opportunities, leadership skills, and team projects. This community garden will provide an ideal
outdoor learning classroom for all of our curriculum areas. Explorations will extend
into soil science, hydrology, nutrition, landscape design, culinary, water reclamation, music,
and art, as well as provide job skills for our pre-vocational students. This is an exciting time for the Chaparral
community as we reclaim unused soil and land to create hands-on garden classrooms,
visual enhancements for our campus, and offer students a chance to work and learn
in the outdoors. (group) We ‘I want’ want a Garden at Chaparral!
you still messed up.. Ohhh (Mr. James) Please take the time to support
our Chaparral community school garden efforts. (group of students) We want a Garden at Chaparral

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